Saturday, October 25, 2014

It's the weekend,time for a little LOL!

Good morning, whilst beavering away busily at work today I thought I'd get back into sharing a couple of funnies with you, well it is the weekend!

It is a dine in weekend at work and a friends and family which means only one thing, boy it's going to be a busy one and the day will just fly by.  It also means that by the time I get home it will be a nice hot bath and a chill out session as I will be well and truly pooped!

Getting back to the funnies and this although it isn't a crafty quote made me smile, all will become clear.  My crafting project tomorrow involves using this product.....and that is the only clue I am sharing.  Intriguing!

It would kill me and the kids in that factory.  The hours spent when the boys were little making a bubble wrap walkway, why, well it gives you at least a half  hour break!
Naughty mummy!  ;)
What you've never tried it?
The other great thing I found with my boys whilst young was packaging.  You know the little polystyrene bits?  My two would play for hours with dumper trucks and JCB's moving them around the room, you've just got to make sure they don't eat them, which mine never did.

Back to crafting and as I have been spending more time crocheting of late I saw this and it made me smile.

Tee, hee, that is so me.
Finally and this is a note to myself from my husband.....

He wanted me off the computer last night and making tea!  Boring!
I am thinking more along the lines of get off Pinterest looking at all the beautiful crafty makes and get on with some Christmas presents, it won't be long now.  Yikes.

On that note I better go and feed my lot, have a super weekend and there will be more from me very soon.  x


Hazel said...

Oh yes Erika, bubble wrap keeps those wee ones happy for a while. Never did a walk way but a great idea. Three great funnies love them. Don't work to hard. Hazel xx

Jenny L said...

Hi Erika,

Yes you need a lot of self control, when that stuff is about.
I definitely couldn't work
Lots of crafty love. Jenny L.

Patricia said...

Love doing the "bubble wrap walk" great fun.
Like the funnies as well.
Hope you are not too tired this evening

Patricia xx