Saturday, October 03, 2015

It's Saturday, time to tickle that creative funny bone.

Good morning and how are you this Saturday?
I'm off work today, yippee, time with my boys. 
We are waiting to see what the weather does before we decide what to do although my youngest has a friend in hospital so we will be visiting her at some point. 

Today I have another material themed funny bone.  These are what made me smile yesterday.

Ever called your sewing machine for not doing what you want it to?  I have. 
Oh and yes, I know it is the operator and not the machine but it doesn't stop you behaving like the Tasmanian devil does it?
This is obviously a very smart parrot.

Now the weather outside has definitely not been frightful this week and I was contemplating keeping this one till nearer Christmas but it did make me smile.  Lets hope I haven't jinxed the weather.

I think this is a good plan for the run up to Christmas as the dark nights and winter draws in.  You could be doing far worse.

Finally have you ever suffered from this?

I think I have, but not as much as some of my know who you are!

That's all from me today.  Have a super weekend whatever you have planned.
Before I go I have finished my project, I shall share it with you next week.  One Christmas present down, lots more to go.

Back soon, happy crafting. 

Friday, October 02, 2015

It's oldie time again this Friday.

Good morning and how the devil are you this Friday?
It looks like it is going to be another beautiful day up here in sunny Scotland, blue skies ahoy.  We've had a whole week of sunshine, I guess that this is our summer.  I am crossing my fingers in sheer hope that the up coming October school holidays will be as nice.  I know it's a big ask but wouldn't it be wonderful?

It's Friday and you know what that means, why not join me, just for fun, by sharing an old crafty project.  It doesn't have to be an old blogged project as long as you made it yourself in the past, that is the only request.  I just think it is lovely to look back on projects and see how your crafting style has changed.  I will comment on all who join me, all I ask is that you leave a short comment below so I know that you are in.  I look forwards to catching up with you all later today and over the weekend, I can't wait to see what you have decided to share this week.

I have used;  Spellbinder dies Labels 4 and Edgeabilities Classic Petal, Poinsettia die and swirl a gift from Irene, Cuttlebug spot embossing die, Waltzing Mouse stamps Seasonal Remedies, card from the Papeterie Aberdeen and pearls from my stash.

What's on the cards over the weekend here?
I have the weekend off!  Yippee.
My hubby is working all weekend so it's just me and the boys.  
What we do will depend on the weather.  If it isn't great I think we are planning a trip to the cinema and maybe food out but if it is fine I think we will be down at the beach or harbour enjoying the rays.  

I hope to finish of my project, I did try to last night but ended up at the school a little longer than anticipated.  I've also got a wee bit to crochet in black and I don't know about you but I find at night black is very difficult to see?  Do you?  Or is that just my eyesight?
Maybe if I try and sort it in the sunshine I will be able to see what I am doing? 
I also have a couple of cards to make so maybe I will get some time for that too.
Have a super weekend, whatever you have planned, thanks if you joined me today, I really appreciate it.  More crafting funnies from me tomorrow.

Thursday, October 01, 2015

Too sunny to care!

Good afternoon all, how the devil are you this Thursday evening?
Hasn't this week gone fast?
The weather up here in the north of Scotland has been beautiful this week, summer has finally arrived.
Did you see that just down the road in Braemar yesterday it was hotter than Barcelona?!
I'm afraid crafting has gone out of the window and I have been outside enjoying the fine rays.
Yesterday after school we took the dog to the beach for a swim, although I think my little one was in getting as wet as the dog.  It was a case of who could get to the ball first regardless of how far it went into the sea!
In the evening, hubby and I decided to pop to the harbour as the sunsets this week have also been fabulous.  I have to say last night was not the best but still pretty special for all of a five minute walk from the house.

This was taken from the harbour looking out over the west bay towards Burghead.  It surprised me that there were a few folk down there with their cameras. 
Slightly later......

How pretty is nature at it's best?
We had intended on taking a bottle of wine down with us but tea had taken slightly longer than planned.  Such a shame as it was beautiful.

Today hubby and I had a day off together, a very rare occasion.  We decided a trip through to Inverness was on the cards.  We are in need of new carpets and a settee/chairs.  
Exciting shopping!
Not as exciting as craft shopping but a new sofa and chairs are ordered to arrive just before Christmas, I just need to decide now on the carpet colour to match.  
Hubby said that's the last time he is taking me out for lunch!  (Apparently I am too expensive!)

The crochet is coming on, everything is now suitable stuffed and is just needing stitching up and putting together, not long now and all will be revealed.  It's not a frog or a kangaroo, but it is an animal so you are on the right lines.  Mmmm.

I better go and sort tea as we have a meeting at one of the schools later.  
Enjoy the rest of your sunny Thursday, it's oldie time again tomorrow.  
That came around very quickly this week. 

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Breaking news.....a wee crafting interlude.

Good evening all, how are you this Tuesday?

Another busy day in work today, still no sign of replacing a member of staff who left recently.
There are jobs out there!
It's crazy I thought there are people out there who want to work.  Bizzare.
Hopefully we will get someone soon giving us chance to get them trained up before the Christmas rush.

