Saturday, August 06, 2016

It's the weekend time for a creative smile or two.

Good morning and how are you this Saturday?
I am much better after my chill out massage yesterday, just in time for going into work.
Today I have a mixed back of quotes for you.  I have to admit I am now finding it harder, and harder to find new creative giggles.

This first one is me all over.  I would love one of those incredibly tidy craft rooms from Pinterest where everything has it's place and you can find something instantly.

Mine resembles a room from one of the TV shows where the house is such a mess they've got a whole army of folk in to tidy it for them.  Now there's an idea!
At this point I'd like to add the rest of my house is much better, I'm just a crafting slob!

The next couple of quotes I have gone slightly off piste with.  I have reached that part of the school holidays where this becomes a regular occurrence!

It is usually followed by the words, "just do it!"
At which point this happens.......

Arh, can you tell it is week five of the school holidays!
Not long now.  
All the teachers are now complaining as the holidays are going too fast and all the parents are counting down the days when life can get back to normal.
Or is that just me?

I start my new job next week at work, I am going to be let loose on the customers, heaven help them or should that be me?!
Either way I shall be working double the hours I have been doing so it might be a bit of a shock to the system.  I think it will go one of two ways, I shall either be really good and be more organised because I have less time at home to do things or I shall just be more than a craft slob!
My blog may suffer a little to start with as I adjust to the new hours and getting the kids sorted to going back to school.  
I guess it shall be a case of watch this space.


Marianne's Craftroom said...

I do love your fun quotes and must admit to being one of those annoyingly tidy crafters

Cara said...

Great funnies, maybe you'll have to expand your remit into general funnies or reuse some earlier ones. Good luck with the new role at week, hope you still manage to squeeze in some craft time. Cara x

cuilliesocks said...

More fab funnies Erika. Good luck with your new role next week, you will be fine, Kate x

Carol said...

Do love popping round to see your funnies Erika and hope to get back to joining in with some oldies soon. Good luck with the extra hours...I got loads more crafting done when I worked full time than I do now! Carol x