Thursday, January 07, 2016

I guess being a structural engineer isn't in my remit.

Good afternoon to you and how are you this Thursday?
I've been having a few technical issues here which is also why you haven't seen much of me lately.
Today I have had a day off work and it is horrible outside, dreich is definitely the word I would use and it has been drizzling none stop.  The perfect weather for walking the dog, not!

On Tuesday I mentioned that my youngest boy and I were in the process of making a gingerbread house.
What can I say other than we need to go back to the drawing board or should I say the kitchen. Everything started well.  I had a good thick icing that would hold the house.  The sides and front went well.
The the building took a turn for the worst.....when we added the roof and decided it was going to be snowy!  Lots of icing was added and many sweets and yes, you've guessed it, we had a slight weight problem.
Or put it another way the base collapsed under the lovely snowy roof!
It was looking so good too.
All we did was leave it whilst we had tea and on coming back it was breaking under the strain.
Back to the drawing board.
On the upside we got to eat it.

I also had made a small house from a cutter Karen had bought me whilst in the States.  I had previously tried a different recipe and it had changed shape in the oven.  This recipe was better for shape keeping although I think next time Golden syrup will be the order of the day, if only to get a more golden colour.

It is a super cute size and would be great as little gifts for Christmas, I just need to get a finer nozzle so I can decorate it in more detail.  My youngest said no problem Mum we can soon cover the icing and got out the mini smarties to finish.
I'd like to see it finely iced.

Our little experiment didn't exactly work but the elements were all good individually, I now just need to work on my structural engineer inability!
Maybe I should have rang my brother who is an architect, he could have given me a few pointers before assembly.
At the end of the day we had fun making them, full bellies and a few giggles in the process, which is really what it is all about.
As the saying goes, "if at first you don't succeed....!"
Now we've just got to decide when we are going to attempt mark 2!

That's all from me today.  I have a bespoke card to make this afternoon then I better turn my hand to a few chores.  Enjoy the rest of your day.

I'm starting "Sharing an oldie" back for the New Year tomorrow and would love it if you joined me again.  See you then.


Rainey's Craft Room said...

Shame about the first gingerbread house but this one looks so cute Erika.
Very wet here today and starting to get colder and more like the temperature should be at this time of year. Hope you are ok where you are?

Carol said...

Hello Erika...and happy new year to you too! What a shame but at least it was still edible. I've only once made one...think it was a kit though. The little one looks fab, you could build a whole street! Carol x

Barb said...

Hi Erika, What a pity about the little house but sure it tasted good anyway. That little house looks lovely. What a shame it has to be cut! yum! Barbxx