Monday, June 27, 2016

A little Scottish number!

Good evening, a later post from me again today, I think it will become a regular thing now I am working a few more hours at work on a regular basis.
Did you have a good weekend?
I had a busy one but I did get to see the new film by the creators of The Minions, "The Secret Life of Pets."

What a great film, I giggled all the way through it, which my kids normally complain about.
This time they were giggling with me.  The main character Max is a Jack Russell like our Holly and the mannerisms and characteristics are spot on.  Anyone who has a pet will thoroughly enjoy it.  The animation is just brilliant.

The reason why I was so busy last week is that hubby was away again.  I don't like to advertise the fact till he is back home but it does create quite a bit of extra work, as any single mum would back me up, the boys and the dog to run around after plus work and any cards that I am asked for.  By the end of the day I am officially "pooped!"
Back to normal this week so I am hoping to get some crafting in before working again on Saturday.  I have my youngest boys leaving assembly this week, better pack a few tissues.
That will be Primary school all done and dusted in this house.  Then I'm getting pampered on Thursday starting with the hairdressers, my last day of freedom before the kids break up.
We had planned to go away during the summer at some point but this year with 3 of us now working none of our holidays have managed to overlap.  It looks like we shall be just doing a few day trips instead.  Boo!  Hiss!
Still it isn't too bad if the weather is OK we're not too far from the beach.

When it's nice like the above photograph, why would you want the travelling and the flights?
All this is five minutes walk away.  Let's just pray for good weather.

Back to crafting and everything I make at the moment seems to be CAS, not enough time in the day!
I could play to my heart's content before I went back to work but now my time has to be juggled with everything else.  It just means that when you do get time you appreciate it more.
The CAS cards I have today have been made using napkins on a hardboard base then matte and layered to the card.  A little back up stock for when I am caught short!

I'm quite partial to picking up fancy napkins when out and about shopping.  There is so much you can do with them and a little PVA glue.  It was great to finally have a wee play with these thistles.  I think the more creases and folds when applying to the source all adds to the final effect.  
Do you agree with me?

That's all from me today England and Iceland are playing next door, there is a bit of a battle going on from what I am hearing.  The boys are Scottish so are supporting Iceland, in true Scottish style!
Hubby is on his own supporting England.  
Me I don't really care, after all the trouble it will serve them right to be out to Iceland who have been ranked outsiders for this competition.  
I am more a rugby girl, this is what I think of footballers!

LOL.  I feel so better now that is cleared up.  I'm sure there are plenty more football fans out there at the moment.  I'd rather think of it as quality crafting time.
Enjoy the rest of your Monday folks and more from me tomorrow.


Kirsti said...

Juggling is hard work. .I know this but at least I don't have to contend with work aa well. Maybe I'll come and visit for the day! Love it up there. Xx

Marianne's Craftroom said...

Wow what a long post. That film looks so funny. You are so lucky to live near that beautiful beach. Great little cards too. Luckily neither of us like footie.

Lau W said...

Oh would like to see that film !!!
Superb shot on the beach ! Sunday, I was on the beach, OMG wind was pfiouuuuuuh !! But there was sun :-))
Superb cards !!
Have a nice day !

cuilliesocks said...

Hi Erika, good post and obviously we were supporting Iceland, not that we watched it. Having been to Iceland and loving the country well it would have been rude not to support, and afterall Scotland weren't invited to play, Lol. But what a result!!

Now I love your little Scottish cards, never thought of using napkins, great idea.
I took some photos of the beach last week but not edited the yet and Alistair and Bill were over yesterday walking from Burghead to Lossiemouth and had a wonderful day, I'm off now to walk Milo, enjoy your day, Kate x

Cara said...

Lovely cards. I bought some Christmas napkins in the sales with the intention of doing something similar, but they're still on top of the fridge! Maybe one day. I know what you mean about the time, CAS is the way I'm going too rather than spending an hour faffing about with embellishments! Cara x