Monday, August 03, 2015

Monday morning and time for a little black and white number.

Good morning all, how are your school holidays going?
I have to say we're still waiting for some warm weather up here in the North of Scotland, we've had one good week so far this break.  It's been so lovely the last couple of days we've even put the heating back on in the evening, in August!
What's that all about?

Today it's my turn for a post over at The Great Scheme of things, with my colour combo, a little black and white number.  The blog hasn't been as busy as we would like so we are trying the Facebook page instead.  If you are looking for a weekly colour combo challenge just for fun why not pop along and join us?
Here is my version.

For my card I have cut a 6" card and then matte and layered with black then white pearlescent card, the white embossed with a A4 folder called Garden lattice. I have then cut Spellbinder dies Beaded ovals, labels 30,21 and 14, layering together with 3D foam. The sentiment added before layering and is from It's all in the words by Marion Emberson. I have then added a bow in black satin and some small black gems to finish.

Yesterday I actually decided to tidy my craft room (CR) as it was a bit like this.....

You know that feeling......

I know you're smiling as you too have had this problem. (Unless you have OCD, then you have the best organised craft room ever and I have CR envy!) 
Losing something I NEED is always the case in my craft room.  Still I have become very good at shaking it off and using something else instead but it can get a tad annoying.  
I have to say you'd probably think it is still a bit of a mess or cluttered, it is but now I have two desks and a floor.  The simple things make a crafty girl very happy.  Maybe my mojo might now pop out for a quick airing too.  I certainly found a few lovelies I'd forgotten I'd bought, the best thing about tidying a CR, I was very good and put them to one side too instead of getting distracted. 

That's all from me today, enjoy the start of another week.  I'm am starting to get my "going back to school" head on this week so may not be around as much.  For once I am going to try and be organised and get the kids kitted out sooner rather than later.  
Going shopping with boys is as nasty for Mum as it is for the boys!  
Both of mine hate clothes shopping so it could take some time.  Yaah!
Enjoy the rest of your Monday and happy crafting.  

Saturday, August 01, 2015

It's the weekend, yippee, time to tickle that creative funny bone again.

Good morning all, I hope you are all well this Saturday.  I am in work today, no doubt it will be another busy one as it is another dine in weekend.  Whilst I've got my head down beavering away I thought I'd share these with you today.

I hope you can read these because they're funny.  When life throws stuff at you then get creative!

Now onto glue, what is your preference?
There are so many different types on the market.  One for paper, one for card, one for material, one for wood and metal, the list just goes on.   

Personally I'm thinking the crazy glue is the answer.  LOL.

Now do you occasionally get asked to make something and you really want to say no?  Are you like me and just don't like to?
Here are some great ways to practise being more assertive and picking the projects you really would love to do but more importantly binning which ones you don't want to do.

Finally I couldn't leave without sharing this last quote, I think it is because this contraption has not been far away from me this week.  When I saw this it just made me smile.

That sounds like most mornings in this house especially during the school holidays.  Do you ever get that feeling?
I think it's the nearest I'll get to surfing except of course on the world wide web!

Enjoy your weekend folks, I'll be back again soon with some more crafty exploits.

Friday, July 31, 2015

It's Friday, time to share an old crafty project.

Good morning all.
How are you this Friday?
It's that time again, time to share an old crafty project, one you've made yourself and want to join us in sharing this Friday.  It is all for the fun of it, the joy of crafting, all I ask is that you leave a wee comment below.  This is purely selfish on my part as it means I can visit your blog and check out your project too.  I will visit all who comment, if not today, over the coming weekend.
Today I have a wee mini book for you.  It was a project I made to send to my Mum as a gift.

