Tuesday, September 27, 2016

I don't want to upset ya but it's another poinsettia!

Good morning and how are you this Tuesday morning, I hope this finds you all fit and well?
It is overcast here today and looks as if we might get rain later.  A lovely day to stay warm and dry inside and craft!
I am off work today and tomorrow, then working the rest of the week so today I have a massage booked and tomorrow my hair.  In-between I suppose I should do some housework but I'd much rather be crafting.

Today I have another couple of Christmas cards to show you, can you tell what my favourite Christmas flower is after yesterdays and todays post?

I have duplicated the red card at the moment but I think I might try the black and cream card the other way around and give it a chalkboard effect too.  The die is by Sue Wilson at Creative Expressions and is called Festive Poinsettia.  The sentiments are by Personal Impressions the first is by Kirsty Wiseman and the second by Paula Pascual.  I have 3d foamed the top impression over coloured card stock and added bling/pearls to finish.

Do you have anything interesting planned for today?
I hope you have a good one whatever you do.  More from me tomorrow.

Monday, September 26, 2016

It's beginning to feel a lot like Christmas!

Good morning and how are you this bright and sunny Monday morning?
It is a little colder today but I will always take clear, dry and sunny over wet and windy any day of the week.
Did you have a good weekend?

I had a shorter shift at work on Saturday under my new contract and spend most of my morning stocking up the Dine in deal, gosh that moves at a pace on a weekend.  I had big plans when I got home to get organised for the crop on Sunday but after lunch I nodded off again.  OMG what am I like, this afternoon nap thing seems to have appeared from nowhere!
I was back in the land of the living by tea time and packed my bag later in the day.
On Sunday I had to dash to work and pick up cake for my cropping ladies and then went to set up the hall.  We had a super crop.  We were in the big hall for a change as the little hall was in use for something else.  It was great, so much room and the sun was shining in too.
The hall has also had a new kitchen fitted and it is amazing, I so want to live in it.
I got a few simple boxes for Christmas made and half a dozen CAS cards.
After tea I put my feet up and enjoyed Victoria and Poldark, loving those two series, do you?
That was my weekend gone!

On to today and soon I shall be heading into work for my share of the cleaning roster, then it's off for a check up later.
Whilst I am away I thought I'd share with you the Christmas cards I was making at the weekend.
I made three on this theme, the teal one was duplicated as it is my favourite colour.  I might do a range of this card, I'm thinking red and white next.

I have used the sentiment by Waltzing Mouse stamps, the die from Spellbinders and Distress inks Peacock feathers and Twisted citron.  Finishing with 3d foam and a bit of bling.
I have used the negative of the die on top and have inked on the image below.
These cards might be touch and go as to whether I need to pay for large letter postage due to the 3D nature and gems, but I felt they really need the element to create the best effect.

I used to make all the same card for everyone at Christmas time and it is normally a last minute panic to get them made, written and posted.  The last couple of years with working I have made life a little easier and the creating of them more enjoyable by making smaller batches of the same design.
Plus I have also started a little earlier and kept the design on the CAS style.
How are you getting on with your Christmas cards?
I know a lot of you make all year and so are very organised when it comes to December.  I do wish I could be so good but it is never going to happen I'm afraid, there is always something else needs doing.
I am entering my cards into Mo's September Rudolph day challenge, thanks Jenny for the heads up.

That's all from me today, more tomorrow.  Enjoy your Monday folks and happy crafting!
I will be back later to catch up with your blogs when I have more time, after work.

Saturday, September 24, 2016

It's the weekend, time for a little creative smile or two.

Good morning and how are you this Saturday?
I have a busy morning in work today then in the afternoon I plan on packing my bags ready for our monthly crop tomorrow.  I think Christmas cards might be on the cards if you get my drift!  Then I might just be a little more organised this year. 
I shall have to be now that I am working more hours.  Isn't it funny how the more you do the more organised you are?  When you've got all the time in the world you get nothing done but when you are on a schedule you get loads in the day. 

It has become a bit of a habit for me to share a few funny crafty quotes that I have found this week so without further ado here goes with this weeks selection.
This is certainly my plan for tomorrow as I was a good girl on Friday and got a lot of the housework and shopping out of the way.

Having sorted most of my housework I found this and thought, I wish I'd seen this first.  I think my day might have been very different. 

I so agree with this statement but there is always that little voice in my head that says I should work before I play.

This next one is for you Kate.  I saw this last night after reading your blog post about Milo.  I thought it might make you smile.

My wee dog has been very well behaved up to now, the only damage she has done around the house is to eat a couple of fridge magnets whilst young and on her own during the day. 
Since then she has been a good wee dog.  She has plenty of her own toys to play with and constantly wants to share them with you usually about 9 o'clock at night when you are wanting to relax before bed.  If she doesn't want to play she'll come and sit on you asking for treats before giving up and falling asleep on your nap.

