Thursday, February 26, 2015

Hook, line and sinker, plodding on!

Good evening all, how are you this evening?
You know when you have one of those days when you don't appear to get anywhere?
My day today!

After my morning walk I had a trip to the hairdressers for a wee tidy and colour, all human again now.  Home for some lunch and a couple of jobs before the boys got home.  I then seem to have lost all track of time.
I decided to get a recently purchased die out by Sue Wilson for Creative Expressions, New York, Madison square to be precise.
I've tried cutting it lots of ways with no success at all, not impressed.  Anyone else had problems with these dies?
I have repositioned it , repeated it, used wax paper, a shim, etc...etc....  Basically every trick in the book.  There was my crafty time gone!
On the upside it cut lovely in wax paper.
Maybe I just have a duff one?
Needless to say, I am a tad disappointed.

On the crocheting front things are coming along.  My blanket maybe a long time coming but the hexagons are stacking up slowly.

I don't think I'll be able to wait until I've done all 196 before sewing them together.  Maybe stitching together in sections is the way to go?

I hope you have had a super Thursday and more of a productive day than me.  (Not hard!)
I'm away to put on the tea, catch you again tomorrow sharing an oldie.  x


Patricia said...

Good evening Erika,
All those "bits" are amazing, really looking forward to seeing it make up?
I have heard a few people having problems with Sue's Dies. Hazel had one and we came to the conclusion that the Die that's cuts the Dies needs to be changed sooner than they are actually doing it. Hazel's had hardly any. "Depth" to it if you can understand all that!!!! She got it exchanged no problem because the shop where it was bought tried it on every machine they had and it did NOT cut.
Patricia xxx

Carol said...

I've had one of those days too Erika so you're not alone. I've got a Poppy Stamps die which took about 30 attempts and a craft knife to make usable...I've emailed the supplier twice now and not had any reply, must remember to phone them tomorrow.
Love your little hexagons...I'd have to sew as I went as they wouldn't get done otherwise!
Carol x

cuilliesocks said...

Hi Erika your blanket is going to be fabulous, these are gorgeous little crochet bits.
I do have problems with SB/SW dies, and I use wax papers extra shims and there are still a few that just don't come out well.
Have a good evening, hugs Kate x

Lau W said...

Lovely hexagones, great job Erika !
I have problem with Kaisercraft dies, pfff, i try with all papers, pfff, not a good product i think !
Big hugs !

Hazel said...

Series your blanket is to look good. As Patricia has said I have had actually 2 SW dies that didn't cut, when I was in my little craft shop the other day he had had 1 returned like Patricia said there is no depth to them. Just return it to whom you bought it from. Hazel x