Saturday, August 13, 2016

Knit one purl one!

Good morning and how are you this Saturday morning?
Do you have something exciting planned this weekend?
I'm working today but plan finishing off any last minute school shopping, ironing and labelling on Sunday.

It has become a custom on my blog to share a few funny quotes that have made me smile during the week, with the hope that it will brighten your weekend or even your mood.  
It is the weekend after all!
Today's selection is in honour of all those knitters out there.  Kate and Karen I am thinking of you but I know others of you also are a whizz at this crafty pastime. 
I have made a couple of items in my youth when I had my mum to hand to keep me right.  I even managed to wear one of the tops I made, remember when the big needles were popular and large loopy tops? 
Back in the 80's when fashion meant anything goes, the more outrageous the better.  
Happy times with bright colours, shell suits and shoulder pads! LOL.
Anyway I am waffling so I shall start with the quotes....

Now even as a crocheter I know this feeling, the unknown excitement starting a new project, will I manage to follow the pattern?  Will it look like the picture provided?  How long will it take?
Will the recipient like it, will I like it?
Twenty questions!
Best just get on with it and find out then, don't you agree?

Now I am a bit of a dog lover but I know lots of you out there are cat lovers all the way, so this one is for you.

Bum, bum!
I don't do cats but this is one very cute kitten, by the look on it's face I think it is about to pounce and show you it's lovely sharp claws.  
My love of cats comes from years ago when I used to babysit for a family with a cat.  It would take great pleasure of sitting behind me on the sofa and gradually digging in it's claws until I would sit elsewhere in the room.  Then it would follow me and do the same again.  
This cat and I just didn't get on.

Moving on, I can't remember whether I have shown you this one before but it makes me giggle every time I see it.  Apologies if it is a repeat but it is worth it.

He deserved it then ladies, didn't he?
I have to say knitting needles would work so much better at creating maximum creative damage as opposed to a crochet hook.  Maybe I need to think about taking up knitting then?  

That's all from me today.  Enjoy your weekend.  I hope you get time for some crafty fun and or some sunshine.  (It has been notably absent from the North of Scotland this week.)
More from me on Monday.  


cuilliesocks said...

Hi Erika, i just love the first one, not only does it have the wonderful Maggie Smith in it but I also know that feeling well, especially with the large garments. I've just discoved that I need another ball of yarn to finish off this hoodie, I don't know how I miscalcultated, but I have, now it's another 100gr ball just to do borders, sooo annoyed.
Love the other two funnies as well, I feel like doing this to Alistair when he talks to me when I'm counting stitches.
Have a good day, Kate x

Marianne's Craftroom said...

Great fun quotes today

Cara said...

Great funnies, I particularly love the knitting is for old ladies one! Cara x

karenlotty said...

Still without a laptop I'm soldiering on with my iPod and OH's tablet I did post an oldie late yesterday but can't link etc
Love the funnies especially as they involve knitting!
I'm intrigued by Malteser slice I think I need that recipe and lemon meringue fudge sounds delicious
Good luck with the new job
Karen x

Mrs A. said...

Smiling here and laughing at the thought of the last one. Don't mess with a knitter!! Hugs Mrs A.

karenlotty said...

Just wanted to say thank you for your latest comment on my blog I love your idea of displaying photos in empty cd cases and hanging them on the wall

Juls said...

Too funny!! Xx