My final share for this week is this........

What kind of crafter are you?
I'm an Energetic Goddess!
And on that note I think it is time for me to sign off for the weekend. 
I hope you have enjoyed today's selection of quotes? 
Happy crafting to you all and more from me next week.

Friday, September 23, 2016

Sharing an oldie this Friday.....SN style.

Good morning and how are you this Friday morning?
A missed post from me yesterday but I really didn't have anything to share.
I did start my new job on Wednesday and have been let loose on the customers, spending most of my time at the tills.  I wouldn't have thought it as tiring as working in the back warehouse but it is a different kind of tired, being nice to customers for my whole shift can get tiring.  LOL.  Just call me "Carol Smilie!"

On to today's oldie and this truly is an oldie.  I have gone so far back on my blog that I didn't list the products used.  I can't remember the name of the papers but then they're probably no longer available.  I would however be interested to hear if any of you have or have had these products in you mighty fine crafty stash.

The image is one of the early ones from Sugar Nellie and is called Summer Maggie.  I have used paper piecing on Maggie's dress and coloured with my prisma pencils.

I encourage you to join me sharing an oldie this Friday, it can be any project you have previously posted or anything you haven't ever posted.  I will visit all who join in and thank you for taking time to play along, I do appreciate it and enjoy seeing your chosen project.

I have a day off today before in again tomorrow for a short morning shift on the shop floor.  Lots of housework to crack on with as hubby is back this evening after finishing a three week course for work.  Mind you as I have a day of peace will I be good and go food shopping and complete the housework or will I be naughty and head to my craft room to play?
That is the $50 question!

Enjoy your weekend folks and thank you for popping by.  The link to join me is just below. 

I look forwards to hopping over to your blog. 
Take care.

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

A good walk ruined.

Good morning and how are you this "hump" day?
Another beautiful sunny day but I am afraid I won't be enjoying it till later as it is nearly time for me to head into work.  I can't decide whether to be excited or not this morning?
Well, the new job I was supposed to start the beginning of July may start today.  I say may because opinion at work is split as to whether I am still needing in operations.  Only time will tell and I guess I won't find out till I get in.

Today I have a golf themed card that my bestie asked me to make for her.  I decided to make my own fairway to go with the little golfing charms I bought a while ago.

We have sand, trees and the flag at the end of the hole.  This green sticky back material is just perfect to give texture to golf or other sporty cards requiring grass.
I think the brief was met in a CAS fashion.

Short and sweet for me today as I must now go and get changed, best not put my new skirt on just in case I end up in the warehouse.
I shall be back later in the day to catch up with you all.
Wish me luck and enjoy the rest of your day.
I hope you have this lovely sunshine too, it fairly lifts your mood after a brisk walk along the beach.

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

A romantic weeking in Paris? Oui or non?

Good morning and how are you today?
I have my widow Twanky head on today as I have a day off.  The sun is out and the sky is blue, you know how the song goes!
So I am washing everything in sight.  All the beds stripped, clothing bins emptied and looking forwards to a huge ironing pile later in the week, not.
The weather since the children started the new term has been really nice, not as hot as some have had south, let's face it, dry and sunny is more than enough.
It is half term for us in a couple of weeks, do you think this weather will hold?!
Here's hoping it does.  I already know the answer to the question but I am ever hopeful that we will get some good weather.

Back to crafting and the only card making I seem to be getting time for just now is cards that friends have asked me to make for them.  This is another one today.  I was asked for a card for a couple who having gone on holiday to Paris, came back engaged.  The typing is in the local lingo if you are wondering why it is written as it is.

The Paris stamp is by Tim Holtz French Market which I have embossed in black before matting and layering on black using a Spellbinder fancy tag cut in half top and bottom, to give it a Parisian theme.
I have added a couple of gems to the tag, then a tartan bow (Tying in the Scottish connection) with a wee engagement ring attached.
In the local village Hopeman is spelt Houpman as that is how it is pronounced, a loon is a boy/man and a quine is a girl/woman.  Just in case you were wondering!

What are your plans for the rest of the day?
I have lots of housework to be doing but I also had a phone call last night asking for some of my pin cards.  Can you tell what I will be doing first?
Mmmmm you know me so well.  :)

Enjoy the rest of your Tuesday and I'm away now for a wee catch up with you all.  Happy crafting!

Monday, September 19, 2016

Celtic or Rangers that is the question? Crafty style of course.

Good evening and how are you this Monday?
Did you have a good weekend?
I had a busy morning in work on Saturday and then the rest of the weekend was quite relaxing with a couple of walks and a little crocheting.  I also perfected the art of an afternoon nap both Saturday and Sunday which is most unlike me, but I did feel much better for it, except for feeling like a bit of a lightweight!

