Monday, May 16, 2016

A weekend of fun and of course some secret crafting.

Good morning and how are you this Monday morning?
It looks as if it will be a nice sunny day, blue sky is trying to get through the clouds as we speak.
How was your weekend?
I had a good day at work on Saturday, swapping between tills and filling stock, totally different from my usual day and I don't think I upset too many customers.  :)
Lots of new tastes to try, my favourite being the lemon meringue fudge and the peanut butter cookies so far.  Oh dear, I  have such a sweet tooth.
On Sunday this was what I was up to...

I have to say I had way more stuff that this with me but I finished the project I wanted to get done.
Unfortunately I can't share it with you just yet as it is a birthday present.  I shall show you it later in the week when the birthday girl has received it.

Instead today I thought I would show you these funny fellas.

These funny chaps started to appear on my regular morning walk a few months ago.  First it was one then three and now they seem to be growing in numbers.  I don't know where they're coming from but they do make me smile each morning I walk past them.
I like this chap in particular for his hair, I think he looks like a soldier in is bearskin hat, apart from the tongue out of course.

I think this one must be a little shy.

This chap was down low and I nearly missed him.

These are good friends, so close together!

"I look down on you!"

Quite a serious group of fellas!

Funny fellas!

I don't know who is making them, maybe it's magic?  LOL.
On the upside they certainly make you smile as you pass them and each morning I do a quick count to see if there is more.

The other thing that seems to be popular on our beaches at this time of year is these.

Stone stacker's.  This is the next beach along from ours and it has some great flat stones, perfect for towering up.  This is only a small one that I spotted over the weekend but you can get some huge ones during the summer season.  I shall keep my eye out for you so I can show you what I mean.
The big question is.....are all these items created by people having fun in the sun by the beach or, cue spooky music, are there other forces at work?!*
I shall leave you with that thought.

Time for me to crack on I have a little dog sat crossed legged wanting to go out for a walk.
Today I have a few bespoke cards to make for friends then the usual housework and chores, boo.
I hope you all had a super weekend.
Enjoy your Monday too.
I shall be back later to see what you have been getting up to, out for a walk I go.


Cara said...

Love the little faces, I wonder who is making them. I love it when things like that happen. I did smile at the thought of a cross legged dog, but I know exactly what you mean. Have a great week, Cara x

Barb said...

I've just got in from my craft club and off shortly to my cross stitch circle. I loved reading your post. Glad you had a good time at the crop and wish you'd not mentioned the tasting session on Saturday. I'm trying to cut back and also have a sweet tooth.

What fun to see those painted stones on your walk. Thank you for your earlier visit and lovely comments.Barbxx

Carol said...

What a fun post Erika, love the stone faces! There were loads of stacked stones in New Zealand...seems to be a popular pastime. Carol x

cuilliesocks said...

Hi Erika, what wonderful faces, and certainly cheerful to see on your morning walk, I wonder if you will find out who is making them. You'll have to keep us informed, Kate x