The reason for today's title is the glorious weather we have had today.  I was most certainly not doing housework or crafting after work with the sun shining as it was.  Instead a took a fine book and cuppa out into the garden and enjoyed a little peace before the boys came home.
I haven't been sleeping the best of late so a wee afternoon catnap was in order!  LOL.  This girl has no staying power without her full sleep quoter.
As it was such a lovely evening I have decided to share another couple of local photographs.

In the background you can see Daisy rock again, I have mentioned that in previous posts.  In front of them are the Hopeman hutties.  Now these are like rocking horse ****!
It is very difficult to get one.
There is a waiting list and I know folk who have been on it for years and years, and years.
What I find bizarre is for all they're difficult to acquire you will only ever see a couple in use when out walking.
Surely if they were so hard to get hold of people would be using them?
Strange but true.

Basically if you have one, use it, because you are so very lucky to be one of the few.
I do think they're great though and a real feature of the East beach.
Can you imagine having one as a little crafty retreat, I'm sure you'd be really inspired by the view and the surroundings?  How fab would that be?
I've more chance of moving into hubby's shed.  I think I'll keep my cosy room instead.

I hope you have all had the beautiful weather we have today.  The sun is just going down now and the sky is amazing.
Enjoy the rest of your evening.  I'm now going back to my crocheting.

Monday, September 28, 2015

A little more hooking, can you tell what it is yet?

Why is is when I say "can you tell what it is yet" I always want to say it in an Australian accent?
If you are a similar age to me you will get the reason why, it stems back to watching TV as a child.
Do you know which program?

Starting with a puzzle doesn't really seem fair does it?
Let's start again, how was your weekend?
Our coffee morning went down a treat with none of my cakes left by home time on Saturday.  The boys and the Manager all survived their leg waxing too.  I missed all the action as I was too busy out the back but caught up with a few of them at lunch time.

It was another rugby weekend in this house.  England had a great first half against Wales but I don't know what happened at half time but they came out a different side for the second half.  It was poor or should I say Wales had the better second half.  Scotland played brilliantly winning another match and putting them at the top of their table, gosh, that doesn't happen everyday, loving the splash of tartan on their new kit too.  Hubby said only a woman would say that!

After a crazy mad day on Saturday, Sunday was quite relaxing, I managed a little more crocheting in between jobs and rugby.  I also made a proper roast beef dinner which I don't do every week.
The beef was lovely but I'm sure my boys would just love a plate full of homemade Yorkshire puds.
Today's picture is therefore another work in progress, can you tell what it is yet?

Mmmm.  I'm not giving much away am I?

Back into work again tomorrow and Wednesday for now but I'm sure there will be extra on the cards too.  Today is all about catching up on the boring old housework, I have a man mountain of ironing to tackle first, crampons at the ready I'm away to climb it!

Enjoy your Monday, more from me later in the week.

Saturday, September 26, 2015

Time to tickle that creative funny bone again, it's the weekend, feet up and relax.

Good morning to you, how are you this Saturday morning?
It's an early shift for me at work today but an early start means an early finish.  This means I shall only miss the first of the rugby matches today, managing to get home before the afternoon and evening ones start.  Yeah!
We have lots going on at work today.  We have the dine in as usual but we also have a few things going on with it being the Macmillan coffee morning yesterday. 
On that note I had a lovely gin and tonic cupcake made by one of our fabulous bakers Nicola.  Nomm!
Today at lunch time, around 12.30 five of our male staff including the new manager Mark are having their legs waxed to raise some more money for the Macmillan cancer charity.
Unfortunately I will probably be too busy to watch but I'm sure I shall hear all about it.  I might have to just sneak to the shop floor for a quick look. 
Will I be able to hear the screams from where I'll be working?

Whilst I am away I have the following crafty quotes for you, hopefully they will make you smile?

Does this sound familiar?
It is definitely me.  How many projects can you have on the go at any occasion?
How many would be too many?!
As the saying goes "variety is the spice of life!"  But every now and again it would be good to finish something.

I like the idea that PJ's can be my uniform.  It is not something that I personally do, I like to get dressed, just in-case someone pops in.  But I know plenty of crafters who stay in PJ's!
I have a very artistic zone in my house.

Finally another scissor quote for you, again Tina, why do I always think of you when snip, snips are mentioned?
That is about as dangerous as I get.
Scary I know, you think that I could come up with something a little more exciting or dangerous especially on the weekend.
That's my crafty quotes for this weekend, work and then rugby and possibly a fine glass of wine will be the order of the day here.  Maybe a little crocheting depending on how exciting the rugby is or indeed how much wine is consumed!
Have a super weekend, more from me on Monday.  Happy crafting.

Friday, September 25, 2015

BANG, what's that? It's an old cracker!