A busy day in work also today, lots of Christmas bits and bobs coming in now.  NO!
I'm not ready for Christmas, haven't had my summer holiday yet.  I used to really love Christmas when the boys were younger, it really doesn't have the same appeal now.
I don't see family as no holiday time is allowed over the season at work, one of the joys of working in retail.
It really just comes and goes.
New Year is definitely more fun.

On to today and I was asked for a football card with Celtic colours and I decided to treat myself to a new die by Lea'bilities.  I make so many footy cards I thought it was about time I had something new to go with my SU ball and boots.

CAS all the way.  Love the embossing of this shorts and tee-shirt die, plus you get the numbers for the shirt.  Magic.  I think I shall get lots of use out of this die don't you?

That's all from me today, the buzzer has just gone in the kitchen, that means it's feeding time at the zoo.
Enjoy the rest of your Monday evening and more from me tomorrow.

Saturday, September 17, 2016

It's the weekend time for a creative smile.

Good morning and how are you this Saturday?
I have an early start in work so pick these funny quotes for you yesterday.
It is the weekend, time to make you smile, with a creative twist of course.
As I had a crochet oldie yesterday I thought I would stick with that theme.
I think I need one of these T-shirts.

I so have the balls to prove it!  LOL.

Carrying on the same theme, this one made me smile too.

There seems to be a "balls" theme this Saturday, and I typed that with a straight face.  Just kidding!

On a serious note I thought this was a nice quote.  It's the creating that's important not perfection.
I am the worlds worse at expecting perfection of myself, not others.  I think however, as I have got busier I have had to accept that I don't have the time to strive for perfection.  The upside being I am a little less critical of what I produce.

Finally this last quote made me LOL and I read it to hubby and he laughed too.  I apologise for the language but it is funny.

What I want to know is who would cross stitch this and then put it on their wall at home?
The kids would find it funny but I think our parents would not.

That's all from me today, I hope you have a lovely weekend whatever your plans are.  More from me next week.

Friday, September 16, 2016

Too-whit too-woo happy Friday to you, bring out your oldies.

Good morning and how are you this Friday?
Where has this week gone?
This working more hours at work with my other half away is keeping me busy and away from my crafting.  I had a day off yesterday, with lots planned and I ended up doing very little, shattered.com.
Christmas is well and truly on route too, lots arriving at work ready for the festive season....no....!
Ho, ho, ho, the joys!

Back to crafting and it's oldie time again as it is Friday.  By now you know the score, I encourage you to join me sharing a previously posted crafty make or something you have not posted before.
It's all for the joy of crafting and a look back, winding down for the coming weekend.
I will visit all who link up below and play along.
Today I thought I'd share my first little crocheted animal.

I used cotton yarn to make this wee chap together with google eyes, a wee bit of matching ribbon and a charm. 
This chap was my introduction to toys, not that I have made that many more of them since. 

That's all from me today, another early shift in work for me tomorrow.  Enjoy your weekend folks, may you have lots of fun crafting and thank you again for joining me today. 
I do enjoy my wee hop to your blogs to see if you are playing along and what project you have picked.
Catch you again tomorrow.

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

And may you live happily ever after.

Good morning and how are you this dreich Tuesday morning?
I had a busy day yesterday so no post from me, didn't sit down till late and was "poop" so enjoyed a wee dram and a treat instead of crafting or blogging.
With hubby on a course, two boys and a dog plus work, life can get pretty hectic.  Last night I had a meeting at the school, I was shown around the various classrooms and got a wee taster of lessons that my youngest is having.  I found it all very interesting till I got to P.E and Drama where parent participation was required!  Yikes.  Still our little group soon got to know each other.
I know where my youngest gets his dread of Drama from now.  I was right out of my comfort zone!
It was a great idea, to give the parents an insight to life at school.  Oh me, I wish I was at school now, the teachers are better, the equipment is better....it looks very interesting and fun.

Back to today and I have a wedding card for you.  This wedding was at the weekend so I am sure I can share now.  One of my pals at work showed me her wedding invite and asked if I could do something similar as a card for them.
I think she was quite surprised with my interpretation, "Erika, it's just like it!"
We aim to please, that being the royal "we!"  LOL.

I have printed the writing on the computer, added a sliver of silver pearlescent card together with some lemon grosgrain ribbon and a bit of bling!
Just like the invitation but with my own twist added.

The time has come where I must head back into work.
This working four days a week certainly eats into my mighty fine crafting time.
At work we were told it is only something like 15 weeks till Christmas Eve!  What a nightmare.
It doesn't bare thinking about as the festive time of year is everyone's favourite time, NOT!

I am hoping to get back near the computer later today to catch up with you all.
I think there is only hockey after school today so I should get chance after tea and final doggy walk, lets hope it isn't still raining as getting wet once in the day is more than enough.
Enjoy your Tuesday ladies.