Saturday, July 04, 2015

What a yarn, time to tickle your creative funny bone.

Good morning all, how are you this Saturday?
I believe it is going to be very wet with us here in the North of Scotland today, would it be wrong to say I'm working so don't mind?
Yes, I know it is, still if the weather isn't great it will be the perfect day for crafting!

Today's crafty funny bone tickling has a crocheting feel to it.  Having been busy with roses and thistles this week I have been drawn to the yarn of hooking!

Why is it when you are counting and following a pattern you always get asked a silly question.  I always answer it with numbers.  My family now know to leave me until I stop counting!  

This next one made me smile, oh I so need one of these bags!
With the recent opening of the new Jurassic World film this one made me giggle, a crafter's version, no dinosaur puns please!

Now do you have any of these?

I have a cross stitch I started whilst in the Navy probably about 24 years ago, it was a traditional style sampler but I made a mistake on the cottage roof.  It was an early piece and I was still very much learning.  I have never gone back to it to rectify my mistake and I can now no longer remember what it was.  The funniest part is that is was in the thatched roof and I bet no one but me would have noticed a slight colour change in the wrong place, until of course I have now told you all.  Maybe one day I will get it back out and finish it.

Finally today I had to just add this last quote.  It made me laugh, I like the idea that you only have to please one person a day.  How easy would that be?  I need to remember this next time I am getting hassled by someone.

It only remains for me to wish you all the very best for the rest of the weekend.  Have a good one whatever your plans.  More from me on Monday.  x

Friday, July 03, 2015

"BAGS" you're it! It's Friday, time for an oldie, crafty style of course.

Good morning all, how are you this Friday?  Can you believe it is Friday already, another week has flown by.  My children are now officially on their holidays, I think today will just be a chill out day for them.  I think they get so tired in the run up to the end of term and hubby was on nights last night so hoping for a peaceful relaxing house.  I may even get in a little crafting!

Sharing an oldie on a Friday is all about the fun of crafting, looking back and seeing how your work has changed over the years.  It is all for the fun of sharing but I'd love it if you would consider joining me.  In order that I know you are joining me all I ask is that you leave a wee comment below.  This is purely so I can visit your blog and see what project you have picked.  It can be anything homemade, cards, knitting, painting, anything at all.  I will visit all who leave a message and share in the love of hand making and crafting.

Today's oldie is a wee bag card.  I made this as a class which I taught at the local craft shop in Elgin.
I think this card is a great idea for something a little different on a ladies birthday, a lovely keepsake.
The outer bag.

And inside the card.

The card is made with Kay and Co paper and Spellbinder Nestibilities, Martha Stewart & EK punches and Tim Holtz distress inks.

This project is from 5 years ago, so I guess styles have change a little since then.  I think if I was to make it again now it would be totally different but I still quite like the vintage style of it.
The ladies certainly enjoyed the class and if I remember rightly it was a busy one too.

That's all from me today, at work again tomorrow so a very early start for me, then on Sunday I shall be joining my crafty friends for a afternoon of making, chatting, tea and cake!
The perfect way to spend a Sunday afternoon.
Have a super weekend all, I shall be back again tomorrow to tickle your crafty funny bone!

Thursday, July 02, 2015

School's out for summer, a little hooking teachers gift, Scottish crafty style.

Good afternoon, again I don't know where the morning has gone.  I guess you could say I've enjoyed a lazy one as it is my last taste of freedom before the school holidays begin?
Really I should be rushing around getting on top of everything but it is so lovely outside it would be rude not to enjoy it!
Today I thought I'd share this years teachers gifts with you, as usually I was still making these last night, where would be the fun in being organised!
In my youngest boys class, one of the mums initiated a whip round for both the teachers, to get one big gift instead of lots of little ones.  I think this is always a great idea but I also wanted to send a personal little thank you from myself too.  This is what I made.

My finished thistles, I have added a pin on the back and a wee bit of matching purple tartan ribbon.
Patricia and Hazel your influence is paying off too.  I even made the boxes, albeit simple ones.  I've never gone down this route before, yes, I've made fancy boxes for demonstrations and for special occasions but not like this.  I did think of decorating them but I wanted to keep them simple concentrating on the inside gift, if that makes sense?
I shall be doing it more now, it makes the gift look so much more finished, if you understand my drift?!

