Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Raising funds for the British Legion, crafty style!

Hi folks, back again today with some more crafting for you and today it's all about poppy's.
I have always supported the British Legion, whilst in the forces it was a given that you wore your poppy with pride at this time of year and I guess it has stuck.
Last year I decided, as I had started to crochet, to have a go at making poppy's and was very happily surprised at the response of my pals.  I don't go all out making loads, last year I made 12, asking for donations which I grouped together and sent to the BL.
The products and my time I happily donate as my contribution.
This year I have already been asked to make a few, in particular I was asked for a white poppy from a couple of friends, for peace.
Here are my attempts....

And together for sizing....both are made with cotton yarn.

Kate you also asked for one, which one would you prefer?  Could you also let me have your email details and I will get in touch with you via that.  If you would still like one, just let me know.

I am also doing the red poppy's too.

The left one is in cotton and the right in pure wool but can also be done in the bright red cotton.
Do give me a shout by leaving a message and your email below if you would like one and I will get in touch.

I managed to get all my cards and poppy's already ordered done and dusted yesterday so today I have the boring old ironing to crack on with, the excitement of it all!

Finally did you watch "The Apprentice" last night?
I don't know why but my hubby loves the show, what I want to know is where do they find those overconfidence numpties?
I know it isn't nice to judge other folk and I do try not to, but really!
How much money could you make chopping lemons?  (Really!)
Telling girls to look nice, wear high heels, short skirts and lipstick, then they're bound to win?!
Well, it worked this time, but surely that isn't the way to go if wanting equality in the workplace?
I thought we'd moved on from this, obviously not.
If you want equality then you prove you can do what the men can do but better....or is that just me?
I am now going to jump off my soap box and go and do my womanly duties!
Have a super hump day and more from me tomorrow.  x


Hazel said...

Erika, all your Poppy's are fantastic. Well done again for taking the time to make these. I am with you about the apprentice , to me it gives all the wrong out put. If you want to succeed go out and work and show what you are made of. Won't watch it. Enjoy that delightful job of ironing. Hazel xx

Lau W said...

Oh love your poppy's, i looove the second version, the center is beautiful !

cuilliesocks said...

Hi Erika, what beautiful Poppies, love your designs, but I do like the larger one in cotton and would most definately love to have one,
As for Lord Sugar, if he ever spoke to me like the way he does these poor dellusioned souls, I'd deck him. We don't watch it, infact Alistair tore the front cover of the Radio Times out as it had his face on it, hugs Kate x

cuilliesocks said...

Hi Erika it's me again, my email address is Kate x