Thursday, November 14, 2013

Shhh here's my latest stash additions but don't tell 'im in doors!

Morning all, it's a dreich and grey day here today, just been blown away on the beach and the tide was right in.  I'm awake now!

Before I continue my post I wanted to put my serious head on. 
One of my husbands colleagues, who now lives the other side of the world, partner comes from the area in the Philippines that was hit recently by typhoon Haiyan.  If you have been watching the news the area has been totally devastated with many life's lost.  They've both been beside themselves with worry all week waiting for news from the family.
They found out yesterday that all the family have survived but are in a dreadful state.  No aid has got to them all week.  They have no food and water, with disease rife due to the number of those who did not make it all around. 
We are in the process today of trying to send some aid out to help him as we know him personally but I wanted to encourage folk to give to the disaster fund if you can.  I know things are tight especially at this time of year but we spoke about it with our kids last night and all agreed to reduce the spend at Christmas and send some money to help instead.
It's at times like this that natures power reminds us of what really is important.  x

Yesterday I promised to show you my recently acquired stash from Irene's SU party.
Feeling the guilt at showing this along with the above post but in my defence these items were bought and paid for before the disaster occurred.

Oh my!
Just don't tell my other half, cause I NEEDED it all.  Ain't that right girls?!  (Not!)
I'm hoping to get to it later today as the weather isn't great.
A day in the warm is requires.  So time to crack on with my jobs, the sooner they're done the sooner I can play.
Take care all and happy crafting.  x


Hazel said...

Yes Mother Nature works in terrible ways. It's good that your children are thinking of others and taking less from Christmas.

Lots of goodies for you to play with, and as you say you need it " not " but a crafter can't have to much stash.

Like you I have just got about blown away , cold and damp after walking the dogs. I am at the school this after noon teaching the children how to make a Oramgi box - fun ,fun ,fun. Hazel x

marion said...

LOL, sure you need it, you do not have much to play with otherwise hehe. I hope that goods will be there soon at the right place, terrible what has happened there. Have fun playing with the gooddies, hugs, Marion

Patricia said...

As Hazel has already said Mother Nature is cruel in so many ways. Just hope aid gets to these people soon. Some are in such remote areas

Love the look of all your goodies. You definitely need it all of course you do!!!!! Think of the wonderful creations you will produce.
Look forward to seeing them all soon

Patricia xxx

Rachel said...

Good for you, I am glad they are all safe x