Sunday, July 15, 2012's share on Sunday time.

Over on the Sugar Nellie blog it is Share on Sunday time and this week Karen has mentioned wool and knitting.  Knitting is one craft I have done very little of as wool and I don't get on.  It makes me itch so I don't wear it unless I am very cold.
Whilst looking at Pinterest after too long ironing...I need a break...I found these wee cuties. 

Aren't they cute?  They're from here.

I love wool felt and like making little bits with it, usually hand stitching especially things like Christmas decorations.   Mind you I couldn't leave today without a little something of my favourite colour.

Isn't this stunning and just my colour, from here.
And another one.....

Mmmm I think there is a theme here, guess which colour I like. 
This fine flower can be found here.

No knitting from me but the felt is wool so there is a connection.  It's the best one you are going to get off me!

I hope you are all having a fine relaxing Sunday, we've got even more rain just now so I have a house of boys X-boxing!  I do hope at some point during the holidays the sun will come out so I can get them down to the it too much to ask?!

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