Tuesday, June 14, 2016

May angels watch over you.

Good afternoon and how are you today?
The skies are blue just now, it was a little foggy and drizzling earlier, then we have lots of rain forecast for later.  All seasons in one day!  A very mixed bag.

Today after walking the dog I have been sat at the table colouring in a couple of cards, very relaxing!
The dishwasher and washing machines are all doing the work for me whilst I chill with a cup of tea and my copic markers.

My best friend asked if I could make her a card for a work colleague who is moving on to a different career.  The request was to include an angel.

The angel is a pewter tie pin which Emily can keep and wear.  The frame has been created using Sue Wilson die set Madison square and Cottage craft stitched square.  I've added a little bling to finish.
My best pal is just like me at the moment loving clean simple lines.  We are very much advocates of the LIS brigade, if there is such a thing.

More card making for me today until the boys are home from school then we have a presentation this evening at school.  My eldest boy has an award to pick up at school for his team work in rugby.
He doesn't seem at all bothered about the whole thing and would rather not have the fuss, but as his Mum I do like a "proud mum" moment!  ;)

Enjoy the rest of your day, I hope you do get a little sunshine at some point in amongst all the rain that is forecast.  On the upside it makes for a great day crafting!


Cara said...

Enjoy your proud Mum moment! Hope you're healing well and not over doing it. It was wet and miserable in Chorley this morning but, shush don't tell anyone but I'm at my Parents in Kendal and it's beautiful and sunny here. I've snuck in whilst they're away to borrow some slides of their wedding so that I can get prints made of them to make a suprise album for their Golden Wedding in October. Unfortunately they've got to be sent away to get them done so I'll have to smuggle them back in! Just hoping that they don't notice they're missing. My parents have a beautiful wedding album, but it is all in black and white, whereas the slides are in colour. I've written to my Aunts and Uncles asking for memories and help in identifying people. Mum knows about my blog so I can't post on there until after I've given it to them. Just itching to blog about it! Take care, Cara x

Lau W said...

Oh there's sun now, just now, cool ! But wind, pfff !
You're a super mum i think !!! ;-)
Your card is nice, b&w is very elegant !

Marianne's Craftroom said...

Lovely card. Weather so odd, rain forecast but been lovely even had some sunshine

cuilliesocks said...

Sun,what Sun??? Its rained heavily all day.
Anyway, lovely card for someone into angels with a lovely little charm, beautifully designed, you enjoy your proud mum moment, Kate x

Patricia said...

Brilliant card, love the fact the recipient can use the little Angel.
Glad you are still taking things easy.
Patricia xxx