Thursday, April 24, 2014

Hook, yarn and link here! A wee crafting interlude.....don't mind if I do.

Afternoon all and today I am back with a little crafting.
What I hear you cry?
I know, how unusual is that just now.  Very!

Remember I mentioned my crochet project?
I've been making some flower bunting to replace my hearts from earlier in the year.  I guess something a little more Spring/Summery was required.  Now I've had a really good play with these flowers and lots of different combinations.....remember this picture?

Well I changed my mind again!

It is a woman's prerogative, so I am told, being able to change her mind at a I did.

The photo could be better but I just wanted to get it up on my mirror.  

As for the colours.....don't you know it's my favourite?  
It is also the accent colour in the room even though you can't see any of it in this photo.  I just didn't want to get myself in the mirror.  Trust me when I say I have a big shaggy rug exactly this colour in front of the mirror, the same tones and shades.  
I'm happy with the results.........I wonder if anyone else in the house notices I've removed the hearts and put up they don't.  Living in a house of males!

Before I leave you today I just wanted to share this with you.  Remember Dirty Dancing girls?

More from me tomorrow.  x

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Golf a good walk ruining or is it?

Afternoon, it is a glorious sunny day here, the washing is out, the dog is walked and the jobs I intended to do are done.  Now I can't decide to garden or make some cards?  It's a tough decision.  It doesn't mean there aren't things that need doing but I refuse to spend all of a good day inside.

Are you bored of the holiday snaps yet?
For those who didn't get the films yesterday the first was from Alice in Wonderland and the second was Big Ben from Peter Pan.  Classic Disney films.

Today pull up a chair and get a fine cuppa 'cause it's story time!
Are you ready?

A long time ago in a land not far away a jolly fine chap decided to take a not very princessy girl on a holiday of a lifetime.  OK not totally spot on but it sounds far more interesting than, when my husband and I first met 20 years ago he took me away to Florida for a fortnight and we had a good holiday, except for the tornado the second week.....but that isn't the part of the story I'm sharing today.  Back on track........
You see in Orlando there are so many other things to do as well as all the theme parks and on one particular day he decided to take me to a crazy golf course called Pirates Cove.  All the way round the course he basically whooped my ****.  Beating me every step of the way....that is until the last hole of the day.
Now there was a challenge at this last hole...whoever got a hole in one got a pirate token which enabled the owner a free round of golf at your next visit.
Guess who got a hole in one at the last hole.....when it really counted?!
Yep me....and I kept the token and in true crafty style I scrap booked it.  I was proud of my last minute reprieve and it gave me something to remind him about!

Why am I telling you this....well, we thought we'd take the kids to the same crazy golf place and share the love with them too.

It was still there!
Upon arrival we told the staff and they said if I'd brought the token they would have honoured it.  
It's worth more to me to keep it!  LOL.
Still we had a great morning wandering around the course....mind you there was a bit of cheating going on!

And a few lost balls in the water!

But all in all we had a great morning doing something a little different and it wasn't busy like the parks.

In the end there had to be one "evil" winner.........with a wee pirate bag for the kids and an ice-cream to round it off, a good morning was had by all.

We all got a hole in one at one part of the course or another but not one of us managed it on the last hole, boo!
Such a shame not to carry on with the tradition but it wasn't meant to be.

I hope you enjoyed today's story?!*

I have now finished my crochet project, I just need to sew it all together and then I can share.  
Enjoy your Wednesday and I hope you are all enjoying the sunshine too?  x

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

It's mouse land! Well it would be rude not to share?

Hi all, more holiday snaps today.

A little foggy here first thing today but enjoyed my morning walk, hopefully the fog will lift and it will be sunny later, as it has been all weekend.
The gorse is out in full bloom down the front just now, bright yellow flowers and the aroma of coconuts, a smell I associate with brighter sunnier days and holidays.  I think we might be through the worst of the weather now.  Maybe I shouldn't say that out loud?
This is my favourite time of year as plants and animals start to bloom as we head into the warmer months.

Today I am sharing with you Disney's Magic Kingdom.  I don't seem to have many photo's of it during the day but we did pay a second visit at night to see the evening light parade too.  My youngest wasn't so keen on this park.....I think it was just too busy for him.  Lots and lots of excited children about!
Let's start at the train station on entry to the park.

One of our favourite rides.....Splash Mountain.

This and Big Thunder Mountain where the boys favourite rides of the day....basically anything that threw you about or got you wet was a winner.  Although I did think these rides are now looking a little dated when you see newer rides elsewhere.  (Shame on me!)  Of course the funniest thing was that mum always seemed to get put in the seat that gets the wettest, which to the kids was even more fun!

