Thursday, February 05, 2015

Are you excited.....GBSB starts again this evening, get out your needle and cotton!

Good afternoon all, how are you this Thursday?
You know you are having one of those days when the first thing you have programmed in for the day goes wrong!
My eldest has been going to the dentist at least every month since having his brace fitted.
Why do I tell you this?  Well, it leads into this mornings fun and games.
To me it just isn't normal going to the dentist every month at least once, I'm more a once every six months kind of gal.  It therefore goes without saying that, during busier times I have unfortunately missed a couple of key appointments even when the dates are highlighted on the family calendar.
How to remedy this problem, as it gets a little embarrassing having to ring up the dentist receptionist and apologise again.
Problem solved, I now put the dates on my phone and give myself constant reminder updates from the day before hand.
Get me.....efficient or what?
As long as I put the dates in my phone as soon as I get them I seem to be able to keep to them.
I guess I could be putting lots of other reminders on it too like birthday, bad at them too.
Anyway to cut a long story short I was at the dentist with my youngest this morning first thing only to find that it had been cancelled before Christmas as the work was done last visit.
Guess who didn't delete the phone message?!
The trouble about Christmas is that we are so busy at work, then there is everything going on at home to organise, I guess the receptionist didn't have my full attention!
I did make her laugh mind, turning up when I don't have an appointment.
As I said at the start, today can now only get better, I hope.
Still I had a nice ride out, the wee man was made up to have 1/2 hour extra off from school this morning too.

Back to today and are you excited?
Tonight brings the new series of The Great British Sewing Bee.  I for one can't wait to see the new sewing faces and challenges that will be set over the coming weeks.
My pictures today are along the same sort of theme.  I have been buying another bit of furniture.  A work colleague's sister was wanting rid of this little beauty and I though oooo I can do something with this.  Now do I alter it, do I paint and distress it or do I leave it be?
I haven't yet decided.

It's a wee sewing table and in very good condition too.

I love it but I just can't make up my mind what to do with it.  Decisions, decisions.

I also finished the wedding yesterday, only a few bespoke orders to do now and I might even get a few Valentine's cards sorted too.

Now before I get all crafty again I'm afraid the boring old housework has been neglected of late and unfortunately it is still there, boo, hiss.  I guess I better get busy with my duster and hoover.
Why is housework so boring, yet ever so satisfying after the event?

Enjoy the rest of your Thursday and don't forget to dig out an oldie to share with me tomorrow.  x


Patricia said...

You have been a "busy bee" all those invites done and dusted.
What are you like?? Missing appointments, turning up when you don't have to ....... !!!! Kind of glad to read it though. Some folk tell me I am getting "old" when I do things like that. Now you are NOT in that catagory so it can't be getting "old" Feel much better now I will hop off, skip to the kitchen to rattle the pots & pans like a young thing!!!
The sewing table is real pretty, depends on your other furnishings what you would do with it. If it was here in my house the Annie Sloan Paint would be out.
Enjoy your evening

Patricia xxx

Hazel said...

Erika, you have finished your invites and I am still doing our Gillians, I was doing ok till boss and I had or disagreement the other night, I do t want to touch them at the moment incase I mess up, head still not thinking right.

Love that little table I would leave it but and a big BUT if it fitted in " annie sloaning " it would look good too.
Hazel x

Carol said...

I've lost count of the appointments we missed when my youngest had her braces...we even missed the one when she was supposed to have them removed! There are of course the other occasions when we arrived a day early too :(
Love your little find and look forward to seeing what you do with it. Well done on finishing the invites, they look fabulous. Carol x