Monday, October 06, 2014

Have a spellbinding birthday!

Good afternoon all, I'm off work today so I have spent the morning catching up on my ironing mountain, rope now rewound and crampons away for another couple of days.  I've just got to put it all away in the relevant rooms now, is it just me or is that the worst bit?
It's like going food shopping, don't mind the shopping or the carrying it home, it's the unpacking and putting away in the cupboards.  Is it just me?
In the grand scheme of things this is not important but I just wondered if other folk felt the same?

I had a really lazy day yesterday and caught up with some TV taping whilst crocheting, then my youngest and I had a bit of quality time at the pictures to watch Box trolls with a bucket of popcorn.
This was followed by a very nice tea from work, quick and easy, thank you very much!
Work on Saturday was a little crazy as the workload is starting to increase with the run up to Christmas.  Oh the joys, I can't wait!
Do you believe me?!  LOL.

Back to this week I have a couple of extra days in work and a few bespoke cards to crack on with, along with all the usual weekly chores and hopefully a little craft time.
Today I am sharing another simple Spellbinder card, using some of my older dies.

This is actually burgundy and white, not the best photo but it is quite dark today.  I have used the Fleur De Lis die and the square die together with dots embossing folder.  The ribbon has lined the internal square and the sentiment is made using the computer.  Ribbon and pearls from my stash.
Clean and simple.

It only remains for me to wish you all the very best for this Monday, I can't decide now whether to crochet or crack on with my card orders.  Maybe I'll bake!
In other words I am looking to do anything but housework.  ;)
I'm in work again tomorrow so I'll catch you a bit later in the day.  Happy crafting!

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Hazel said...

Join the club Erika. Putting the ironing away is my least favourite bit. Will stand and iron for ages, don't mind the shirts or duvet covers, but I hate putting it away. Same with shopping.
Love your card, those spellbinder dies. I think folk forget about their older dies.
Glad you had a nice easy day, we all need those sort of days. Hazel xx