Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Can you tell what this is?

Good evening, another busy day at work and music lessons galore this evening, keeping my lot busy and out of mischief.

Today I have a picture for you, for a change, this is a project my husband wants to do but I thought I'd share it with you.
Firstly can you tell what it is.....

He wants to clean it up and use as a base for a coffee table, I will keep you informed of his progress.
There is a big clue written on it but do you know what it is?
He seems to have been bitten by the same bug as me for reusing and recycling.  I think it will look fabulous and unusual polished up but will he do it?!

Don't worry I won't make you wait too long before I tell you what it is, how about tomorrow's post?

Short and sweet for me tonight as the GBBO starts soon so I shall be pouring myself a cuppa and getting out my crochet hook before sitting down comfortably and chillaxing.  Have a good evening. 
More from me tomorrow.  x


Hazel said...

Erika. What are you like making us guess again. I think it could be the top of an engine block . Music night at work tonight too. Cello, piano and viola here. Piano again tomorrow. Hazel xx

Patricia said...

Come on......!!! I am another year older now.
All this guessing is not good for me, however I think it is part of an aeroplane engine.
Look forward to hearing the answer

Patricia xx

Lau W said...

See you tomorrow....
lol !
I'm curious !!!

cuilliesocks said...

Hi Erika, well I can see Rolls Royce engraved on it, and I know they make engines, and that they go in to planes, so it's maybe part of an engine, great quizz, hugs Kate x