Friday, November 15, 2013

Playing again last night but not with paper.

Morning, just....I don't know where the day is going today.  A couple of phone calls down and a potter around and it's nearly lunch time. 
It was fairly blowing a gale on the beach this morning for our early walk, the temperature seems to have dropped this week and it isn't looking rosy for next week.  Snow is forecast...great!  Not.  Winter is on it's way most definitely.

I haven't been crafting in my room on an evening as I do in the summer months basically because it gets too cold, preferring to stay in my front room by the fire and crochet or sew.  Sensible! 
It does however mean that card production has ground to a halt as I prefer to do my jobs before giving myself time to play.  This in theory is a good idea but by the time I am happy to play the kids are home or it's dark and getting cold.  That's my excuse and I'm sticking to it.
Last night I decided to play with some wool that the lovely Tina gave me.  It is designed for knitting but I thought I'd have a go crocheting a scarf....

Work in progress!
That was one ball of wool, going to need a lot more to make a scarf.  It is lovely and soft and chunky too but think it would work a lot better knitted as it should be.  Watch this space.....I need to go and find my grans old knitting needles and give it a go.  It will probably have to wait till after Christmas.
Learning as I am going along.  Not everything works first time!

I am planning on having some playtime later today but we will see.  I have uniform to iron and a few jobs first.  Tomorrow it's a dine in day at work so it will be a busy day and then on Sunday I'm meeting with friends to craft.  It should be fun.
It only remains for me to sign off and wish you all the very best over the weekend.  Catch you soon and wrap up warm.  x


marion said...

Love crochet also, looking forward seeing your scarf, have a lovely weekend, hugs, Marion

Patricia said...

Oh! Erika, you are going to need a heck of a lot more yarn to make a scarf. I thought you had been making a cover for your "phone"!!! like the colour mix.
The Range opened in Dundee today. John & I went in........what a stupid thing to do!!! I think everybody in Dundee was in there. Lots of nice crafty things, will wait till the novelty wears off then travel in once more to see what they really have.
Have a Great Weekend

Patricia xxx

Unknown said...

Hi Erika. I think knitting that yarn will go further. Know the feeling with shortage of daylight and a cold room means less card making card making a slow process and I have so much to complete. May have to move to the kitchen.

Wilma x x x

Kat said...

I'm enjoying crocheting just now too. Just about to crochet an"elf on the shelf." One of Catriona's friends made one so she wants one for Poppy and Oliver!

Kat xx

Macpurp said...

gonna be a short scart.... or make it narrow and do one for Holly?

love Teen x