Thursday, July 26, 2012

Busy not crafting!

Where are the holidays going? 
We have at last had some sunshine up in the North of Scotland, yippee!  So I'm afraid no crafting for me.  Boo!

What have I been up to....the interesting bits....

I've been down the harbour watching the kids dooking...boy the water looked cold but they were in their element.  You can tell the local kids on the beach or harbour as they are all in wetsuits, with the added benefit of very little skin showing to cover in suncream.

I have made my first batch of raspberry jam and am surprisingly very pleased with tastes like proper raspberry jam!  Just got to make scones now, nomn, nomn.  I wish! 
I am trying to eat healthily just now and it's so hard when the family are about.  I just want to bake but then it's so hard not to check it.  Isn't quality control the best bit?

Yesterday I was a caddy to my youngest whilst the boys hit a few holes at the local golf course.  Mmm we lost a few balls in the rough but good fun was had by all.

Today I've had a bike ride along the coast and I believe the dolphins were out jumping...we must have passed too early and missed them again, apparently they were also out yesterday.
After our bike ride my youngest and I went to a local castle ruin for a picnic and explore whilst my eldest played golf with his mates.

As you can see I'm getting very little crafting time although I have managed one of my card orders today...whoop, whoop! 
Photo to follow.
I've also got a few cards to make myself, a couple of births and a very important Wedding coming up next week!

I hope you are enjoying the holidays and better weather and maybe I'll be back soon with some more crafting. 

Not long now before the start of the Christmas crafting countdown!!  Ho, ho, ho!


scrappymo! said...

Sounds like some wonderful family times...that is so important as soon they will be grown adn you can't get these times back!
Have fun!!!

scrappymo! said...
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Anonymous said...

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