Friday, November 08, 2013

Madly crocheting away for Christmas but here is this weeks finds......

Back again.  A beautiful walk was had this morning, a nice crisp wander on the beach in the beautiful sunshine.  I am most definitely awake now.

As I mentioned in a earlier post I am now starting on my Christmas presents so am unable to share just now.  Going to have lots of nice posts for you over the festive season instead.  I hope!  LOL.
I haven't mentioned the auctions the last couple of weeks as my bids have been's all in the look of the draw, who's there and who has the same taste as you.  This week it was the antique sale and OMG if only I was starting a house from scratch.  There was some beautiful items of furniture which I unfortunately can not home....even if I wanted to.  All I'm going to say on the matter is....they don't make furniture like that anymore!
I did however have a wee rummage in another of my favourite shops TKMax (but you've so got to be in the mood for a rummage!) 
I found this........

I'm thinking a wee bright red Christmassie ribbon and it will look lovely filled with either kitchen bits or embellishments.  I would love to receive something like this filled with buttons, charms and embellishments, wouldn't you?
I'm working on the principal if I would then maybe someone else would too?!
Mind you I'm looking at it thinking will I fit it in my own kitchen or craft room likie so much!  LOL.

I also got another parcel this morning, which is very bad of me.  You see when I go Christmas shopping I always find things that I like and this was a billy bargain.  I could not resist! 
I just tell my other half that I've got everything I want for Christmas.  Saves him a job too.
A little light reading.......

I do like this books. 
I've read quite a few in the series and am really happy that none of them are here.  Yippee. 
Note to self.....must do the ironing first.  Boo!

That's all from me today folks, an early morning in work tomorrow and Remembrance Sunday...get out your tissues.  It gets me every year.  I must take after my Granddad.  He would watch the coverage religiously and think of lost I will too.  x
Have a great weekend. 


Shazza said...

oooh interesting!! As for the books, never heard of her, may have to borrow when you are finished x

Kat said...

Sounds like some lucky people are going to get lovely handmade Christmas presents. You must be very busy just now!

Kat xx

Unknown said...

Oh your are a very creative crafty girl. What will you come up with next. Someone will be lucky to receive such a nice pressie if you can bear to part with it.

Wilma x x x