Saturday, February 13, 2016

It's the weekend time to tickle that creative funny bone, oh what a yarn!

Good morning and how are you all this Saturday?
I'm in work this morning, ready for a busy Valentine's weekend.
On the upside the day will pass very quickly.

You know the drill by now I have picked my favourite crafty funny quotes to share with you today, I hope they make you smile or maybe even giggle.  I little something for the weekend, crafty style!

You know when you near to finishing a project and you are worrying if you are going to make it, why not try this?

Lol.  Top tips!
I need to consider this one next time I think I am running out of yarn.  Do you think it will work?  ;)

As for this next funny now I need to redesign my house.  How about you?

I think mine would be titled craft room, why limit yourself to just a lovely big yarn room?
Can you image hubby's face when I tell him I fancy rearranging the layout of the house?
Once open plan he'd be expecting a big family living room then I start bringing in all my craft supplies.  I wouldn't be very popular, he already hates my craft room as it is messy.
Did I say messy, that's an understatement, think more the aftermath of an explosion and that would be nearer the mark.
Creative minds aren't tidy!

Finally you know that special friend who you really love?!

The one that has wronged you in some way but you are trying to be the bigger person.  By the look on this girls face I think we can all agree revenge will be sweet!

That's my selection for today, I hope you enjoyed them?
Have a super weekend.
No plans here as yet, although I am trying.  My boys have reached the age where being plugged in for the day is far more exciting than having to spend any quality time with the parents.  On the upside if I can't prize them away from their machines I will have some quality craft time, every cloud!
More from me next week.  
Happy crafting.


Rainey's Craft Room said...

A great selection of funnies again today. Hope your weekend is both busy and fulfilling.

Patricia said...

Another collection of great funnies, love them.
Have a great weekend
Patricia xxx

Cara said...

Hmm I think I need a craft room that size when we move house. Hubby can live in the shed, he'll be fine there.... Cara x

Barb said...

Sorry to be late visiting. Great funnies Erika. I had to have my cabin in the garden as craft stuff was taking over our little cottage. It was even starting to get me down and I felt embarrassed when the meter reader came in!

Hope you've had a good weekend. Barbxx