Wednesday, February 25, 2015

More nomm, nomn's, well it is GBB night!

Good evening all and how the devil are you?
My sniffles are still with me, you know when your nose isn't playing when you steam yourself with eucalyptus oil and you get no reaction!  (When normally you are left gasping for air.)
Oh the joys, but as I said in a previous post, "It could have been worse!"
This is the book I was telling you about.

It's a lovely story, where the mouse always sees the brighter side of life and how bad things could have been.

Back to today, have you had a good day?
I had another busy day, I like being busy.
Dine in starts again today so lots of yummy offers in for the coming weekend.  I had my choice of dine for tea tonight as eating has to be quick on a Wednesday, drumming night again.  Nomm.
As I've been in work I've no crafting again tonight to show you.  It does interfere with my crafting!
Mind you I did enjoy helping one of our managers today setting up an Easter display, right up my street.  Bring on the bunnies!

At the moment I am on the quest to create the perfect cookie.  Don't ask me why, 'cause I don't know.  More baking after work, this time chocolate chip and pecan.  I found the earlier ones a little sweet as they have sugar, syrup and chocolate in so I am playing around with quantities.  The timing also seems to be very different in my oven, I use stoneware which I find always takes slightly longer to cook.
My judges were very complimentary this evening.  I wonder if they'll last more than a day this time?

Only time will tell.
I prefer them as they're not too sweet.  When I get the recipe fine tuned I will share with you.

Back to yesterday's doll, I did manage to get hold of my mum later in the evening and she did put me right.  The doll is in fact 40 this year, she is ageing well!
Apparently mum bought it for me at a school fair when I was in the infants.  Bless.
She didn't know who had made her, such a shame.

That's all from me tonight, I'm away to get a little man to do some homework, wish me luck.
Then maybe if I'm lucky I might get another couple of crochet squares done.
Enjoy the rest of your hump day.  x


Jenny L said...

Hi Erika,
that book sounds very interesting.
My little granddaughter who is 7 reads so well with punctuations in the right places, and the feeling and understanding of what she is reading.
I was totally amazed by what she reads no finger running along the words either, and proper story books you would see an older child read.
Her and her brother have always been encouraged to read by their parents.
My youngest Son has photographic memory, and he is her uncle, and I feel she is developing this too.
Yum you cookies look great, and are making me hungry.
My DH always says to me when I bake anything for him try it with less sugar as it's a little too sweet.
Lots of crafty love. Jenny L.

cuilliesocks said...

Hi Erika, great looking cookies, they'll not last, could do with one just now to go with my coffee, hugs Kate x

Hazel said...

Good evening Erika, I have to say it's not a book I have seen but sounds like a really nice story. Your cookies look yummy, yes please on you sharing the recipe, I to don't do very sweet cookies. Hazel x

Carol said...

Not a book I've seen before but it sounds like a good one. Those cookies look good...alas the flapjacks have all gone in our house!Hope you got to choosing! Carol x