This mini book is from the The Sharon Ann little ones collection, gate fold album from Deja views.  It is one of my really early projects hence the photograph quality, it is before I got my decent camera.
I still think you can get the general idea though.  It was quite a good little kit as not only do you have the little book which you make up but also lots of little tags and embellishments too.  A great wee gift as you just need to choose your photographs and then matte and layer each page as you choose.
I certainly miss doing these wee projects, I guess I had more time back then, I wasn't working or demonstrating.
I ended up having fun and games with my youngest yesterday.  He challenged me to a few board games, that boy is an ace at Cluedo, I just couldn't beat him but I came very close.  I did do better at Notability but that was only down to life experience as I knew more songs than he did.
I also managed to finish that mountain of ironing at long last.
On to today, I have a pal popping over at some point and I think I am back baking.  The chocolate cake went down far too well and both boys are requesting more.
As for the coming weekend I'm at work tomorrow, which will seem very strange as I haven't been in all week.  No plans for Sunday as yet but that could all change very soon.
Thanks in anticipation of joining me today sharing an oldie, I do appreciate all who visit. 
Have a super weekend.  x

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Throw back Thursday with the lovely Bibiana.

Good afternoon all and how are you this Thursday?
Another good walk along the beach this morning but the sea is definitely at surfing level, it's a tad wild out there but on the good note, the sun is out and you can see the blue sky amongst the clouds.

Today I am joining the lovely Bibiana over at Stamping with Bibiana for her monthly Throwback Thursday challenge.  This months challenge is to revive an old shaped card.
Bibiana has created a beautiful 3D Halloween card.  Unfortunately in the UK we do not celebrate Halloween quite like the States so I have opted for a shaped Christmas card instead.
This card was used to demonstrate how to use both the positive and negative of dies and how they can create subtle differences to your cards.

I have used;
AC textured card and K & Company Winter Wonderland.
Spellbinder shapeabilities 2011 Snowflake Pendant, Create a flake 3 and
Ironworks Motifs.
Nestabilities Fleurs De Lis Square, Classic scalloped circles and Classic circles.
Sentiment by PI Lindsay Mason Grrrreat Christmas words.
Bling by K & Company.
Glitter by stickles Diamond.

I did manage some quality time with my youngest yesterday afternoon before the men came home.  
This is what we got up to.

A chocolate tray bake.  Nomn, nomn, with chocolate butter icing.  My little helper was particularly good at clearing up the bowl and the electric mixer prongs!
Still that was what I loved about baking with my Mum too.  
Waiting till after tea for a slice was a little harder to bare, but worth the wait.
My Mum used to do a lot of tray bake sponges when we were little, I especially remember her rainbow cake which always seemed so magical.  Every bite was a different colour!
In this house whenever I mention baking the first shout is always can we do chocolate.  I have no problem with that 'cause I want to eat it just as much as the boys.  
A tray bake cake is also a lot easier for little hands to decorate.

Back to today, can you believe I am still ironing!  I've been trying just to do a couple of hours a day and am onto my last pile today, phew, what a mountain that has been.  The only disappointing thing about it now is that it all has to go away.  
It is a bit like food shopping, I don't mind the process of doing it but I am not so keen in putting it away.
Both big boys are out working again today, I have yet to prize the little one from his electrical source but it is going to happen real soon. 
I really must crack on with a couple of card orders too, I just don't seem to have the mojo just now.  If you happen to find it can you post it back to me please?
Enjoy the rest of your Thursday and I'd love it if you'd join me for another oldie too tomorrow.  x

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Time for a little history!

Good afternoon, how are you today, I hope you are fit and well and enjoying the sunshine.
I say sunshine but we've just had a lovely downpour, Scottish summertime I guess.
This morning our walk along the beach was good, it was warm and breezy, not too hot, not too cold. 
The sun was out but the sea state was, shall I say, a little choppy.  The white horses were out in full force as the waves crashed to the shore line.  I did see one of the local fishermen out in his wee boat but it was bobbing about a bit too much for my liking.  I have very poor sea legs or should I say I prefer dry land?
Our walk this morning set me thinking of a book I used to read to the boys when they were wee, "We're going on a bear hunt."
If you have children or grandchildren I'm sure you will have read this book, it was certainly a favourite in this house.  Why was I thinking of this book?
At one point in the book they walk through long wavy grass, swishy swashy, swishy swashy, swishy swashy.  That was me today!
All the rain has made our wee morning walk quite an adventure, at some points the wild grass, flowers and nettles are at waist height.  So once off the beach and past the sand dunes I swishy swashied all the way home!

