Sunday, April 15, 2012

Share on Sunday SOS

I thought I would join Karen over on the Sugar Nellie blog with Share on Sunday.
The idea being you share what inspires you in life. 
I love this phrase;

It can be found here.

Living in Scotland I think it is really something you learn to embrace!  LOL. 
We like our rain, in fact if today is anything to go by we've had sunshine, blue skies followed by rain then snow and now back to cloudy skies, all seasons in one day.  Where else do you get that variety?

It also reminds me of a time I went down to the school to pick up my eldest son at the end of his day and it was absolutely tanking down with rain.  Everyone hid under any cover we could find except my youngest who danced in the playground covering every style from break dancing to the Micheal Jackson moon walking, he was soaked right through to the skin but he was happy singing and dancing. 
All the other mums were laughing at him having an absolute ball, not a care in the world and definitely loving "dancing in the rain."

I do sometimes think we can learn so much from our kids!


Fiona said...

ha ha erika...what a great story!! Kids love the rain don't they??

what a beautiful phrase that is...


Shazza said...

I love this sentiment, there's a rubber stamp of it out there somewhere x

Debbi Glennie said...

yup, I think kids can teach us heaps - mine are an education every day - although sometimes not in a good way lol
I'm thinking there is a distinct lack of hotties this week, will have to rectify that next week eh?

mixamatoasties said...

That's such a lovely sentiment!


Anonymous said...

I like this blog its a master peace ! .