Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Not soppy or rude and certainly not gushing!

Good afternoon all and how are you today?
Gosh, hasn't it been cold since the weekend?  Did you get snow?  We did but it has gone now, the upside of living by the coast.
The downside of being on our coastline, the biting wind from the North.  Brrr!  It is certainly enough to wake you up in the morning.

No post from me yesterday, I had planned to but both boys were off school so I was side tracked with other things.  I have to say I didn't really have a good day, remember the film Shirley Valentine?
I thought it was funny the first time I watched it but having watched it recently I have a confession.
OMG I am now Shirley Valentine, so who fancies a girlie trip to Greece?!
If I am not talking to the wall, it's the dog or the TV.  The boys seem to hibernate in their bedrooms and hubby is off again.  On the up side the wall and TV don't answer back and the dog always listens intently especially if you happen to have a toy or treat in your hand too.

A couple of cracking games of rugby over the weekend, I have to say the Scotland v Wales match was the most exciting but the England v Italy had a good second half.  It is a shame Scotland made so many little mistakes as if they hadn't I think they would have won the match.  They certainly gave Wales a good run for their money which is always good to see.

Did you have a good Valentine's day?
Hubby was off by lunchtime so we had a nice dine in from work on the Saturday evening.
He also got me a lovely huge bouquet of tulips which I much prefer to red roses.  I am not keen on red roses, white are OK but they just don't last.  I much prefer spring flowers; tulips, freesias or daffodils and of course white Calla lilies are so stylish and classical.  I'm afraid you can keep your red roses.  Pffft!
My card for hubby was CAS, I even thought about buying one as I hadn't got around to making one, slap my wrists.  I couldn't find anything I liked so after getting home from work I snuck into my den and made this.

I printed the sentiment on the computer and used an old Sizzix U die and a heart punch before 3d foaming to red card.  The google eyes were added to finish.  Clean and simple and not too gushy.
I would have liked the U to be bigger but didn't have time to try and centralise it on my cricut, maybe I should invest in some new alphabet dies?  (Who needs an excuse for new crafty stash?!)

Before I go I also baked again at the weekend. I really should stop my waistline is increasing in appreciation!
This time I tried a new butter icing recipe, I wasn't too happy with it as it was a little runny, little did I know if I had just left it longer in the fridge it would have been perfect for piping.  I however was doing it whilst running in and out of the front room watching the rugby so just slapped on the icing old style like my Gran used to.  I sometimes prefer it like that, some bought cupcakes nowadays can have too much icing on them making the cake a little sickly.  That's just my opinion.

These were orange muffins with fresh orange juice in them instead of milk, the icing was citrus and gave sort of a sherbet feel to the cake, yum!
Sorry again for those of you being good, I'm afraid when it comes to baking I have the breaking strain of a gnat.

That's all from me today, work again tomorrow, at least I had a good day today, all my jobs done and up to date before I came home, that doesn't happen very often at all.
I attempted to crochet a tail last night for my animal, how hard could it be?
I just couldn't get the instructions to work with the length of yarn I was given, after numerous attempts I got there but wasn't totally happy with the results, back to the drawing board.  I have got the idea but just need to tidy it up, I can feel mark 2 on the horizon this evening.
Enjoy the rest of your evening and stay warm and dry.


Rainey's Craft Room said...

I think you should write a book Erika you have such a great way of expressing yourself on paper which makes it so nice to read. Loved this post and little window into your day, mine has been very quiet in comparison so nothing of note to tell I'm afraid. Your card works perfectly with the sentiment and looks great too. Citrus muffins sound yummy and they look very scrumptious iced and topped with crystallised fruit here, I bet they didn't hang around for long. Hope work goes well for you this week.

Barb said...

I also enjoy reading your posts Erika and glad to hear you had a better day today. We met three friends for lunch at the pub in the next village. It's a regular thing and we always seem to have lots to laugh about. It's good not to have to cook and Hubby does tea if so I like Tuesdays.

I really like the card you made for your Hubby. It's a very neat idea. Barbxx

cuilliesocks said...

Hello Erika, been bitterly cold here too, thankfully the snow is all but gone except for the high ground.
Your card is lovely, and pleased you were able to hand make one for your hubby.
Gosh more baking... looks yummy, would love one, take care and keep cosy, Kate x

Patricia said...

Really cold here as well, its that biting wind. It cuts you right to the bone.
Love, love, love your fantastic card.
Your idea is so amazing, certainly thinking out of the box there!!
Have a good day
Patricia x

Cara said...

Loved your valentine card, such a cute idea. The cakes look yummy too. I hope the tail works out, I can't wait to see the finished animal. It's warmed up here with the rain, think I preferred it cold but crisp and dry or is that a chip fat?! Have a good day. Cara x