Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Fun in the sun.

Good afternoon and how the devil are you this week?
Well, I don't know about you but the summer has finally hit the North of Scotland, all three days of it.
Both yesterday and Monday I was working so today, a day off, I have been taking full advantage of the nice weather.

I am afraid when the weather comes so far north I down tools and crafty things and get out and soak in my dose of vitamin D before we go back to usual Scottish weather.  Isn't it just typical that the kids went back to school on Tuesday and the sun is now out shinning.  Why not a week ago?

So what have we been up to?
We had a BBQ on the beach Monday night, as it was the last day of the holidays.
We had the beach to ourselves, it was lovely.  Then we watched the sun go down as one of my pals went out sailing.

A lovely end to the school holidays but more days like that in the six weeks would have been nice.

This morning the dog and I enjoyed a longer than normal walk along the beach, without my fitbit, such a rebel!
It was such a lovely morning the sandals came off and we had a wee paddle together.

Proof that I did get my feet in the water, it was lovely and cool, no wonder the dog likes it on a hot day.
Walking barefoot across the sand and paddling in the sea made it feel like I was on my holidays.  It doesn't happen very often but I've done it everyday this week so far.
This was our view from where we were on the beach.

Before we walked all the way back, to the harbour then across the field, still barefoot.
At one with nature!

Hubby came home from work early too so we've been out on the boat to sea this afternoon.
We didn't catch any tea this time and unfortunately the dolphins were not playing.  I even took my camera to take a picture of  them for you.  It is as if they know when I take my camera, a little shy me thinks.
We did see a huge jellyfish, it was the size of a kitchen tray.  I've never seen one that big before.  It was moving so quickly too.  I thought they just drifted with the tide.
So today has been a good day for living by the sea and enjoying the sunshine.  I refuse point blank to be in the house doing housework or crafting when it is so nice.  As we speak I've just popped in for a cuppa and a cool down and to check I am not the shade of a cooked lobster.
More sunscreen required!
I hope you are enjoying the sunshine too and that all is well with you.
More from me when the weather changes later in the week.


Barb said...

Hi Erika, It sounds like the perfect couple of days. BBQ on the beach and walking barefoot in the sand with your little dog sounds wonderful but what a shame the weather couldn't have been better for the boys' holidays.

We've had a lovely couple of days here too although we live as far from the sea as we could be. Hubby and I went for a long walk along the river this afternoon which was really nice and I did a bit of crafting this morning. Enjoy the rest of your day. Barbxx

Rainey's Craft Room said...

Sounds like you've been enjoying yourself, good for you. If you work hard then you can play hard. Your photo's look lovely of the beach and sea shore, makes me wish my holiday at the coast was a little nearer. Had to book it for later in September due to mum having her hip replaced earlier in the summer - I hope we get a few nice days for her sake.
Enjoy your evening.

cuilliesocks said...

Hi Erika, such amazing weather, 24 degrees here, just a tad too hot for me, but I agree shelf the house work. I sat outside in a bit of shade and coloured in an image.
As for knitting, well I finished off one side of the border only to find out I'd made a mistake, had to rip it all out, peed off. Anyway it's been a glorious day,and you photos are lovely, Kate x

Marianne's Craftroom said...

You are so lucky to be able to walk on the beach every day. The coast isn't that far but it means a drive in the car to get there, at least 30 minutes to the nearest. It has been just comfy here, not too hot, low 20's, just how I like it.

Juls said...

Lots of fun!!