Saturday, December 05, 2015

It's Saturday time to tickle that creative funny bone.

Good morning all and how are you this Saturday?
I have programmed this to post whilst I am beavering away at work, here's the funny crafty quotes that tickled my fancy this week!

How about a Christmas wish list?

Spot on and a great list thanks to the guys at Sizzix.  I think I would be happy with any of the above. 
Or how about this, to be a little subtler?

I think that covers it don't you?

Finally have you got this feeling yet?  Every year I have big plans to make lots of Christmas presents and I don't think I ever have finished in time.  I don't however beat myself up anymore, if it doesn't get done, it doesn't get done.
But this has been me in previous years.

Not any more.  If it gets done great, if it doesn't never mind, there is always next year!

That's all from me today, I must get packed up ready for my Christmas crop tomorrow. 
A day of crafty fun, yippee.
More from me on Monday, I hope you enjoyed the quotes I picked out for you today?


karenlotty said...

Love it! All of the above apply to me. I have just got back from holiday and have done nothing for Christmas! I have all of these ideas in my head that just won't get started! I will struggle to make all of the cards that I need, let alone anything else. I'm just going to post my oldie

Rainey's Craft Room said...

These always make me laugh Erika, especially poignant is the bottom one, I had such great plans this year and looks like after making Christmas cards all year for others I'm going to be sending bought ones to some people :/ Time has just run out.
Enjoy your crop tomorrow.

Carol said...

Very apt Erika...but you can have no 4, I had to google no 6!!! and I'll pass on the glitter me thinks. Hubby asked me what I wanted so I said a new die cutting machine...he just wandered off with no intention of taking the conversation any further! Carol x

Barb said...

Enjoyed your funnies Erika. Hope you had a great time at the Christmas crop. Barbxx