Wednesday, November 13, 2013

It ain't cards and it ain't what was I playing with last night?!*

I've just read back my title today and think I also need to add......keep it clean!  LOL.
It is perfectly innocent, honestly!

Last night I had my thinking cap on as the other blog I write for, It's a Creative World, are having a Christmas special and I've been trying to come up with something different for my posts on there.  Mmmm what to do.

Every Christmas I like to make a new decoration for our Christmas tree, it has become a bit of a ritual.  A couple of years ago I got some felt kits from another crafty pal and had only made one pack so last night I set to work on the other.  Oh what fun to be doing something different for a now I'm needing to get up in the loft today and see if I can find my box of felt!
Whilst making my decoration I had a bit of a bright spark moment and thought I can alter the design I am working on and make at least two other you intrigued now haven't I?
Of course I have to post all this first on the other blog, such a spoil sport, today I thought I'd share the reindeer I made a couple of years ago from the other kit, to give you an idea of what I am talking about.

These kits are designed by, simple shapes but very cute, don't you think?

Remember I mentioned earlier that I love all things Pinterest? 
I saw these little beauties on there and just had to make some for myself and a couple of friends as Christmas gifts.  I had made similar gingerbread men previous years but loved the addition of the red gingham skirt. 
These are very similar to the originals on Pinterest but with me taking no profit from them is that allowed?  As I mentioned earlier I take it as a compliment that someone else likes your work and do agree it would be wrong to start churning them out to sell.  This is my take....

Too cute not to hang on your tree right?

My plans for today.....mmmm, I would dearly love to pop into the auctions again....just in case I'm missing something!
Better crack on with my jobs instead and maybe some more crafting later. 
I got my SU parcel yesterday afternoon from my pal Irene's party....might show you what goodies I have to play with tomorrow....must sit on my hands and get jobs done first!
Have a super Wednesday.  Hugs.  x


marion said...

These are very lovely and it would be shame not to decorate the tree with them, the reindeers look very cute too, hugs, Marion

Kat said...

Love your felt ornaments Erika. That little gingerbread girl is soooo cute with her little gingham skirt!

Isn't it awful when you've got new goodies and have to do boring stuff before you can play with them?!

Kat xx

Hazel said...

Erika these are just the kind of things I love to do. Just love them

Hazel xxx

Lau W said...

Oh cuuuuuuute ! Just love them ! So pretty the gingerbread with her skirt, make me smile !!

Rachel said...

Looking forward to seeing your new project... might see you at the mart, usually make it most weeks. Great fun x

Shazza said...

so cute, love them x

cuilliesocks said...

Hi Erika, love your little felt characters, they are just fabulous. Looking forward to seeing your SU goodies, hugs Kate x

Macpurp said...

what wee cuties!

love teen x