By night I was surprised that the park was equally as busy but found it even more magical.  We found a great spot to watch the light parade with some other lovely people.
You would not believe how horrible some people turn when getting a spot to watch the parades.  Grown adults shouting for the characters attention refusing to let small children in front of them.  It was shocking.
It was the only time you saw the other side to folk as the rest of the time people seemed happy to queue and chat.
We ended up in a nice group....we had two families that stood in front and demanded the best view but the funniest thing was that the parade came over the bridge behind us so we got a better view from the side than them, LOL.  What goes around comes around!
Oh and we let all the other children in front so they all got a better view.   ;)
Now can you guess your films from the floats?

Have you got it?  How about this next one?  It is a little harder but both are classic Disney films.

The day was finished with the firework display at which point my youngest was more fascinated that at 10 p.m. at night, he was still in his shorts and tee-shirt, exclaiming "it's still warmer that it would be on a good day at home, during the day!"
I have to admit I preferred the night parade because it was a little cooler than the day one.

That's all from me today.  
I have the delights of more housework and ironing today but I am nearing completion of my next crochet project so I do hope to share that with you soon.  
I hope you have a good day.  x

Monday, April 21, 2014

Favourite shopping and eating places in Orlando.

Hi folks and I hope you all had a super Easter weekend?
Full of chocolate?
Whilst talking of food I thought today I'd share two of my favourite eating places in Orlando starting with Ihop.  Karen and Gayle this picture is for you!

Yummy pancakes with bacon and syrup.....mmmm!  Naughty but nice.

The next one is....

LOVE Red Lobster.....they had me on the raspberry iced tea and cheese biscuits....even before my order arrived!  
My eldest boy tried the snow crab and hubby had beautiful shrimp but my salmon was amazing.  In fact we ended up there a few nights.  Nomm.

To me, put aside all the parks and the rides the one thing the Americans get SO right is service in restaurants. Yes you are expected to tip and I suppose that is an added incentive but the staff take time out to make sure everything is perfect, great with kids, and refill drinks/bread/biscuits without being asked (at no extra cost). It's just a much more enjoyable experience and we could certainly learn from them on the service front here.

Now to my favourite shop....can you guess?!

A trip to Orlando would not be complete without a visit to Michaels.  I could spend as long in there as a theme park!  But my boys were having none of it.  Boo, hiss!  Still I managed a couple of crafty bits and bobs to add to my collection of fine crafting products.  :)

Finally this was the boys favourite shop and as it is Easter it would be wrong not to include some chocolate.
This has got to be the biggest M & M going, mind you my youngest was a little disappointed it wasn't real!

Just look at the selection too.  How can you possibly choose which one to go for.....well, for me it would have been teal but I was trying to be good.  

Needless to say a few made it back to the hotel room, just!

That's all from me today, no Easter Monday celebrations up here in Scotland.  Kids are in school so guess I better crack on with the usual jobs. Hopefully if I'm quick I might get some crafting in later.
Enjoy your Monday.  x

Friday, April 18, 2014

And now for a wee crafting interlude.....

Afternoon to you all and Happy Easter.
Are you having fish tonight?  I don't know what we are doing as the cupboards are bare, best I go food shopping soon.
It is a beautiful sunny day here in the north of Scotland, so much so my conservatory furniture has been stripped and is now hanging on the line.  #Spring cleaning.
I've got everyone home so I won't be getting any crafty time today but it is great weather for a long walk along the beach and an ice-cream.

Instead of more holiday snaps today I had been asked for a couple of bespoke cards so I thought I'd share them instead today....just in case you thought I'd given up crafting all together?!

The first brief was a donkey, not a cute Eeyore type of donkey, a proper one.

Apparently the lady in question keeps Donkeys and it is not a slur on her character!

The second was for a simple bunch of flowers.

Briefs followed to the letter, the cards went out last night before I made another couple of crochet flowers.
I shall be sharing that project when it is finished.

It only remains for me to wish you all the very best for this Easter weekend, I'm in work tomorrow but hoping to enjoy a nice family chill out day Sunday with maybe a nice roast dinner.

I hope you have a visit from the Easter bunny too.  x 

Thursday, April 17, 2014

What was next on our journey?!

It's wet and wild today, the white horses were fairly jumping down the beach and the sand blast fairly woke both the dog and I up.  It's a tad nippy too.....a perfect day to forget about the jobs, put on the fire and do a little crafting!

