Sunday, July 22, 2012

Share on Sunday

Calling out an SOS as there is no crafting going on!
Yes I have been away from my craft room enjoying other things. 
Yesterday saw the final day of our local Gala and what a great week we have had plus the sun came out which was an added bonus.  We ended up with friends barbecuing by the beach, whilst the kids enjoyed the first "dooking" of the holidays.
On Friday I had a day out with my friend Irene with a visit to the Sewing shop to get new parts for my machine then on to The Papeterie to watch the lovely Barbara Grey from Clarity Stamps.  What a great demonstrator she is, I could have sat listening to her all day but we had to get back as I had a car treasure hunt later that evening.  The hunt went well and great fun was had by all.

Back to Karen's SOS over at the Sugar Nellie blog and today she is sharing books with you. 
How many shades of grey are in your world!!  LOL.
Step away from the tie "laters!"
I read any style of book but the story has to grip me within the first couple of chapters.  After a recommendation from a friend who reads lots I downloaded the Agatha Raisin Omnibus for my holidays....I do love a good crime and intrigue book, trying work out "who done it" before the end.
This was one in the series.

It is set in the Cotswolds which is a lovely part of England and many places which are mentioned I have visited at some point, adding to the interest of the book. 
Since getting home I haven't had chance to get in to anymore reading but it looks like I shall be adding the Hunger Games to the list.  My eldest boy had mentioned it and wanted to see the film so I better find out what all the fuss is about.
Enjoy your Sunday I'm away to catch up on some chores, boo!


Janice said...

Glad the holidays are going well for you & I'd recommend the Hunger Games on your reading list. Have read all 3 and liked the first 2 books better than the last one, but it's still a good trilogy for teens upwards, Jx

scrappymo! said...

Sounds like your holidays have some
lovely family times.

Don't know about the Hunger Games ...but do agree that the Coltswolds are a lovely place.

mixamatoasties said...

Loved The Hunger Games Erika. Fab books. :-) Haven't read the 'other' set of 3 books though. Not sure I want to after all fuss....

Susan xxx