Thursday, October 30, 2014

We shall remember them part 3 or is it more?

Good afternoon all, how are you this Thursday evening?
Another late post today after being at work.  I had a good one, I was on a different section today to what I normally work, as they say "a change is as good as a rest!"
The tea is on so I've now got chance to post, followed by our local Halloween party tonight for the youngest.
The house is not decorated for Halloween yet but the pumpkin carving was completed last night, I shall show you them tomorrow now.
My photographs aren't the best today as the light has gone already, it's been dark and dingy all day.
Or as it is known up here "dreich."

Firstly I need to thank the lovely Kate for your beautiful card and donation, what a lovely surprise to come home to and grately appreciated.  x

On to today's crafty item and I'm afraid it's more poppy's, it is that time of year.
The whole poppy making started because a pal of mine's granddaughter born last year was called Poppy.  I wanted to make her something for the baby at Christmas so started to practise them with the idea of adding one to a baby hat.  As I showed my attempts both here and on Facebook my friends asked could they have one for remembrance day.
I haven't made as many this year but it has all been a little, donations are going well so I thank everyone who has supported me.  x
Getting back to wee Poppy, whilst at my mum's we met up and she is now toddling around, very active and a joy to be with.  She sat on my youngest boy's knee and he read a story to her, it was so cute!
The poppy's I have made this year are too big for a wee toots so I got to thinking, then my mum stepped in.
She gave me a ball of red glittered thread and I thought what would I do with that, she didn't want it and she was sure I could use it for something.
Then I had a lightbulb moment, what if I use a very small crochet hook, that would work, wouldn't it? Then I could get some hair slides or bobbles and make some poppy's for Poppy's hair.
This is the result.....

All glittery and sparkly just perfect for a little girl called Poppy!

To give you an idea of size next to my other poppy's, you can see it is quite a bit smaller.

It is the one on the right.
A tad fiddly to make but I was happy with it.  I also thought I would try the white shaped one with the same red thread and see how much smaller that goes too.

Well, that is all from me today folks, enjoy your Thursday evening, don't forget it's FFFriday again tomorrow, it's share an oldie day.  Take care and catch you tomorrow.  x


Hazel said...

What a great idea. Just love it and perfect for little "Poppy". Hazel x

Fiona said...

these are fab you take poppy orders??


Patricia said...

Loving your wonderful Poppy's. Your new one will be just perfect for a little girl.

Patricia xx

Jenny L said...

Hi Erika,
another of your beautiful poppies.
I love the super sparkly bits too.
Just haven't got round to making mine this year, but I will make a ribbon one as I bought the ribbon specially to make it to go on a card for Remembrance Sunday.
I always post a remembrance card.
Lots of crafty love. Jenny L.

cuilliesocks said...

Ooooh just so perfect for a little Poppy, I'm sure she will love it.
I love my poppy and I've so many people admire it, so your most welcome to the donation, hugs Kate x