I am I boring you with the holiday snaps yet?
Guess this is the modern version of having your friends around for the evening to show them your holiday slides?!
Does anyone remember that?
I used to enjoy playing with my Dad's slide machine just before an evening event of viewing and nibbles....making sure a couple were the wrong way around or upside down, used to make me giggle....the simple things!
It certainly would add a little fun to the evening.

Not so many pictures today as I don't really want to plaster lots of the family over the net....I have picked a couple out for you as a wee taster.

The second park we visited was Disney's Hollywood Studio's.

Now, at all parks there are activities for all ages but I do think this is a good one for older kids.  Lots of rides/attraction like Star Wars, Jack Sparrow, The history of the Movies, Studio tours, The Twilight Zone and Rollickin 'roller coaster to name but a few.
This is also where you are shown all about how props are made, stunts are done, filming, costumes, editing and the history behind Walt himself.

The Rollickin 'roller coaster was my youngest first roller coaster ride and boy what a ride.  I think I even closed my eyes at some about waking you up with force first thing on a morning!
We did giggle about it once off the ride.  You just really don't expect the start......and I'll leave it at that as I know a couple of you reading this are planning a visit later in the year and I don't want to spoil it.

Next was the haunted house.....I LOVE this is done so well and waiting in the queue is equally as interesting as there is so much going on. Some of the gravestones will really make you laugh.  Very clever at winding you up before the ride, so much so my youngest refused to do this.

Once you've done the Tower of Terror no ghost ride in this country will ever come close.

This next picture was from a play area for children and related to the film Honey I shrunk the kids.  It was great fun for kids and adult alike. Everything was at mammoth scale, lots of large plants and rubbish, waterspouts, ant runs etc...  At one point I kept hearing sniffing and I said to hubby "can you hear sniffing or is it me?"
It turned out round the corner there was a 6" dog nose.  It did make me laugh.

Final photograph today is of we didn't have one of these apples, I thought they are far too good to eat.  The detailing on the "treats" was amazing and each Disney park had these sort of shops.  As I like to bake I can only dream of getting this final effect....bit like some of the fancy makes you see on Pinterest (they look too good to be real!)

Anyway that is all from me today I plan on an afternoon off today, I have a bespoke card to make and either some crocheting or sewing planned.  More from me tomorrow, enjoy your Thursday.  x

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Our first visit was to Sea World.

Hi folks, not so warm here as it was yesterday and the early morning walk on the beach was "fresh!"
Still working here on that mountain which seems to be never ending so I'm just doing a bit each day.

My excitement yesterday.....not in a good way, was a wee dead bird in the conservatory, bless....who managed to cover everything in poop before giving up on life.  Such a shame as if I had noticed I would have tried to let it out.  Still I have the joys of tidying that later.

The first place we visited in Florida apart from the hotel was Sea World as we were staying in one of their hotels just around the corner.
Sea World has had a lot of bad press of late with regard to their Killer whales but I have to admit I thought the trainers had a good relationship with all the animals at the park, with a real emphasis put on only working with the animals when they want to.  I'm sure some will disagree and I have yet to watch the documentary "Blackfish" behind all the controversy....maybe that may make me change my mind?
One of the arguments seems to be on the size of the tank in relationship to the ocean....which is a strong point but you could say that about most animals in captivity.
Do folk feel the same about animals which have been rescued from extinction purely by breeding programmes in captivity? 
Deep questions for you today folk!
I certainly don't have all the information to be able to make a decision either way.

Personally I think the whales are magnificent and very clever creatures, I enjoyed watching and learning all about them.

The kids had other ideas with two big roller coaster rides to do....the first being The Kraken!

I have to admit to having wobbly legs after this one!  
Talk about being all shook up.  The boys loved it and went back on again and again.  Sorry the picture quality isn't' the best.  It is probably a good thing.

The second was called The Manta....and once seated actually tips you to simulate the position of a Manta ray.  At first I didn't want to do this one especially after having wobbly legs from The Kraken but I'm glad I did, it was a super roller coaster.

The boys loved it too.

My youngest at the start of the holiday didn't want to do any rides!
I know....we didn't know what to amount of encouragement would sway him, but at some point mid first week that all changed and by the end of the holiday he was a roller coaster demon!
I think it just him a wee while to get into the swing of things out there, the heat, food, drink and all the activities.  By the time we had to head home he really just wanted to stay forever!  Kids.

More from me tomorrow enjoy the rest of your Wednesday.  x

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Did you guess correctly? But it wasn't my favourite place!

Hi folks, and yes, some of you guessed correctly.  The family and I went to Orlando in Florida to see "the mouse" although I have to admit it wasn't my favourite place we visited.  What I hear you gasp?!
I know how bad is that?
But there are so many other places out there to visit, with not a mouse in sight!

