Saturday, June 25, 2016

It's the weekend time for a smile or two.

Well folks, what do you think of yesterday's news?
It was a bit of a bombshell don't you agree?
Onwards and upwards now, lots of changes afoot.  Will it be for better or worse, only time will tell.
Moving away from that I intend to bring a smile to your face instead today, following on from yesterday I am sticking with the crochet theme and found these beauties for you.

LOL.  Now where would be the fun in that!
I so need that t-shirt.

This next one is actually for knitters but I still think it works for crocheters too.
I like the idea of being yarned and dangerous!

Best watch out then!
What's the worse we could do?
Poke you with a crochet hook.
It doesn't sound that scary but guess it all depends where you get poked!  (I was meaning your eye!)
Well really what did you think I meant?

This next one definitely should be THE uniform to wear if you crochet.

I like the addition of "killing it" at the bottom but I'm thinking it should be " I never dreamt....", but what would I know.  I have to say English language was not my strong point at school.  I did eventually get my "O" level but certainly preferred the more hands on classes like art and cooking.

Finally today I have a little audience participation for you, or should I say a quick question for you.
This got me thinking and I thought it would be a good thing to share.

Now those of you who regularly pop by usually come up with some great answers that really make me LOL.  What would be my warning label be?
On a crafty front "If she's in the zone leave alone!"
On an everyday front "If tired, give a wide berth!"

That's all from me today, enjoy your weekend folks.
I have the weekend off.
What will I get up to?
Well I have the usual boring stuff to do but I am going to try and bribe the boys to go to the cinema with me, I need a child to go and see The secret life of pets.
I so have been looking forwards to seeing this movie, at last it is here.
I hate it that my boys are getting too big for cartoons 'cause I love them.
Also on the cards, did you see what I did there, a little craft time, it would be rude not to.

Have a super couple of days, I hope you get plenty of sunshine, joy and crafting.
More from me next week.


Patricia said...

Love those tops, everyone a winner.
If I lived nearer, I would have gone with you to see the film.
I could be your mum taking you to see the film!!!!
Have a great weekend
Patricia xxx

cuilliesocks said...

Hi Erika, as usual great quotes, sespecialy the knitting one.
Don't really know what my lables would say, so many different emotions swirling around in my head just now, anyway enjoy your weekend, Kate x

Cara said...

I need a child to take to the cinema, mind you hubby and I went to see the last Toy Story film at the cinema without a child to take us, I have a big DVD collection of Kids films, the others are too violent or depressing for me. Still not watched my Hotel Transylvania 2 DVD yet, guess I'll have to wait til this one comes out on DVD too. Warning label, hmm Crazy Bunny Lady perhaps? Cara x

Mrs A. said...

Great tee shirts. Can't think of a single good one sorry. Hugs Mrs A.

karenlotty said...

Hope you made it to the cinema. I remember when my two got too old for cartoons, mainly Disney ones Now I can't wait for my grandson to be old enough. My warning would be - which i have seen on line and Pinterest is
"I knit, therefore I am armed with two very sharp sticks and some strong yarn, So don't mess with me" or words to that effect. love the T shirts - Posted my oldie and now going to add the link