Good morning to you and how the devil are you this Friday?
Can you believe that's another Friday under our belt, the dreaded Christmas is getting nearer.
I know it is as all the stock has started to drip feed into work, the biscuits, sweeties and things like mincemeat and brandy butter, soon to be stocked on a shelf near you.
We've also got another good dine in on this weekend with a few new ranges from our Gastro range.  Nomm, nomm.  It doesn't help me watching my weight, well I am watching it......increasing rather than decreasing!
Today I will have a busy morning lots going on with the Macmillan coffee morning and a visit too.
One thing is for sure it will be a quick shift and then I am on earlies on Saturday. 

Getting back to the crafting and today as it's Friday it is time to share an oldie. 
It can be any old project you have made yourself just for fun, it would be great if you joined me, just leave a wee message below and then I can visit you too and see what you have picked to share.
I shall look forwards to my wee blog hop when I get in from work.
As I have quite a few Christmas ideas I have personally decided that I am sticking with the festive season, you can share whatever you would like.
Today a have a little cracker for you.

The inspiration for this card came from the lovely Kara at an SU event a few years ago.
It was a favourite at the demo in Elgin with all the ladies.
I have used MME Lost and found kit and brad plus Martha Stewart punch Traditional Scallop and Spellbinder Nestablities Classic circles.

To create this "cracker" of a card you will need a 12 x 4" strip of card.
You will need to score at 2" and 4" at each end.  (Positioned as you look at it above).
Then you will mark the 6" point at the top and bottom of paper with a pencil.
Now this is where the fun starts.....
Score from the top 6" point to the bottom 2" point on both the left and right of the cracker, then reverse so you take the bottom 6" point to the top 2" point left and right.
This should give you a diamond shape in the middle and the legs should sit either side like a table.
I have then used my MS punch on each end plus added a further 3 x 4" strip of co-ordinating paper to each side to extend the cracker shape.
The centre is decorated with a 2 1/4" square and the my embellishments are added on top.
Simples squeak!
I'd love to hear how you get on with this card.
That's all from me today, back later to see what you have shared, in the meantime enjoy your Friday folks. 

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Macmillan coffee morning, a little edible break.

Good evening to you and a very late post from me today.
A busy day off today.  A trip to the hairdressers first to get my natural colour put back into my hair, I don't know where all this grey sparkly stuff is coming from but it has been removed!
Then lunch with my boys before starting today's bake for the Macmillan coffee morning at work tomorrow.
I have made my version of a Victoria sponge in muffin form.

Then a chocolate tray bake split up into individual portions.

My kids were funny, ooh mum what you baking, can we have?
No they're all for work fingers off!
Although with the tray bake I did have a few ends that they managed to smear in the left over icing, going away happy bunnies.

I'm in work tomorrow so I am hoping to also find an oldie, whilst watching the rugby.  Lets hope the game does not get too exciting or it might be a very interesting post!

I hope you manage to visit a Macmillan event near you tomorrow.
I'm away now to see if my cinder toffee has set, hammer at the ready!

I shall be visiting you later in the day tomorrow after work with the usual, a fine mug of tea.
Enjoy what's left of this evening.

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

And now for something completely different! NOT!

I am smiling at the title because I seem to have had a bit of a run with this stamp over the last week.
You know when you haven't used a product for a while and you start to use it and then realise how much you've missed it?  Or am I just a bit weird?!  Don't answer that one.

Today it is another dreich and dreary day and it's off to work I go.  Excited for later mind as Japan are playing Scotland around 2 p.m.
I finish at two so it will be a quick dash home and feet up to watch the game.  Japan have issued a warning to Scotland to say they're going to run their legs off and I believe them, it should make for a good match.

I got a little crafting parcel yesterday, finally my accessories for the Tim Holtz birdie stamps have arrived.  I can now finish of the birds I have ready and waiting.  Can't wait to have a play with them.

Back to today and as you can see this flower stamp has had another outing, hence the title.
The brief a floral card for a mum hitting the grand old age of 80.

Again I have used scraps of card with my Hero arts flower and the 80 is from my cricut.
The bling in the centre of the flower is by craft buddy and just the perfect size don't you think?

I am running out of time so I better head into work.  I shall be back later to comment on your blogs when I have more time to sit and read them.
Have a super "hump" day and happy crafting!

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

A bit of a book worm.

Good morning all and how are you today?
The weather is pants today, wet and dreich, I'm glad I'm heading into work.  Mind you it would be the perfect day for crafting or the dreaded housework.
I managed to get all my cards and jobs sorted yesterday ready for my busy week ahead.  As I said yesterday, so not like me.
Today I am sharing one of the bespoke cards I have made, I was asked for an 80th card for a gran who is really into her reading.  This is my take on the request.

The books are made using my cricut machine and cartridge Locker talk.  The background paper is by Crate paper (love their quality of paper) and the spectacles are made with some wire.
It isn't a very feminine card but it meets the brief and I am happy with that.

Have you got any exciting plans today?
I'm away into work now to see what today brings.  Then afterwards I have no plans as yet, a dog walk of course, hoping the weather clears as I got well and truly soaked last night.
Then maybe a little ironing or crocheting, my project is coming on.

Enjoy your Tuesday folks, I'll be back later today to see what you have been up to, when I have more time and a nice hot cup of tea in my hand.  Bliss.  It's the simple things in life!