Monday, December 07, 2015

A felting good work out!

Good morning to you and how are you this Monday morning?
The weather is 50/50 here, if I look out the back, bright blue skies, if I look out the front there is a very dark grey cloud approaching.
My walk along the beach today was a tad chilly and wet, the perfect combination to wake you up for the day whether you want to be or not!
Did you have a good weekend?
I had a VERY busy day at work Saturday, it is definitely Christmas and only set to get worse.
Everyone out shopping in festive spirit, NOT!  The joys of retail.  There are advantages to working in the cold room out of sight at this time of year.
We were supposed to have my hubby's night out with work in the evening but having been up since five and on the go all day my energy levels were shouting for a quiet night in, relaxing.
Mrs Sociable!
Plus I had a busy day crafting on Sunday to pack for at our Christmas crop which runs all day rather than just for the afternoon.  We all take food and drink and have a right good craft, chat and feast.
I thoroughly enjoyed my day getting another Christmas present sorted and having a right good felting work out in the process.  I made another version of the bag I made recently.

Before I tried felting I didn't realise how much of a workout it is.  It fairly give those bingo wings a good thrashing.  Then I like the feeling that you've worked on something, I feel the same about work. 
If you don't come home shattered then you're not working hard enough!

Other news from the weekend, can you believe the gorgeous Aljaz and Helen are out of Strictly?  I can't believe that the two couples in the dance off were indeed in the dance off. They should never have been there, but that is just my opinion.  
As for the Jungle I was made up that the "Geordie lass" Vicky won, showing that us Northern lasses are right grand and down to earth, and get stuck into anything and give it a go.  Mind you I think I would have drawn the line at eating a live spider!  Ferne deserved a medal for that.  The poor spider.

I'm working again tomorrow and Wednesday with appointments for the boys after but I do hope to catch you at some point of the day.  Time now for me to crack on with the ironing then I might get some cards finished later in the day.  Enjoy your Monday and I hope you weren't badly affected by the rain this weekend, some areas have had a horrendous time, just before Christmas too, what a nightmare for them.
Stay dry and more from me soon, happy crafting.  


Carol said...

Another gorgeous bag Erika, love the colour. Sounds like a busy weekend...hope you got to choosing tonight! Carol x

Rainey's Craft Room said...

Your bag looks wonderful, this is a fairly new craft to me but it has been going for years so I understand and has had a bit of a revival now. The effects gained from this technique are beautiful and a double bonus if you get a work-out too.