You can see the tartan ribbon a little better on this close up.

I also made a couple of tiny cards to attach to their boxes.  I do like little cards, strange but true.

I decided to go with the more traditional teachers gift of an apple for the cards.  The apple stamp is a new range called Schoolhouse by Tim and Stampers Anonymous, coloured with my copic markers the matte and layered.  I've added a wee bit of string to finish.

So the holidays commence at 2.30 this afternoon, it is tradition in the village that the children leaving the school all go and jump in the sea after being piped out of school, in full uniform!
Even though mine aren't leaving there is always a good crowd down there and an almost party atmosphere, no doubt we'll be heading down to watch the goings on.
Enjoy the rest of your Thursday and more from me tomorrow with another oldie, Friday again!

Wednesday, July 01, 2015

Phew it's a hot one today, what's in your garden.

Good afternoon, oh me, oh my, it's hot today?
We are just so not used to the warmth up here, two nice days and we are melting, some folk are never happy.  LOL.
A late post from me today, I took advantage of stocking up the cupboards first thing this morning before the boys break up tomorrow and before it gets too hot.
That's one less job to do now.
Today's job it is all about finishing off my teacher's gifts, as usually I have been making all week and left what I wanted to do till last.  Whilst I go and finish my projects I thought I'd leave you with another of my favourite flowers in the garden just now.

I believe this is a rhododendron. but I'm sure you'll correct me if I am wrong.  I do a bit of gardening but most successes are more luck than judgement.  Or should I say I am still learning as I am going along.  It certainly is the day to be out in the garden, although I tend to burn very easily so short sharp bursts are the best!

On to today's CAS card.

This is a card for a lovely lady called Ann who will be 70 this week.  I kept to a clean colour combo of grey, black and white, using Doodlebug paper, card stock and bling from my stash.
Keeping it simple and fresh looking.

I really must now finish off my crochet flowers and wee teachers cards or my youngest will not be a happy bunny.  The eldest boy is just taking in sweeties, easy done with a quick visit to work.
As for the rest of the day, maybe a BBQ later and a nice walk along the beach as it cools.
Mind you I can see a couple of boys insisting on a wee dooking when they get in, North sea calling!

Enjoy the rest of your Wednesday in the sunshine, summer is here at last.

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Bespoke time, poppies ahoy.

Good morning all?
How are you today?
Is the weather looking good where you are?
It is warm and sunny here although we still have quite a few clouds, to spoil the view, as the song goes.
Yesterday I didn't get half of what I had intended on doing so my list has carried forwards to today.  I don't know why nearing the end of school term it gets like this but I guess the visits to the school for various, teachers gifts and cards all add to the fun and games.  Today it is the P7 leavers service, I shall only be going if I get done what I need to this morning.  My boy isn't leaving yet and I always think it is primarily for the parents of children who are going up to secondary school next term.

Before I share my crafty goings on today I thought I'd share these beauties in my garden with you.
They're huge.

I love my big poppies in the garden.  I must try and keep more seeds this year and see if I can get more to grow.  You can't grasp the size of these but if I said they're the size of a small child's football.
They're just stunning.

Back to crafting and this next card I was asked to use a couple of photographs on.  The quality of the photos were not the best but I was asked not to reproduce them and just to use the originals.  I stuck to a navy theme as that was the main colour that came through with both pictures, then girled it up with a little bling and ribbon, with a wee keepsake charm to remove as a reminder.

Inside the card I was asked to add a list of things that she had wanted to change about herself when she was a child.  Something for her to look back on and have a wee smile about.  How lovely that her Dad remembered too.
Susan I hope you have a super 40th, don't worry it isn't as painful as you might think!

That's all from me today, I better crack on with things as the day will just zoom by.  Have a lovely Tuesday and enjoy the sunshine.
Sunshine for Wimbledon, whatever next!

Monday, June 29, 2015

Not at all prickly, hooking style of course. A taste of Scotland.

Good afternoon, hang on a minute, where has my morning gone?
Or as my kids would say, "there was my morning, gone!"

In my defence, the dog has had a lovely walk, although the weather is not as wonderful as forecast.  It is warm and dry but very cloudy, however it really looks like at any moment a good downpour of rain will come.  Washing in or washing out that is the question?
The decisions I have to make!

