Tuesday, November 05, 2013

Wool work without a hook in sight.....what have I been up to?

Afternoon all, this morning I visited my favourite wool shop, Three bags wool in Aberlour.  Mmmmm I've now taken to stroking wool instead of paper and card!  Strange but true.....if you are a crafter you so will understand, if you are not, you'll just think of me a tad weird....LOL.  If only you knew what you are missing!

This is what I bought.....ho, ho, ho!

I also got a size 8 hook but that is for a different project.  I'm loving the colours aren't you?
Whilst in Aberlour it would have been rude not to stock up on some shortbread with a stop off at the Walkers shop and then onto the lovely deli too.  The deli in Aberlour is just like walking back in time, shelves stocked up high with packets of everything under the sun, I just love wandering around it.  It's amazing what you find and I now have a couple of great ideas for Christmas.
Then it was a journey back to Elgin with a stop off for lunch at the new café and shop at Allarburn farm shop....oh the scones are to die for!  The shop is fabulous too, loads of ideas again for Christmas and lots of foodie ideas for partying over the festive season.
In other words a successful morning out.

Back to yesterday, and a while a go, my good friend Irene bought me a kit to make a bracelet along the same style as the rug I am making.  In other words, without using the technical terms, it is weaving woollen threads.  This is a great way to use up odds and ends of leftover wool from other projects.
Here is my finished bracelet.....

Mmm I quite like this idea.  I think a wee bit more practising is requires but I'm loving the effect.
Surprisingly it's in just my colours!
It is a lot quicker to make than the rugs too.

Anyway that's all from me today, I've now got a hard decision of whether to iron, again, or crochet.....you know what won last week! 

Fireworks tonight at a friends house, which should be fun if it stays dry.  I don't want to be out too long as Holly isn't too keen on the fireworks, as most dogs aren't, she ended up cuddling on my lap Saturday night when the local displays started.  Bless she didn't know what was going on but she didn't like it. 

That's all from me today....catch you again tomorrow.  x


Patricia said...

You have been a busy lady, out and about shopping, spending and eating!!! Sounds a great way to have fun to me.
Like the wools ..... now I wonder what you will conjure up with them???
Like the bracelet, is it not a bit itchy on the wrist??
I really need to knit myself some "wrist warmers" off to have a look in the "wool box"
I have been making up projects for our Card Class next Tuesday. Seems early but Birmingham looms then we have the boys Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday. Thank goodness they are at school during the day. We will be clock watching though.
Happy crafting

Patricia. XXX

Patricia said...

Sorry forgot to say enjoy this evening. You will need to wrap up real cozy ..... blooming freezing!!!
Hugs for Holly, dogs so hate fireworks

Patricia xx

~ Ali Robertson ~ said...

Drool!!!!! Love love love this yarn :D can't wait to see what you make with it!! Yanr and shortbread my favourie combo ;)

Fab bracelet too, have fun tonight stay safe <3

Ali xx

Hazel said...

I take another cushion for that beautiful chair? Oh you were like me today shopping and eating and spending money, meet up with Tammy my you get daughter bad move as it was at Dobbies Kinross. First was a cup of tea and a scone not as nice as yours I know as mine was gluten free but better that than suffering. Then a look round the shop, bought chocolates to fill Oramgi boxes. But just happen to have to pass Fife Country shop on way home and bought new boots, excuse they are sheep skin lined so will keep my feet warm. Looking forward to see what you make.

Hazel xx

cuilliesocks said...

Hi Erika, love your yarn, these natural shades are gorgeous. Sounds like my kinda day you've had.

I would crochet tonight and sit with Holly snuggled up to you. Whatever you do enjoy it, hugs Kate x

Kat said...

Sounds like a lovely day out to me too. Gorgeous wool and I completely understand why you love it. I have wool everywhere just now. Only acrylic for blankets and baby stuff for Malawi but lovely colours. Probably washing is difficult enough out there without worrying about taking care of woollen garments. I bought some Alpaca at the SECC and I also bought some beautiful shetland wool from Jamieson & Smith in Lerwick recently. Yummy.

Kat xx

Shazza said...

think I need a visit to Aberlour and to try the scones at the new farm shop!
Great project and just my colours too x

Unknown said...

I can see the ironing will be way down your list of priorities after seeing all you goodies. It takes me to concentrate on one hobby but I have lost count of the many you have. Scones sound fab, mouth watering but glad it is late as I cannot nip out and get some. Hope Holly is OK with the noise. Shaolin is not fazzed by the noise he sits and looks out watching the fireworks. Mei Lie is terrified so bad that she won't even eat a biscuit and that is just not her. Look forward to seeing what you product with the wool.

Wilma x x x

Rachel said...

What a nice day you have had...I am intrigued by your size 8 hook and love the colours and new yarn you have bought. Ironing never wins ;)x