Monday, December 21, 2015

And now time for a little CAKE!

Good evening, how are you this Monday evening?
I had a crazy Saturday at work and an even crazier day today.  Food glorious food, oh me oh my, how much?
All for a couple of days.
Sunday was supposed to be spent getting my final shopping done, Christmas food and wrapping as my boys were having a day out together.  Unfortunately my little one decided he didn't want go so all my plans went out of the window.  I am even further behind the drag curve now!
I did manage a little wrapping of certain things, if you know what I mean.  I also managed to finally ice my Christmas cakes.  I  may have made them early but it was last minute decorating again.

The first one I decorated with the children in mind, although they don't eat Christmas cake.

A little penguin island with a little pond.  I melted some boiled sweets and blue food colouring to create the pond.  The penguins were made by my crafty friend Elaine, I did use them last year too but they're too cute not to use again.
I was a little disappointed with my icing on the sides because it was dark and late in the day when I did it and I missed a couple of air bubbles.  It's too late in the day to worry about it, I have minimised them as much as I can and it will still taste the same.
My second cake I have gone for more of an adult theme.

This cake iced much better but once finished I wish I'd made the snowflakes thinner.  I know for next time.
This crafting lark is a constant learning curve!
Each time I try something I learn more on what not to do next time and how to improve what I am doing.  Always aiming for perfection and never quite getting there.  At least the curve is going up the way and I am learning and not down.
On the upside I cut into this one this evening and it is good, very moist and boozy, just how I like it.

Another crazy day at work tomorrow and Wednesday then it will be all hands on deck at home to try and get everything sorted for Christmas day.  How are your plans coming on?
I hope you are having more success than I am.
Enjoy your Monday evening and I shall have more again for you tomorrow.


Carol said...

Your cakes look great Erika...I've just been icing mine this afternoon, lots of royal icing peaked all over and once it dries I'll add a ribbon! Hope you catch up with yourself! Carol x

Marianne's Craftroom said...

These look delish. Good luck with the final preparations

Rainey's Craft Room said...

Both cakes look absolutely fabulous Erika, love the penguins and the boiled sweet pool, very ingenious. Hope the pace at work doesn't tire you too much so you will be able to enjoy the festive holiday later this week. See you soon,

Lau W said...

Oh looks good miam !!!!
Have a nice day !

Barb said...

What fantastic cakes. Bet they taste yummy too. Genius idea for the blue pond! Barbxx