Saturday, January 23, 2016

It's Saturday again time to tickle that creative funny bone.

Good morning, no work for me today just lots of tidying at home instead.  Best get the place shipshape for my visitors next week, Christmas round two!

It has become a bit of a regular now to share a few funny quotes that I have found on the Internet whilst pottering during the week.  It is my attempt at lightening the mood as it's the weekend.  Time for fun and games and some "you" time, if of course you are not working.

The first quote of today.
Now this first one is in dollars but it did make me laugh.  You get the idea.
Have you ever made a project that turned out to be a lot more than you had expected?

The one that springs to my mind is my rug I weaved, with the tool, the class and all the wool I don't think I had much change in £100.  It would have been cheaper to take a trip to Ikea in Edinburgh!
Still I will keep it and use it, whether my boys will appreciate the value later on down the line, I very much doubt it.

On to my next quote.  
I'm sure some of my non crafty friends would say this applies to me.  I'm sure they just don't "get" me.

You say weird I say unique!  ;)
It would be a very boring world if we were all the same.  Don't you agree?

Finally, over a period of Saturday's I have included a few ideas for unique gifts, for that person who has it all.
Today I saw this quote and thought it would be great for inside a handmade card, it made me giggle.

The question is "would you be brave enough to use it?"
I can think of a few folk I'd like to send this to.  LOL.

That's all from me today, I hope you enjoyed my choice of funny quotes for this week, have a super weekend and more from me on Monday.  


Barb said...

I enjoyed your quotes again this week Erika. The first made me think of one of the rug that is my side of the bed. When I was engaged um... nearly 50 years ago I made a Readicut rug with one of those latch hook thingys. I don't know if the company is still about. The kit cost £40 which was a fortune then as I earned about £7 a week at the time.

I really enjoyed making it with an array of coloured flowers on a cream background. It was pure wool and has been washed in various washing machines on 30 degrees time and time again over the years and still going strong. Well it was worth the money just for the happy memories of the time when I was making it. Barbxx

cuilliesocks said...

More funny quotes from you Erika, especially the first one, I thought making my own cards would be the cheaper option, HA! HA!, Kate x

Diane said...

Wonderful funny quotes and so true.

Hugs Diane

karenlotty said...

I've just posted my oldie and today's first post really made me smile in that my card making stash is costing me a fortune but I love it. I love your oldie I may "borrow" that idea for baby gifts

Rainey's Craft Room said...

Fab quotes again this week Erika. I've often caught my daughter looking at me quizzically when I'm enthusing over new craft stash, I'm sure she thinks I'm mad.