Wednesday, January 27, 2016

A little fun and games, it's all childs play!

Good afternoon, I hope this finds you all fit and well this afternoon?
I have something a little different to share with you today, I am not getting much crafting done with having family here but it is amazing how you can just add a little craft fun into the day for everyone to enjoy.
At Christmas I bought a couple of gifts for the boys from Lakeland plastics, I love that shop!
One was a chocolate sprout roulette game, which speaks for itself.  I thought the boys would find it fun to play after maybe Christmas dinner.  Unfortunately we were all so stuffed the boys didn't open their presents and last night with a nice family meal at the table we opening them instead.
Better late than never!
What a bad mother making them wait so long to open a couple of presents!
I have to say the nice chocolate truffles in the roulette game were lovely, the sprout ones were not.
My youngest did find it very funny watching everyones faces at they munched into chocolate sprouts.

The other game I bought was this.

The idea is that you get four body bases with wind up feet and pots of plastic like play dough but of a lighter consistency.  You take your body and add whatever you like and then when finished race the final creations. 

My youngest boys creation is on the left and we think looks a little like Ronald McDonald, then Granddads bird with a large beak, just in case of a photo finish!  Then my eldest boys creation was next with a fabulous goatee and moustache, then my Santa on the end who the boys thought was a little scary.
We had great fun making these creations and must have spent at least and hour after tea at the table giggling whilst making them.  Needless to say no one won the race as there was too much skulduggery going on!
What a great after dinner entertainments and lots of fun, the only downside is that you only get two colours of dough, only I mixed to get pink.
I certainly would get this again I've never seen my boys so engrossed at the table, enjoying time with their Grandparents.  No electricity in sight!

That's all from me today, catch you tomorrow.


cuilliesocks said...

Hi Erika, it all looks great fun, Kate x

Lau W said...

Oh this is super FUN !!!!!!!!!
Joy for all the family !!!!
It's raining here, bouhhh, grey day !!

Barb said...

It sounds as if you all had a lot of fun. I agree your Santa does look a bit scary. And you sound like a wonderful Mum to me. Barbxx

Rainey's Craft Room said...

Looks like a fabulous game, very entertaining and as you say, not a plug or electronic device in sight but using your imagination and creativity instead.