Thursday, December 17, 2015

Doggonit....don't forget your handmade gifts for pets at Christmas!

I had actually planned this next present over the weekend having printed a dog biscuit recipe from the wonderful site that is Pinterest.
Then imagine my surprise when Kirstie made something similar this week on her show, how did she know?!
There are loads of recipes out there for making your own dog treats, I went for a simple one with only four ingredients and cut them in Christmas stars.  Mine contain oats, banana, coconut oil and peanut butter.  Holly loves peanut butter!
I made enough for two jars, one for Holly and one for my BFF dog.
Here is the finished result.

Photographed at a jaunty wee angle!  Can you see the biscuits, they're the same colour as my unit, I think I should have noticed that earlier.
I have added the ingredients to the back of the labels and instructions to keep them fresh.
On the upside Holly, my chief tester loved them.  Bargain.
I don't think I'll be buying anymore dog treats.

Why not pick a recipe and give it a go?
I have recycled a couple of jam jars, sterilising them, as I would if making jam.
The twine is by Boutique and the stamped image on kraft is by Unity stamps.  Simples!

Another present ticked off the gift list plus they're the perfect job to get the children to help with, unfortunately mine are now of the age where a constant electrical supply is a necessity.

Back to today I shall hopefully have taken my wee man to school enabling me to get to work.
This should be followed by more of the usual house tasks and if I'm lucky a little more wrapping.
Enjoy your Thursday folks, apparently we are going to have lovely weather.  If only the nights were getting lighter then we could enjoy it after work.  


Barb said...

What a lovely idea Erika. I wish I still had my little girl around to make a tasty Christmas treat for. Barbxx

Carol said...

These look great Erika, may have to find a recipe for Freya. I think I finished my shopping today so just the wrapping to do and the groceries to finalise! Have a good evening. Carol x

Lau W said...

Oh just love this idea !!!!!