Saturday, July 28, 2012

Sporting time ahead.

Did you watch the opening ceremony for the Olympics last night?
What a performance. 
My favourite bits were the Queen and Daniel yummy Craig as 007 entering the stadium followed by Mr Bean, both made me giggle.  The gold rings from the industrial era were amazing as was the final torch.  The worse bit for me watching Paul sing...I know he is a legend in the music industry and has had major influence in it over the years but someone should be honest with him and let him know he ain't "got it" anymore..I found it sad to watch.  An icon should stay an icon and know when enough is enough but that is just my opinion.  Nuff said!

On to the card I mentioned in my earlier post this week, I'm being such a bad blogger just now.  I'm enjoying spending time with the family...stopping the kids fighting!  LOL.  Need I say more?

This order is for a local lady and her husbands up and coming birthday.  I'm sure he won't be checking out my blog so I think we are safe!

And inside the shed.

I was looking on line for a digital image for a garden shed, not liking what I did find I decided to make one myself.  The pots are from a decoupage sheet I found and the watering can is a button.  The rest I made with various card stock and inks.
I'm glad I made the shed now as it has given me another idea but I can't share that just now. 
I really need to crack on with another 4 orders but I'm drawn to watch the sport...I don't know why? 

My youngest has started at Judo so I was told we were watching that first thing morning whilst hubby wanted on the beach volley ball....I wonder why?! 
I would be the first to admit I don't as yet understand the point system to Judo reminding me more of watching a Saturday night brawl "down town" in my youth!   LOL. 
I felt for the UK representative after months of preparation for 5 minutes on the mat to be thrown about by an excellent opponent from China.  All that work gone in just a few minutes, bless. 
I am hoping to catch up later with the cycling and rowing come on team GB....but better crack on now. 
Have a super weekend whatever you are up to.  x


scrappymo! said...

Cute card...I think the family time is precious too but know what you mean about trying to get in some craft time.
DH is watching some type of sport on TV so I've slipped away to catch up on my commenting.
Then it's up to watch some of the Olympic opening ceremonies that we PVR'd.
I haven't even seen the Queen and Bond or Paul!

Shazza said...

this is fantastic Erika, you are so clever. Enjoy your day x