Thursday, June 02, 2016

Ding dong. Wedding bells are ringing.

Good afternoon and how are you today?
It looks like rain here today, the dark grey clouds are coming over, such a shame as it was beautiful earlier.  Still I'm sure the garden will enjoy a bit of water.

Today I have a card made for one of the staff at work.  It has become the norm for me to be asked to make a nice card if one of the members of staff has a special celebration.  This time we have a wedding coming up, this member of staff is a keen horse woman.  With that in mind there was only one thing I could use.

Horse shoes.
Now I don't know whether getting a horse shoe is as popular as it used to be.  I certainly got one, as did my mother.  Did you?
This is an 8" card and the colour scheme is green.  I have coloured the shoes with my copic markers and printed the details on my computer.  The satin ribbon is from my stash.
It is my donation to the whip round for the special day.

As to the plans for the rest of the day?
Dare I say more ironing?  The joys!  Not.
I shall be working again on my current project and catching up on a little housework too.
This morning I have had my hairdresser head on, trimming my hair and colouring it.  What a difference it makes to your frame of mind to get rid of those horrible roots.  What the back looks like, I don't know, but then I can't see it, should I care?  LOL.

Can you believe it is Friday again tomorrow?  Where does the time go?
Are you joining me with an oldie?
I better go and see what I can find.
Enjoy the rest of your Thursday.


cuilliesocks said...

Hello Erika, just the perfect design for the couple, love the green, not often seen for weddings, having said that, the bodice of my dress was that shade in velvet and matched Alistair's jacket. Oh I just loved my dress didn't want to take it off...ever.
Back to the card, lovely idea of the horseshoes and it's such a beautiful design, I'm sure it will be treasured, raining here now, beautiful up until now, Kate x

Barb said...

Your card is beautiful Erika and sound just perfect for a lady keen on horses. It will be one to treasure, no doubt about that. My ironing is piling up again. I'm not a good wife like you!!! Barbxx

Patricia said...

Perfect, absolutely amazing, your card will be loved and treasured that's for sure.
Patricia xxx

Rainey's Craft Room said...

Your card is perfectly themed for the happy couple and I'm sure they will be thrilled to receive it. I had a couple of lucky horse shoes given to me at my wedding but as you say they aren't as popular now which is a shame.
Still waiting for some of the sunshine to head this way.

Cara said...

Of course you had to use horseshoes! I don't think giving the, is as popular as it used to be, but they still feature on cards and wrapping paper. Beautiful card. Hope the ironing pile doesn't collapse on top of you! Cara x