Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Getting all STEAMY!

So who is reading this now wondering what I am going to mention!  LOL. 
I could use a quote from one of my favourite films but unless you have seen it...it would be pointless...I would be laughing alone and you thinking "how strange!"

When I mention steamy I am not referring to "hot and steamy" but more "down and dirty" Steampunky with the wonderful and talented Andy Skinner
His paint techniques are fabulous and what is even better you can also do on-line classes to learn the art....I will be checking out those later.
If you don't like getting your hands dirty then close your eyes now! 
I find that getting mucky is part of the whole experience and I just keep Mr Scrubby handy now to help with the aftershock!
Anyway enough of my waffle this is what we made;

This is the front of the book and all the workings are made from cardboard.....I love the concept and am already thinking of different ways in using this technique.  I NEED to get some of this modelling paste to play again!

The back we have used paint techniques to create a rust effect and used Andy's NEW stamps, can't wait to get my hands on them, loving the textures, cogs and the sentiments are great too.  I think I might have a wee further play with the back of the book and just add some black soot to distress around the edges.

On the spine and we used a textured paste to create a sandpaper effect and for the book leaves we made our own tissue tape!  I so will do that again and it was so easy to do too.

That's all again for me today, hope you have a super Tuesday and looking forwards to a wee snoop tomorrow for What's on your work desk Wednesday!


sugarnellie said...

I seen it, I touched it and I know exactly what you could use it for.
Glad you enjoyed your crafty day out.

scrappymo! said...

OH, you have been a busy girl!

My daughter has been in Scotland this last couple of weeks visiting her old room mate. Her friends family has welcomed my daughter and shown her all around the touristy areas.
The Mum would like to get into cardmaking. I am posting off a packet of duplicate stamps I happened to have tucked away. I wanted to include a bit of info about where the nicest shops are, where the big expositions or papercraft fairs would be, etc.

She is just starting out. I mentioned the Papeterie in Aberdeen but she lives in Glasgow. Do they do big weekend things where it may be worth her going up for the weekend?
If so, am I correct that you sell a line of goods as well? If so, perhaps she would check that out too if she came up your way.
Any advice you can give for a newbie would be fab.
So far I told her she needs at minimum a paper slicer, pop dots, double sided tape, glue, fussy cut scissors, some type of pens or pencils to colour and some stamps or digital images.
I suggested a big shot and dies and embossing plates would be a good addition.
Any thoughts?

Anonymous said...

wow, this one is good, gonna use for another sport but i think it'll be just as good, BIG thanks :)

scrappymo! said...

Thanks so much for the advice...I have forwarded off your comments and if she tells me to give out her name I will.
I don't know her at all but her daughter lived with my family for a year while she came on a work visa!

trish said...

Your books nice, I like the blue colour on the front. I'm not too keen on the steam punk, but loved watching Andy at work a few months ago when he was up with Linsay.I prefer lighter colours,(they cheer me up) maybe because we don't see too much sunshine here in the North East.