Up to now in the holidays I don't seem to have had a lot of free time to craft, usually by the evening I lazily collapse in front of the TV.  It got me thinking, rather than sharing something creative I would share a little local history and sites.  I have recently shown you some other photos of the area so here goes with some more.

Holly the dog is modelling the view out to Daisy rock in the middle top of the photograph.  
Daisy rock formation marks the end of the East bay, it is names such as it used to be covered in milk and rock daisies.
It a natural monument to the summer solstice, like Stonehenge the gap in the rock records the most northerly position of the sun on midsummer's day.  

You can see the gap much better from the other side of the bay leading around to Covesea.

We also have a well, although I wouldn't want to use it nowadays.

Can you spot my model trying to hide again?  Or off exploring. 
The grass has grown somewhat since I took this photograph.
The Braemou Well was described as a Holy well in the 17th century apparently processions of people from the surrounding area would visit it to bathe their limbs and drink.  It is said to having healing properties provided that in return for a dip/drink you leave a token or gift as thanks for the spirit of the well.  It has it's original drinking cup but now runs into a stone trough.
I have to say it doesn't special now but in history it was the main drinking source for the village and regular trips would be made with drinking vessels before the introduction of running water in houses. It's a tad green nowadays.

So there you go a little village history for you.  Over the next couple of weeks I shall add a few more photographs and information for you, I know it isn't crafting but I think it is interesting so I'm sure someone else will do to.

I did take the boys to see Inside out yesterday.  I enjoyed the film even though it left me feeling a little melancholy.  I think it is more for young girls and adults than teenage boys.  
My youngest found it funny but I think my oldest was a little bored, still he came with us which was a bonus for me.
Why was I feeling melancholy?
The story is about a little girl who is 11, she is uprooted from all she knows, friends, clubs and school and moved due to her father's work.  The same thing happened to me at a similar age and I don't think I ever got the same sort of friendship back.  
It also made me look at my 11 year old and think gosh his is growing up like that too.  The film looks back on activities and fun things that she did whilst little and it does change as kids get older.  
They no longer want to play with you, read story books get where I am going don't you?  Hence I felt it quite sad.  Don't get me wrong I did get into trouble for laughing too, particular when the voices in the Mum's head were trying to attract the voices in the Dad's head, it was executed very well.  I can't wait for the next in the series as she hits the magic teenage years, if you have kids you will enjoy the film.

Back to today, hubby and my eldest are working so just me and the wee man about.  I think I am going to try and have some interaction!  Wish me luck.  
We have been experimenting with a tiffin recipe during the holidays.  I found an original recipe in one of my Gran's old cook books but it was a bit greasy for me.  Since then we have been tweaking it, adding different fillings, changing quantities.
I think we are nearly there to how we like it.  Last weeks choice from my youngest was to add sultanas, mini marshmallows and maltesers, which needless to say went down very well and didn't last too long.  It certainly isn't good for the waistline but then I do like a nice fancy piece (as they say locally). 
That's all from me today, time for some family interaction.  I'll be back tomorrow, enjoy your hump day whatever you have planned.  x

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

A wee bundle of joy.

Good afternoon, how are you this Tuesday?
It was a tad wet here first thing, the beauty of the holidays, delaying the dog walking till dry.
Today I have a CAS baby card for you that I made for the challenge last week over at The Great Scheme of things.  The colour combination being soft pinks, yellow and green.  This is what I came up with.

To start with I have cut a C6 card landscape, I then used my Papertrey ink dies to cut out a pastel green frame, the white stitched frame and the internal vellum, Cuddly friends by K & Company. I layered the frames together also taking the oval out of the card so that the light shines through the vellum. I have then added a coordinating organza bow. The wee tag and stamps are also by Papertrey ink and I have stitched it to the bow with pale green thread. Finally I rounded all the outside edges to go with the rounded edges theme.

I love these little tags and stamp sets by Papertrey ink and the photo really doesn't show the vellum to it's best.  In real life the light flows through the vellum, guess that is down to my photography skills or lack of them!

