Monday, August 22, 2016

I'm jamming, won't you jam along too?

Good evening and how are you this Monday evening?
Did you have a good weekend?
I had a busy day at work on Saturday followed by a quiet evening and then Sunday I got all my ironing finished before starting to wash more, it's an endless cycle! 
Then I spent the evening relaxing and putting some more of my crochet blanket together.  I am so in need of new wool now.

On to today and I have had a busy wee shift at work followed by a jam making session. 
It's that time of year again! 
I always seem to make jam on a lovely warm day, made warmer by constantly staring in a big pan and checking the temperature.
I had hoped to go fruit picking with the boys but they don't seem to have any interest this year.  There only interest seems to be in quality control!  Funny that, don't you agree?
I might still go picking on my own, our local farm usually has some lovely large blackberries if I have missed the raspberries. 
Today I picked up the raspberries at work instead, cheating a little!

I'm now just waiting for it to cool and finish setting.  Fingers crossed!
I have only made half a dozen jars this year but that usually sees us through to next summer as we don't eat a lot of it, plus the kilner jars I have are slightly bigger than normal jam jars.

What have you been up to this Monday?

I think I am going to make a cuppa now and enjoy a little unwind with my crocheting. 
Enjoy the rest of your evening. 


Marianne's Craftroom said...

Love your post title. Well done you, wouldn't know where to start, will stick to buying homemade from somebody who knows what he is doing,

Juls said...

Yumm xx

Pen Sunshinepen said...

Lovely I freeze our raspberries as I feel too good to make jam. But saying that if I had a bumper crop then yes I would make some all for me. Den does not like pips in jam !!

Thank you for popping over to my blog. Den said my flower looked like fireworks. 😊 loved using my pencils to make the picture just went with the flow.

Crafty hugs x

cuilliesocks said...

Well done you, never made jam,but always buy at stalls, love the look of your jar,Kate x

Rainey's Craft Room said...

Ooh yummy homemade jam! this looks delicious Erika. My Mother in Law always made her own jam but sadly it's to much for her now and I've never tried doing it myself. Love the label and jar too.