Saturday, August 20, 2016

It's the weekend, time for a bit of a yarn again.

Good morning and how are you this Saturday?
I hope you have lovely plans for the weekend.  As for me, I'm in work for an early start today and a busy day, followed by a relaxing evening and a quiet Sunday.

It has become the norm for me to share a few crafty quotes that caught my eye during the week in the hope that it adds a smile to your weekend.
So lets get cracking.

This first one is for you Kate after the comment you left on my blog earlier in the week.  I do hope you managed to get "it" sorted.  It is so not fair when your current project isn't going as planned.

We all know that feeling, no matter what the crafty project. 
It is always followed by.....will anyone else notice?  Can I get away with it?  Or the sheer guilt takes over and you spend as long taking out stitches as you did making them.

This next one is me today.  I'd much rather be home working on my blanket. 

Make a run for it heart whilst you have the chance, no one will notice you are missing. 
I'm sure of it!
Me, I'd not be quite as lucky. 

As for this final quote it did make me laugh.  It is so upstairs!

I do love my good yarn too.  That's what I remind myself when going into work at 6. 
It pays for my fine quality yarn.
Always looking to the positive.

That's all from me today, enjoy your weekend. 
I hope you find time to do something you enjoy.
I'm planning a little crafting on Sunday.  Something to look forwards to.


Juls said...

Lol xx

cuilliesocks said...

Brilliant funnies Erika, yes the first one is most defunct me,and I'm also a yarn snob so I'm with Maggie on that one, have a lovely day, Kate x 😅

Mrs A. said...

I would definetly be off chasing the butterfly. Hugs Mrs A. Norm says Hi.

karenlotty said...

Love the quotes Number one and number 3 definitely apply to me and number two reminds me of the choice I'd like to make - life really gets in the way at times doesn't it

Rainey's Craft Room said...

A super selection of funnies again Erika, love them all.