Plans for the rest of today, not very exciting I am afraid, still working my way through the ironing, I did say it was a huge pile!
I am hoping to get the kids off gadgets and out to the cinema later to see Inside out. 
Would it be wrong to say I am really looking forwards to the film?  
I've got to remember however not to laugh in all the wrong places again.  How to embarrass your kids!  Apparently according to my kids I am very good at laughing when I shouldn't watching films.
I just have a very unique sense of humour, that's my excuse and I am sticking to it.

More from me tomorrow, happy crafting.  

Monday, July 27, 2015

Shabby chic wedding time.

Good afternoon all, how are you this Monday?
I don't know about you but the holidays seem to be flying by and I seem to be achieving very little.
That's our Gala over for another year, the band on Saturday night were brilliant and my pal and I boogied the evening away.  I have posted a you tube link later in this post for you to hear the band.
Sunday was spent relaxing and catching up with some housework.
I'm feeling brave this week and am even planning on tackling this craft room.  Scary!
You never know what I might find!!

At the weekend my immediate boss at work had her sisters wedding.  She has put a lot of hard work into the Wedding Day and I hope it went well.
She asked me to make a card for the lovely couple on her behalf, asking for a soft colour combination and a "shabby chic" approach.
This is what I made for her.

The sentiment was printed on the computer, the floral embossing folder by cricut carries on the floral effect in the vintage lace.  Over the lace I have added a string of pearl sequins with a subtle sheen topped with two heart dies by Papertrey ink, rings and ribbon from my stash.
To finish I have distressed the edges of the card.  The box was made in matching card but I just added two more of the hearts with initials and the same ribbon.

They are such a lovely family so I do hope they all had a super days celebration.

Back to Saturday night and here is a wee you tube clip of the band.

I really enjoyed a good dance about.  Let's hope we can get them back again next year.

Guess what I have a lovely huge pile of ironing to tackle again this afternoon, how does it happen?
You just get on top of the mountain and then boom it's huge again.  I think my lot have too many clothes!
Hopefully if I get the rest of my jobs completed I might get some crafty fun in later.  Fingers crossed.
Enjoy the rest of your Monday.  

Saturday, July 25, 2015

It's Saturday, time to tickle that creative funny bone!

Good morning, how are you this weekend?
My pal and I, with kids had good fun last night with the car treasure hunt and disco.  We certainly got a few funny looks along the way too!  I'll show you why later in the post. 
Firstly time to share a few creative funnies, which has become a bit of a habit here on a Saturday morning.  Today we have a sewing and crocheting feel to the quotes.
The first one made me laugh, but you need to play along by saying it in a Spanish accent.

You did a Spanish accent didn't you?

I don't know about you but if the said gentleman below approached me and asked me about my crocheting I might just be rendered speechless!  Maybe it would be the one occasion that I wouldn't return the question by counting loudly as I continue to crochet?!
Did I mention that "NICE" distractions are allowed?
Wishful thinking girls, don't you agree?

The reason why the above quote made me smile is a conversation I had with my hubby earlier this week about the Gala craft show today.  Sometimes I enter sometimes I don't, for reasons I don't want to discuss on line.  Oh now I've got you thinking!

Anyway, moving on, hubby asked why I wasn't entering a crochet project to which my response was, there isn't a category.  
There are four knitting categories to which he said, isn't it the same thing?
Now as a crafter I took a gasp of air and started laughing.  
You and I both know that it's like telling him the cricket is on TV and then putting on the tennis, but he couldn't see the difference.  He ended up regretting it as I decided to advise him on the differences, to which his response was, but you use the same wool!
The differences between men and women, I would probably be equally as baffled by a car engine.

Last of the quotes today, do you arrange your yarn like this!
I have to say mine are in bags which isn't very exciting but it is more due to lack of space than anything else.

I love the one at the bottom, I have a couple of balls like that which I know I haven't bought but are still in my stash.  How does that happen?

Finally today a couple of you asked to see photos of our fancy dress last night, we had such a laugh, basically because of what we dressed up as.
People certainly treat you very differently!

