Tuesday, February 10, 2015

A bit of a whoopsie but it could have been so much worse.

Good evening all, a late post from me today.  A busy day at work followed by parents evening at school for my eldest and then tea out.
I've just sat down with a cuppa!
No time to craft although I might get in a little crocheting before bedtime.

It was drama central here last night.  My eldest came in the house from chopping kindling saying "Mum I've had a accident!"

Ouch.  It was deep so it was off to hospital to get some stitches.
Usually the staff at our local hospital are brilliant but we were let down last night by the receptionist.
She took our details and told us we might have quite a wait.  Two hours later and another member of staff, all other patients having been seen, I checked again, we'd been discharged even though we hadn't been seen!
Once brought to their attention the medical staff were brilliant and my eldest boy was very brave throughout.  Lots of apologetic staff, even though they weren't in the wrong, four hours later and we were on our way home.  What an adventure, I'm sure my eldest won't ever want to repeat!
Stitches, local anaesthetic and then a tetanus, all new to him.
He had pain relief this morning and he went to school all day, no more required as he's feeling much better.
Why don't we bounce back that quick?

He got a really good report at school too, on track to get the results he needs to do the degree course he wants to do.  Now just to keep up the momentum.
Proud mum moment!

My cup of tea is calling, now do I chill out watching TV or get my hook and yarn out?
Have a good evening and hopefully I will catch up with you again tomorrow.  x


Kirsti said...

Ouch ouch ouch...that looks sore.

I've another parents evening tomorrow but report is good so no worries.

Hope it heals quickly.xxx

Carol said...

My eldest was very accident prone too and we've spent many an evening at A&E so I can sympathize! Hope it heals quickly. Enjoy your cuppa. Carol x

TCake said...

ouch!... that looks painful....hope you are well xx

Hazel said...

Oh Erika, that's not you wanted, por soul I bet it hurt. Good for him getting good results. You right to be proud.

Hazel xx

Patricia said...

Ooopps!! could have been a lot worse though.
Congratulations on his results, a lot of hard work gone in there.

Patricia xxx

Lau W said...

Ouch !!
Happy to hear all is ok now oufff !

cuilliesocks said...

Oh poor lad, I hope he heals quickly, black marks to the recepitonist though, but I suppose you were seen with in the 4hours they aim for LOL.
Well done on his mark too, clever lad, maybe not with a chopper though, hope you had a good evening whatever you had decided, hugs Kate x

ForgedinPaper said...

Oh no I hope he's on the mend now.

Juls said...

Eeeeek, glad he ok xx