Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Do you have any traditions at Christmas time that you like to follow?

Good morning and how are you today?
It was grotty out earlier with the dog, wet, wet, wet, only made better with my BFF joining me as we both have the day off.
This morning I was supposed to be going to see my youngest boys Christmas play but I was called at work yesterday and asked to collect him, as he was unwell.  I only had a couple of hours left of my shift so my hubby had a longer lunch until I could get home, hence no post from me yesterday.
On the upside the wee man seemed to have bounced back quickly and although looking a little pale, he is feeling a bit better.
I do think sometimes at this time of year, come the end of the term all that is going on can get too much.  The kids are excited to be breaking up for the holidays but tired also.

I don't know about you but crafting seems to have taken a back seat or so I thought till I watched Kirstie Allsopp's show again last night, it got me thinking.
I might not be making anything just now but I am still crafting in my own way.
I have been wrapping presents. (I would have loved to have done that wrapping competition on the show last night!)  I like to wrap in batches rather than leave all till last minute.  I find that way I spend a little more time and effort with each one, especially those going outside the family.
I've also got a table decoration to do but for that I need a wee trip into the woods and a pair of garden secateurs, that might have to wait till Sunday.   Can I find my oasis, I am sure I have some in my craft room, any ideas where I might have put it?

First I thought I would share one of my traditions with you.
Every Christmas I like to either make or buy a new tree decoration.  Over the years I have done both, when I first had a tree and had no decorations I made mostly.  When the boys were small they enjoyed making decorations too.  Then there is always the opportunity whilst Christmas shopping to pick up something new or a little different.
Over the years I have collected lots of different styles of decorations but red seems to be my favourite shade, as for the style I think the American New England style sums me up best.
Today I thought I'd share with you one of my favourite handmade tree decorations and one of my bought ones.
Do you have a favourite too?  I'd love to hear what it is.

First the handmade one, this is a bit sparkling to be a rustic New England style but what I love about it is, being made with foam and sequins once on the tree the light hits it and it sparkles beautifully.
I bought this in a kit over 25 years ago and it still comes out every Christmas, I have never grown tired of my Santa's boots (I have a pair).  I firmly believe it is because of the way the light hits them whilst hanging on the tree.

A very simple idea but just perfect for a Christmas tree.

My bought Christmas decoration is a little more rustic and right up my street, again probably bought at least 16 years ago.  As soon as I saw this wee chap I just had to have him.

I can't decide whether his is supposed to be a reindeer or a moose but either way he is fab.

Finally I have finished feeding my Christmas cakes, they're nice and soggy now and probably a little lethal.  :)

All marzipanned up and ready to be iced.  I can't decide whether to go for a clean and simple white effect or more traditionally decorated.  With two I guess I could do one of each.  Decisions, decisions.

I better go and see how my wee man is and try and get some lunch down him.  I think today is going to be a quiet one.  Maybe a little housework and baking will be the order of the day.  Enjoy your Wednesday, more from me tomorrow.


Lau W said...

Hello ! oh so nice decorations and yummy cake !
Héhé i made biscuits, you can see them here if you want :

I do not know make jam, so I think I would put in my pot strawberry's candy or cranberry hmmm ! ;-)

Hope you son is better !

Rainey's Craft Room said...

Hope your son feels better soon, the break for the Christmas holidays will do everyone good I think.
We don't have any traditions as such but we also have some special ornaments that come out every year. I love your style of tree decorations and it's very popular this year, The Range has had lots of these decorations this time.
My daughter usually decorates the tree (she's 23 and still lives at home, she has M.E.) she really loves doing it but has to complete it in stages. She is using red and gold this year.

Marianne's Craftroom said...

Lovely decs. Love Kirstie, she is so enthusiastic and I have a great idea for something new to try after seeing her show

Carol said...

Lovely to see your decorations and cakes Erika...and hope the little one feels better now. I make rum butter every year...we have it on toast for breakfast in the lead up to Christmas. Like you I've collected many tree ornaments over the years but don't have any handmade ones! Think my cake will end up a snowscene with royal icing...I don't particularly like sugar paste and can't remember the last time I did any cake decorating! Carol x