I'm behind the driving wheel, unfortunately the picture isn't the best with the tree blocking the light but you get the general idea.  We had a big white cross on the bonnet too.  Then at the back.....

The amount of people who had a second luck as we drove round and the comments we got. LOL.
It was really funny.  Some girls on route were messing about and at that point I was on my own as my pal and the kids had hopped out to get clues only to hear the cries, "My god there's a nun over there, she must be doing it too!"
It is also amazing how many drivers let you out of junctions.
My hubby was asked this morning, was your wife dressed up at a nun last night?
To which he said, yes.
He then got the response, phew, I shot in the house as I thought they were doing the rounds asking for donations!
We also got served quickly at the bar too, another bonus.
We didn't win but we did have lots of fun along the way, as we rolled back to the finish line what was playing on the radio but Sam Smith's Take me to Church!  Spooky or what?

It only remains for me to wish you all the very best over the weekend.  Have a good one.  x

Friday, July 24, 2015

Sharing an oldie, it's Friday of course!

Good morning, where has this week gone?
A late post from me today and none yesterday or Wednesday, what is going on?
It can only be the Gala.
We're all having lots of fun since Tuesday we've had the Talent show, Harbour day and evening, continued with the garden search and last night it was time for the Bingo by jingo.
Today is my favourite part as tonight it is the Car treasure hunt with the theme "The movies" followed by a disco.
I have my costume ready and now I just have to think about decorating the car too.
This morning it is the family walkabout, my youngest doesn't want to go this year, I'm gutted as I really enjoy it.  My eldest is working too.  I guess I might have to go it alone!

Enough of all our fun and games, it's oldie day.  If you are just joining me then I'd like to add "thank you" for taking the time to join the fun.  Today is all about digging out an old crafty project, something you've made yourself, anything creative.  It is all for the fun and love of making things, all I ask is that you leave a link below by means of a wee comment.
This just means that I can then visit your blog and enjoy what you are sharing too.

Today I have a little shades of black and white number for you.

I have used;  Kay and Co Elegance Speciality mat pad. American craft textured card in black and silver
Spellbinders nestabilities labels 8 and Shapeabilities fancy tags.  Martha Stewart punch Lattice.
Kay and Co Elegance Grand Adhesions and finally a few small pearls.

It only remains for me to wish you all the very best for the coming weekend.  It is our last Gala day tomorrow with the craft show and then a band playing well into the night, busy, busy, busy.  
Have I made anything for the craft show?  
Not yet but lets see what today brings!

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

A "hooking" rose by any other name would smell so sweet!

Good evening all and how are you.
We had sunshine today.  Shock horror!
I had a busy morning in work and then had to run a few errands before coming home and sorting out the tea.  My boys are away to watch the talent show this evening with their Dad, one working and one watching, meanwhile I am enjoying a little peace.
Today I have a little hooking project I have finished, another rose but a different pattern, this time two tone.  I would have liked to have made it red and white but my Mum always told me you should never have red and white flowers together as it symbolises death.
I can hear her voice in my head and every time I say, but I like red and white together.
Still I have compromised and gone for cream and red instead.

And sideways...

The centrepiece was from my good friend Elaine who sent me a box full of diamante goodies, I think it matches the cream lovely.  
You see, Mum's are always right, if I hadn't used cream instead of white this little diamante and pearl centre wouldn't have worked.  I have used cream and red cotton yarn.
The flower is really quite big so I am going to play around with the pattern and maybe make it a little smaller for a brooch. 
I like to follow a pattern the first couple of times and then tweak it, I do the same in the kitchen too, always changing recipes, some for the better and some, well, we don't mention them!
How does the saying go?

If you can't make a mistake, you can't make anything.- Marva Collins

I like that quote.  We learn from mistakes and if we do we don't make the same ones again.  

It only remains for me to sign off this evening.  I have another morning in work tomorrow and then it's Harbour time at the Gala, let's hope the sunshine's well into the evening and it will be a good afternoon and evening.
Catch you again soon.  x