Today I thought I'd share a few pictures, with many thanks to the photographer at Discovery Cove for them. I must mention that these are for my own personal use and can not be copied, thank you.

Discovery Cove was an all inclusive day out, everything was provided.  A buffet breakfast up on arrival, photo's taken, snacks, drinks, lunch, sun cream , wet suits, snorkel and mask plus towels, shampoo etc...

It was a huge site and the day we were there it wasn't very busy at all. We grabbed beds by the Coral Reef and Ray Lagoon, a pool where you could snorkel with the fish and rays.  It was fabulous, although having not snorkelled before it took a little getting used to at first.
I was soon keeping up with the boys, who use them all the time in the sea here.

My favourite time of the day was heading to Dolphin Lagoon around lunch time to spend a little time with dolphins....yes I magical is that?

Our dolphin was called Latoya and we were warned she was a bit of a diva!  She kept disappearing to play with the other dolphins but the trainers work with that and still give you the same experience with the animal even if you have to wait a little longer for the fun to start.  We got there in the end!
I got a kiss too!  (My youngest wasn't keen but give him his due he did it, but refused to take the picture to school!)
This was the best bit though....... swim with Latoya.

Another thing ticked of my bucket list!

It was a super experience and Latoya was a star performer, she seemed to be enjoying the fun just as much as we were.
This was followed by a super buffet style lunch, I had a Chinese meal followed by red velvet cake!  Well, I was on my holidays.  Yum, yum!
The afternoon was then spent swimming in the tropical river, feeding the birds at the aviary and in the resort pool (complete with bar seats in the water!  Very bizarre!) before more snorkelling at the coral reef to finish.
All in all, a fabulous day out and well worth the ticket.  A lovely relaxing and chilled out day in amongst the dashing and queuing at the theme parks.

Monday, April 14, 2014

I'm back! Can you tell where I've been?!

Hi everyone, did you miss me?!
No crafting has been done over the last couple of weeks, not even a little bit.  Oh my, how many withdrawal symptoms?
I've been busy, very busy having lots of family fun.
I didn't mention what I was up to before hand because you never know who is reading your blog being open to all, you can't be too careful. Now I'm back in sunny Scotland I can share with you.
Let's have some fun first as I've got lots of lovely washing and ironing to catch up on.....the worst part about coming home from holiday....yes I've been on holiday, but can you guess where?

Here's a photo for those of you not on Facebook....who will already know.....

Can you guess?

I'm away to fill up my washing line as the sun is out.
The dog is suitably walked and chilling in the sunny conservatory having also had a fun couple of weeks staying with good friends, I think she had a fab time too.  More of that later.  
She is really clever too, we came home to "welcome home" banners and a card, together with rock and soap made locally in the village! (That is where she has spent her holiday!)

My pal who had looked after the house had also popped essentials in my fridge and flowers in a vase for me.

I am grateful for good guys know who you are, and I totally intend on repaying your kindness very soon.  x
Whether you like it or not!

That's all from me today.....have you had a guess of where I've been?  
I'm sure you'll get it straight away.
More from me tomorrow.  

Friday, March 28, 2014

Patsy Clairmont-crafting Part 2.....there's also a chilly edge to today's project!

Good morning all, brr it was cold this morning out walking on the beach and wet, not my favourite walking weather but it seems to be brightening up now.

I wanted to share is this video.....the part two from yesterday's "I like to craft!"
When I listened to this yesterday I really did laugh out loud.  
Have you listened to it and  have you had a project like this?!
I have, I planned on making a wreath and loved the idea so much I bought a dozen more wreaths to make as Christmas gifts one year.
Guess how many I made?
Yep, one and I kept it, LOL.  It too so long to make, my hands were sore by the time I finished.....I must find a picture of the culprit and share it with you.....another watch this space!

Back to today's post, it is the last day of school before our local Easter holidays, I would say my last day of freedom for a while but the wee man has been off again this week.  Apparently there is a virus doing the rounds that seems to be lingering and returning.....he isn't really poorly but just off colour and not his usual self. Calpol to the rescue!
As the kids are due their break I have decided to take time away from blogging over the next few days and enjoy some quality family time.  If I do get around to anything crafty I will share it with you but I'm not promising anything.  I intend on getting out and about and having some fun.

Before I go today I wanted to share this with you.  This is a bespoke card made recently for a lady with a very specific brief.....a snowcapped mountain with skis, poles and boots!

I'll see what I can do......

                                                                                                                                .......and here it is.

I think I've fitted the brief don't you?

It only remains for me to wish you all the best over the coming days....if you have children at home, enjoy!
I'll be back soon with more crafty fun.  x