Wednesday, February 18, 2015

It seems only fitting as it is now the evening to show you this......

Good evening, and can I just ask where the day has gone?
My day started like this and hasn't really got better, I haven't done anything different today but the day just seems to have flown.
At work this morning we played catch up and it continued for the rest of the day.  I popped to the mart to see if there was anything interesting in this weeks sale after work, not for me today.  I had a lovely chat with a good friend who I haven't seen for ages and then it was into my usual night routine of getting tea.

Due to my late post I thought it only right to show you the evening invitation to coordinate with yesterdays Wedding card.  It is again cream and purple, with a little different embossing and LIS bling this time.

Oh I do like these little bling hearts, don't you?  Just perfect for Weddings or Anniversaries.

Did you have your pancakes yesterday?
Mine enjoyed them so much I was asked to do them again tonight, I'm fit to bursting, well, they have to be taste tested!
What is your favourite filling?
I'm afraid I'm a traditionalist when it comes to my pancakes, lemon and sugar all the way.

My Mum bought me this electric pancake maker and it makes the biggest pancakes.  :0
The kids love them.  Why wouldn't they?  We had all manner of filling but lemon and sugar still came out top.
I always say at this time of year, I must use this machine more often, it is then washed down and put away till next year.  Such a shame.  Maybe this year we'll get it out again?
It's such an easy pudding to do for kids.

Anyway folks that's all from me tonight, I think a cup of coffee and Eastenders is calling, who did kill Lucy?!**
Catch you again later tomorrow.  x


Carol said...

Your evening invite looks super duper Erika, love the blingy hearts. Hubby made pancakes here...I only had one as I have a gluten intolerance but I'm with you sugar and lemon every time! Carol x

Juls said...

Yes your bling hearts are gorgeous, fabulous elegant card!!! & I so want a pancake now!! Xx

Hazel said...

Love the evening invites, those little hearts are lovely. I. Must admitt I didn't make any pancakes I would have had eat them if I had, trying to be good. Hazel x

Unknown said...

Hi Erika yet again another stunning and classy card I the design is wonderful. xx

Debs xx
{Debs Cards– my personal blog}

Patricia said...

Beautiful evening invites, loving those hearts.
Still no Pancakes, mind you I really prefer mine for breakfast with bacon & maple syrup. Oooo!! maybe just maybe today could be the day!!
Have a great day

Patricia xxx

marion said...

mmmm pancakes, I love them. Your card is lovely as always and so stylish, perfect as wedding card, lots ofhugs, Marion

Hazel said...

Erika, now you tell me??? Then again Andrew & Gillian wanted them made on the lines of their engagement card., all I can say thank goodness their are on,y 20 main ones, ok the evening ones are more simple. But I will keep what you have said in mind if asked again.

Hazel x