Tuesday, April 17, 2012


Hi just a short post from me today.  Finishing off the cards for my hubby and starting on my class samples...just waiting from my PI parcel which I hope will arrive today.
Whilst making the cards for my husband it made me smile...over the years I've been given so many different briefs for cards.  They are always varied and some have even made me smile.  I've had pets birthdays, people coming out of the closet (so to speak), Gynecologists, (lets just say with added anatomy)  you would not believe! 
I actually love to rise to the challenge although that could have been worded better coming after Gynecologists!  LOL.
So what I want to know today whilst I'm busy beavering away, "what has been your weirdest request for a card?"
I'm thinking that I might have a spot prize for the best answer.......

Anyway better crack on. 
It's wet and dreich outside which means a perfect craft day!


mixamatoasties said...

A card for a 10 year old who was 'out there' according to her mother and a holistic thank you card have been my weirdest. Doesn't compare to yours though!

Your long lost mate, Pam! x said...

I can't say I've had any particularly wierd ones, but I made one last week for a 105th birthday - you don't get to do that often!!!

Casper said...

Hey there Erika,

Hee hee weird requests indeed!

My weirdest one and most complicated one was anout 5 years ago - for a 5 year old who loved crocodiles the Wildlife Mr Irwin - he seemingly loved him and a Virgin Train - yep you read that correctly hee hee!

Oh dear I had a time trying to get a crocodile and a virgin train but I got one,took a picture and decoupaged it!A crocodile, in the end I just drew it free hand and decoupaged them.I had the crocodile on the top of the Virgin Train - Grandma who had ordered the card was delighted - I was worn out too a lot of work but I was very impressed with the result too!

Hee hee fun eh?

Take Care
Big hugs