Monday, February 16, 2015

Half term holidays, time for fun and games.

Good afternoon to you all.  The weather was lovely this morning and the dog and I had a lovely walk along the beach, now it has totally changed and it is pouring down.  So what to do with the boys?
The cupboards are void of biscuits and treats, rather than pop to the shops we've had a wee baking session.  I recently got a brownie tin from Pampered chef and although I've tried brownies in it a couple of times, I am yet to find the perfect recipe with the right consistency.
Today I had a bit of a brainwave and decided to use my muffin recipe in the tin instead, it's slightly less fattening and I made them lactose free for a change, you can't taste the difference!

There was 12 but it would have been rude not to taste them!
They are much lighter than a brownie and I think I prefer them, you could also dress them up with some chocolate butter icing or have them as a pud warmed with ice-cream.
There's no wonder I put weight on!
I so need to get back on plan but it's really no fun whatsoever.  ;)

My BFF also makes the best shortbread ever, I have tried rounds a couple of times so today I thought I'd give fingers a go.

They're getting better but still not up to Gill's standard, I'm sure she uses a secret ingredient!  ;)
The boys like them anyway and as we have no other biscuits in the house, they'll do.

How was your weekend?
After hubby telling me that we weren't doing Valentine's day, I was very surprised to get anything on Saturday.  We had our dine in meal but I also got some flowers, rum, a nighty, chocolate and my favourite, hand warmers!
Didn't I do well?
Bet you are wondering why I loved the hand warmers so much?
At work we have to occasionally work in the freezer, brrrr, we do have all the gear to keep warm but for some reason your fingers always feel it more over a period of time.  Now all I have to do is keep my warmers at work and I can pop them inside my gloves, hay presto warm hands.
I'm now looking forwards to my next chilly visit!
Ssshhh, you need to keep it quiet mind or everyone will want to use them.  ;)
You'll be pleased to also note that I didn't take hubby at his word and got him something too, good job really!

My eldest has had a fun packed weekend having gone paint balling on Saturday with his mates and then he had a surfing lesson on our beach yesterday.  Brrr!
It took a wee while to get the feeling back into his fingers and toes once he came home after 2 hours in the North sea, a hot bath and hot chocolate soon brought him around.  The waves apparently were great and he was having far too much fun to come out.

My youngest exchanged gifts with his girlfriend on Saturday and got a lovely Homemade Valentine's card and present too.  He also made a card with a little help.  I thought I'd taken a photograph to show you but I can't find it on my SD card, most strange.  He was introduced to the world of copic markers, it was very hard to let him use my bestest pens but I got over it.  He actually did a super job, first time using blending pens and I am just gutted I don't have a picture to share.
He was out playing most of the weekend but woke with a hacking cough this morning, why don't they listen to Mum and wrap up when they go out?  Will they ever learn?  He is now "calpoled" up in the hope he feels much better for school tomorrow.

I'm away to crack on with a little more ironing, it is never ending in this house.
Enjoy the rest of you Monday, happy crafting.  x
To all my crafty pals down in Birmingham this weekend for the show, I hope you are all having a ball, I would have loved to be there with you too.


Lau W said...

Oh yummyyyyyyy !!!!!
And superb shot !
oh your boy is a romantic, so cuuuute ! His girlfriend must be so happy !
That was a nice week-end, yesterday we have had sun ohhhh niiiiice day ! So, we walk along the beach too :-))
Big hugs Erika !

Juls said...

Yummmmm ..... I have been in the kitchen today too, Kezia & I have been making chocs!! Do you think popping candy & Jelly bean chocs too wierd!!! We had a blast, glad you have been having fun in the kitchen too!! Xx

Hazel said...

I agree your bakes look yummy, how sweet of your young one, making a card and gift. As for big one - he's brave going into the NortnSea. At this time of the year.

Hope wee one feels better soon.
Hazel x

Patricia said...

Mmm!! can you pop a couple of each down this way they look rather yummy!!
OMG!! I went so cold reading about the surfing.......I need a Hot Chocolate.
Aww!! how sweet loves young dream and they romance in dead.

Patricia xxx

Carol said...

Your baking looks yummy Erika...we need to have a baking day too! Sounds like the kids have had fun...don't think you'd have got me in the North Sea this weekend though brrrr! Carol x