Saturday, December 12, 2015

Time to tickle you funny bone, festive style.

Good morning, a lazy start to the day for me today.  Today I am hoping to get my Christmas head on.  I had been really looking forwards to going to the Victorian market.  My hubby has been away all week again, he had mentioned the market to me.  Only problem is he told me it was this Saturday and it turns out it is next week!  When I am working.  Boo! 
So today I shall be getting the house sorted for Christmas and maybe it is time to get the marzipan on my Christmas cakes.  I did have time off work next week but I had a call yesterday which means come Monday I shall be working most days till the magic day.  Best I get organised then!
I did half expect it as work can be crazy busy at this time of year.  Ho, ho, ho.

Today's funnies have a festive feel so lets get started.

Not everyone appreciates homemade gifts! 
I love the look on this child's face. 
You can just tell he really wanted a bunny suit instead of a boring old iPad! 
Personally come Easter I think this costume would fab for delivering eggs.

Moving to snow, I think I won't look at snowflakes the same again!

Giving credit where it is due, Mr Snowman is very talented.

Finally do you remember the toilet roll I posted recently? 
I've found another one for you.

Is it just me or should the final word not be behind?!
I can think of another word that would fit better, can't you?  :)
You really would have to know the person well to get away with this present.

That's all from me today.  Have a super weekend.
For all that asked my new suite did arrive eventually around 8 with a very apologetic driver.  He'd been on the road since 6 in the morning.  That is a long day, especially with another hours drive to return the lorry before going home.  Phew. 
I took pity on him and his helper and made tea, biscuits and mince pies. 
All was well at the end of the day and my suite is lovely.

Time for me to go and get my Christmas head on.  Enjoy your weekend and the run up to Christmas.  I might not get much crafting time in the coming week as we ramp up for the final onslaught at work.  It can get quite frantic and tiring.
I'm so glad I work part-time.
More from me soon.


karenlotty said...

Another great choice of funnies. That child's face says it all. So that's what my husband does in the winter! He becomes a farting snowman. The toilet roll would make perfect table presents for after that huge dinner!
Just going to post my oldie

karenlotty said...

PS Glad the suite arrived safely and what a shame about the market! But at least you can get the cake marzipanned

cuilliesocks said...

As usual a selection of great funnies, and no the word shouldn't be behind, lol, Kate x

Carol said...

Having a crafty mulled wine before I retire...these did tickle me Erika. Make the most of your day tomorrow. Carol x

Rainey's Craft Room said...

Where do you find these, they're so funny. Love the snowman and the toilet roll one, what does that say about my sense of humour?
Hope you have enjoyed your Sunday and are prepared for the days ahead.