Hasn't the news been terrible over the last few days, those poor people in Tunisia, France and Kuwait.
What is happening to the world, do we never learn?
Throughout history the human race just keep making the same mistakes over and over.
Oh to leave in peace and harmony!
My thoughts go out to those affected by the recent events, walking on our beach alone with the dog this morning really made me feel for them especially the people holidaying in Tunisia, half naked running for cover not knowing what on earth was going on.

Back to my little world....I've also been baking this morning, oh, how I love to help my waistline!
I have millionaire's shortbread cooling in the fridge as we speak.  Hopefully it will have set by the time my wee man comes home for lunch.  A wee treat!
This week I have a few card orders to get on top of before the children break up for the summer on Thursday.  I also have a couple of teachers gifts I'd like to make.  I was playing over the weekend with this....

 A thistle.
One of my son's teachers is Egyptian and has just been at the school for a year so I thought a little touch of Scotland would make a good end of term gift.  I think I might try it on a slightly smaller hook, it is about 3 1/2" long.
I found the pattern on the wonderful Pinterest, thanks Receita for sharing.

That's all from me today, this week in my world it is all about getting on top of everything before the holibobs start.  Enjoy your Monday, more craftiness from me tomorrow.

Saturday, June 27, 2015

It's Saturday and time to tickle that creative funny bone again.

Good morning all, how are you this Saturday?
It's the weekend off for me so this morning I'm heading down to our school fair, who knows what the rest of my day will bring, I've got no plans as yet.  It would be nice to get some warm weather instead of the rain we've been having on and off all week.  How disturbing is it watching the news from down south and everyone is out enjoying the sunshine and you are like really?!  Are we in the same country?!

Today's funnies have a crocheting theme starting with this one.  My boys have been watching a program from the States called American Guns, it is a company that makes custom guns.
I know, scary but the program is strangely interesting.  I saw this and thought this is the crafty girlie's equivalent.

I've been told by friends, who really don't know me well enough that I can be a little bit O.C.D.
One look in my craft room and they'd see I am not.
Anyway this quote is for them, if I am to have O.C.D, this is the reason.
Nothing wrong with that don't you agree?

On the same topic, this is my excuse and I am sticking to it.  Don't get me wrong I like the rest of the house to be quite tidy but when it comes to getting crafty I like LOTS of creative freedom!

Finally in honour of the new Minions film out this weekend I had to end on one of their quotes.  We went to see the film last night and then had a meal afterwards.  
I was warned by my boys not to laugh out loud whilst watching the film as I embarrass them. Apparently I have the unique ability to laugh at a totally different time in the film to everyone else!
Shall we just say my sense of humour is obviously a little different and leave it at that.  
I was praised for my restraint after the film but I did laugh in my head a lot, the ladies who sat behind us obviously also shared my SOH as they laughed as much as me and at all the same moments.
I have to say this quote is a perfect reason not to do the housework and enjoy crafting instead.

Like I ever need an excuse.  Wink, wink.

Have a super weekend, hope you find a little time to craft.  I'm working on a new project just now, I'm hoping to make a couple of crochet Thistles for teachers gifts.  Watch this space!

Friday, June 26, 2015

It's Friday, time again to share an oldie with me.

I don't know about you but this weeks crafty blogging has had a little bit of all sorts.  We've had some stitching with material and felt, some crocheting, water colouring and some card making.  What to share today, well it has to be an oldie.

I thought today I would share something completely different.  A bit of journalling!

Distress inks:  Crushed olive, Peeled paint, Walnut stain and Vintage photo.
The tree trunk I printed from the computer and created a stencil and the leaves I cut by hand in 3 shades of green.  The lettering was done on my cricut with stone script.
The stamps are from PaperArtsy.
The owl is from Sizzix.

I used to join a journaling group every month and we did a diary of the year.  The idea being that each box or in this case a leaf, was a day, you prepare the double spread in advance of each month and then write in it as the month goes on.  You can keep it as a diary or just put your thoughts in on the day.  It is really lovely to look back on what is written in it but I just found it really difficult to keep up with, as well as everything else.  It is a shame as I really enjoyed getting all inky and creative.
It is also something completely different to my normal cards etc...

