Wednesday, January 20, 2016

"Hump day" what are you crafting?

Good afternoon and how are you this Wednesday?
That's me home from work, now what to do?
I have lots of things I should be doing, a few bespoke cards and presents plus all the usual household chores.  A cup of tea first I think.

Today I have a CAS birthday card, I was asked for a large 60th with flowers in blue and orange.

Brief covered.
I freely admit to doing quite a lot of this style of card.  I have been making them for years but folk always come back for them.  I guess clean and simple lines are popular.
I've already got requests for another three of this style, not very exciting to share with yourselves but it is what people who are none crafty want, certainly from me anyway.

On the upside look what we now have in store, well we actually have the 3 pack.  Mmmmm!

I resisted grabbing a packet today, we also have new chocolate ones too.  
I think I shall NEED to taste test them if only so I can recommend them to customers.  
(That's my excuse and I'm sticking with it!)
I shall keep you posted on the results!

That's all from me for today.  I better go and get productive.  Catch you again tomorrow.


Rainey's Craft Room said...

Happy Hump Day to you to Erika, the weekend is fast approaching and time is flying by again this year. I agree with you about the CAS style cards that customers ask for, I get the same requests. I only get to make more elaborate cards for my Design Team obligations.
P.S. can you stop with the foodie posts, I have no will power! :)
Enjoy your evening,

Cara said...

Love the card, I can see why you keep being asked for that style, very elegant and effective. Might not be the most exciting for you to make but at least you don't spend 4 hours trying to sort out a design. The chocolates look great too, there's no calories in licking a screen right?!

Lau W said...

Very nice card, elegant !
And OH caramel !!!! Why did you show me that ??? hihi ! i take a cappuccino now, and i want a candy ! And we don't have a M&S here snifffffff !!
Big hugs, cold but with sun !

cuilliesocks said...

Hi Erika, I love your simple card and the lovely colours. These sorts of cards are less expensive to post so sometimes that'a the reason folk like them.
Now that looks like a packet of somethn=ing I could enjoy, Kate x

cotnob said...

A fabulous card Erika, I can see why this design is popular - it's super.