Wednesday, June 01, 2016

The wind has hit my sails!

Good afternoon, no show from me yesterday.  I had planned on posting but things changed and I didn't get back to the computer later in the day, why?
Well, it was my birthday yesterday.  Another year under the belt!
I started the day with a nice walk and then had a holistic massage, very relaxing.
I was just back in time for lunch which hubby made for us all and then I was dashing off to the hospital for a pre-operation check.  I know I have not mentioned anything because it has all happened very quickly.  My op is scheduled for next Wednesday, it is a routine procedure so all being well I should be home later the same day.  That is if there isn't a emergency or something else that may happen out of anyone's control!
Plans have all had to be changed hubby was supposed to be away that week and now can't go as I have to have someone about for the first 24 hours.  I was also due to start a new shift pattern this month with a few changes and extra hours.  That looks like it will all go to pot, whoops!
Still if all goes well I shall be better for having the procedure done and dusted, providing all goes well.
Giving blood and having a good check up wasn't initially part of my birthday celebrations.
The day got better though as in the evening the family all went out for a lovely meal at a pub in the next village.  Then back for birthday cake and a celebration drink!
I did very well, I have some lovely cards and flowers, some sweeties, a lovely crochet kit, a gift voucher for a mighty fine stamping company, a spa day to enjoy with my BFF, Outlander first series on DVD, watercolour pencils and colouring book, smellies and money from family.
Didn't I do well?!

Back to today I and I am moving over from the spotlight to show you the project my youngest boy brought home recently.  I was so impressed with it I thought you might like to see it too.
Their project was on wind farming in art.  (I know, bit of a strange project.)
This is what he made.

Isn't it a super Eco model of of wind turbine?
I thought he'd done a great job.
Then he showed me this picture created using pastels.

I love the bright colour combination.
But the strangest thing, around the same time my brother sent him a birthday card on the same theme.
Now he couldn't have known as he lives at the other end of the country and we don't see him that often, usually once a year if we are lucky.  It did make us smile though as it was so topical in our house at the same time.

Arh, my brothers sense of humour coming out on this card!  Or is it just a man thing?
It did make my son and I giggle though.

That's all from me today.  I'm still working on a couple of projects that I can't share right now.  To be honest I think I might be a while.  I also have about a dozen CAS cards sat half made by the computer.  So much to do I don't know where the time goes!
Enjoy the sunshine folks, it's glorious again up here today.  I keep saying to myself, I should be outside enjoying the sun and not in by the computer.  It is such a waste of good weather!
Catch you again tomorrow.


cuilliesocks said...

Hi Erika thanks for your visit today. I hope all goes well with your op next week always a bit scary even though it's a routine proceedur.
Love your son's sculpture and his card,looks like he takes after his very creative mum. Love the birthday card, my type of humour too,Kate x 😄

Patricia said...

First I have to wish you all the best for your "procedure" a few ((((hugs)))) as well.
I just LOVE the beautiful "sculpture" your brilliant work of art, that what it is.
Oh! and that fantastic card ... says it all really!!!
Patricia xxx

Marianne's Craftroom said...

Oh Erika, I hope all goes well with your op. Your son is very talented and his card made us smile x

Lau W said...

Yes your son is talented wow, superb creations !
and the card is so funny mouhahahah !
Hope all will be ok for your opération, i think of you ♥

Cara said...

Love your son's artwork and that card is hilarious! I'm glad to hear that you were able to enjoy some birthday celebrations and I will have everything crossed for you next week. Cara x