So what have you got to share with me today?
I'd love it if you did come along and join me this Friday sharing an old craft project that you have made, it can be anything at all.  The more the merrier!
All I ask is that you let me know you've joined me in the comments below, that way I get to come and see what you are sharing too.  All for the joy of crafting of course.
It only remains for me to thank you for playing along and wish you all the very best for the coming weekend.  

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Biker lapping, Harley Davidson style.

Good afternoon, well a day off today and I had earmarked it for all my card orders.  How things change!
My hubby has the day off also, which doesn't happen very often.  As my youngest boy comes home for lunch, hubby announced he was taking me out for breakfast instead.  Yum.
We went to the lovely Allarburn Dairy shop and cafe and had a super big breakfast, still stuffed now.
I managed to buy a few bits and bobs, as you do and enjoyed a lovely morning out.

My cat was one of my projects that I have been working on that needed finishing, this is my other.

A lap quilt for my Dad.  I thought this would be much better to take to his bike rallies than a tartan blanket and it will take up no space at all in their motor home.

On the back instead of wadding I have used a grey fleece that matches the material.  I had wanted to use an orange but unfortunately my local shop didn't have enough available.  On the upside I actually think I prefer the grey for a man, it won't show the dirt either.  (Not that I'm saying my Dad gets dirty of course!)
I was talking to him recently and he had said when they're outside talking at these events you don't realise how cold it gets till you get moving, little does he know I have just the remedy for that!

I'm sure he will like it.  I have kept to a simple patchwork pattern as I quite like that and it is within my capabilities.  I do think quilting is a craft I would like to learn more of.
I can get lessons locally so I might have to look into it.  I've already had orders off my youngest son and husband for one each.
I'd also love to do a big traditional American style one for the bedroom but watch this might happen eventually!

Back to today and how about this little beauty....

Unfortunately I haven't been able to find the real mason jar ones over here but these are the next best thing.  It contains a homemade smoothie.  My youngest is the fussiest eater around and I am always battling with him to try different foods.  This week at school he has had health week, now they do this every year and every year they taste test health foods.  He normally hates it but this year he came home and now loves raisins and fruit smoothies made with apples, blueberries, strawberries and raspberries!  OMG I was so thrilled at the prospect I now have all of the above in the house and we had our first shot last night.  I think I had to close my jaw as he was drinking it saying how yummy it was.  Chuffed to bits, my wee man is growing up.

Back to today, only half a hour before school is out so I think I better try and get a couple of cards started.  That's all from me today, I'd love it if you fancied joining me with an oldie tomorrow as it's Friday, yet again, it comes around all to fast at the moment, don't you think? 

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

A little hooking, feeling a little catty, meow!

Good afternoon all, whoops another missed post yesterday.  The day just flew by and I never made it to the computer.  In my defence hubby was on nights so had a bit more than normal to do.
Another busy day in work today as we gear up for another dine in, on now.  I'm not working this weekend, it still feels weird especially as I know it will be a busy one.

Yesterday it was a lovely lady's birthday, Elaine.  She makes the most beautiful cards, her water colouring is truly amazing.
When I started crocheting she did say to me, oh would you make me a cat.
Until recently I haven't really had the confidence with my crocheting but decided to go for it.
My first cat.
The photo's are quite dark, in my defence, I know it is supposed to be summer, but up here in the North of Scotland it is just not occurring at all.  This week has been very dreich, cloudy and wet.

I learnt quite a lot making this wee pussy cat and Elaine loved it too, which is the main thing.
I know her craft room is similar shades and I used the owl material for her present last year, keeping it all matching!
I also used my birdie stamps from Stampers Anonymous for the first time to make Elaine's card.

I have used papers by DCWV Linen closet, it matches better in real life than it does in this photograph.  I then water coloured the birdie with Distress ink Peacock feathers and Tea die.
I'm afraid my water colouring is not at Elaine's beautiful standard.
I don't rate my watercolour paper at the moment, mine is textured and not the best for stamping with, I really need to invest in a good quality flat card instead.  I know that old hat, blaming my tools!
But I do think it makes all the difference.

That's all from me today, I really need to go and start the tea.  As for later, I need to start thinking about teachers cards and gifts, plus my bespoke cards to make list, seems to be growing!
Have a super evening, it's hump day, downhill all the way now to the weekend.