Monday, August 08, 2016

Fudging water colouring!

Good afternoon and how was your weekend?
I had a super busy day at work on Saturday followed by a quiet night with my boys.  Did you get the thunderstorms where you are?  Wow.  We even had a power cut.
This picture was taken by Neil Hamilton from the coastline up here.

I think you'd agree that he got one hell of a shot.  It's amazing.
The house felt like it shook at one point and little Holly didn't know what to do with herself.
Then I was searching for matches and candles as the power went down.
No WIFI on a Saturday night!
It was all very exciting.

Sunday was very breezy, the dog walk along the beach was very fast one way and then a good sandblast the other, great for skin exfoliation!
I lost one of my garden pot wellies, luckily that seems to have been the worst of the damage for us.
It was funny watching hubby try to take the tent down from in the garden, I think at one point he nearly went flying.
Unfortunately we also had some sad new yesterday, one of our lovely neighbours had a massive heart attack and died suddenly.  Such a lovely fella too and I'd only spoken to him the day before.
It certainly makes you focus the mind on what is really important.  My thoughts go out to all of the family.  x

Today I was at work, it's cleaning day on a Monday.  Lots of scrubbing!  The joys.
On the upside when I got home I had a lovely cup of tea and my favourite treat of the moment. (Which I really shouldn't eat, but they are so yummy!)

If you like lemon desserts you will LOVE these.  Oh me, oh my, they disappeared as soon as I opened them.  It is a pity that all my lot like them too.  They really are lush!  It's the sort of thing that you really want to savour but I don't get the chance of that here.  It's more a case of whoosh and they're gone.

I also had a wee go at water colouring this weekend.  This poppy is by IndigoBlu and is about 5 x 6" big.  It's huge!

I don't really know much about water colouring other than what I have gleaned from youtube.  I think it is a case of back to the drawing board and practise a wee bit more.  I am not happy with it but then I always want to run before I can walk.
One of my crafty pals saw it and liked it.
I am always very critical of my own work.
I also made a few more squares for my crocheted blanket over the weekend.  I am now halfway through and just threading them together before starting again making more.
It's going to be a long haul.

That's all from me today, time to go and put the tea on and then I think tonight I will be making a sympathy card.
Another day in work tomorrow, then a couple of days to get the kids sorted before going back to school next week.
Enjoy the rest of your Monday.


Marianne's Craftroom said...

Wow so much in one post, great pic isn't it, we didn't get a storm at all in fact we could do with some rain for the garden. Daren't try that fudge it does look lush. I think your colouring is fab. Sad new about your neighbour x

cuilliesocks said...

Hello Erika, beautifully coloured image, I love using water colours but it's just practise, I'm still learning too. Don't be too critical of yourself.

What an awful shock to learn that your neighbour died, yes you are right it does focus the mind.

We had the full monty too weather wise, scary or what. Kate x

Rainey's Craft Room said...

That looks like a nasty storm you had. We've been fortunate over the last few weeks in the South East, the weather has been lovely for the most part. A little windy today but fine and dry.
I haven't done any water-colouring either to speak of but I gather it's all in what paper you use as to whether you get the best results or not. I had some rather coarse grain paper to begin with and couldn't blend the colours at all well. Your poppy looks lovely though and I think we are our own worst enemy for criticising our work - I do it all the time.

Cara said...

So sorry to hear about your neighbour. I guess you have to take comfort in knowing that it was quick and that he had a good life. Hugs. That storm looked amazing. It's storms like that when you can almost imagine it being the start of the end of the world. You can guess how early civilisations must have been terrified by them. Thanks for letting me know about the bunny virus. It's good to know that it is getting out in the public knowledge so that more bunnies can hopefully be vaccinated, although my vets have struggled to get hold of it. At the bunny day we all had to be aware of bio security and wear freshly laundered clothes that had not been near bunnies and use a foot dip on arrival as there was one bunny there who was too poorly to have the vaccine. Cara x PS not looking at the yummy fudge...