Sunday, March 15, 2015

A Sunday post, it must be Mother's Day!

Good afternoon all, what's this, a post on a Sunday!
Time out for good behaviour.  ;)

Happy Mother's Day

To all Mum's, Mom's and Mother's I hope you have had a relaxing day and your children, no matter what age have pampered you?
I unfortunately live no where near my Mum or my Mother in Law but both have received gifts and cards today, if we lived nearer I certainly would have popped to see mine.  We've had a chat on the telephone instead.

I've been spoilt today having had a beef roast dinner (I only had to make the Yorkshire puddings!), I've had flowers, white spring flowers are my favourite plus CAKE!  
I've never had Mother's day cake before!  It was yummy.

I love how the daffodils have been made on the cake, must make a mental note of that and have a go next time I have left over icing to use.
I have spent my afternoon crafting, needs must I'm afraid, I have a building list of cards to make and I also have four family ones to do.  
Sad admissions of a crafter, I bought Mother's day cards at work this year!  #RanOutOfTime.
So very naughty I know but needs must.

As for my boys, I've not actually seen very much of them today.  It would have been nice to have done something together but the big one had homework and then a new game for his machine, no chance there then!  The little one has been out playing in the sunshine with all his friends popping back for feeding before dashing back out.  I would say I've had peace and quiet but every now and again the eldest picks up his bagpipes and blasts out a few notes!  Nice.

I can't believe my big boy is 16 tomorrow so I guess he is first on my list of cards to make. 
My middle name should be "if your lucky" or "" at the moment.  Oh to be Mrs Super Organised, a girl can dream!  One day!  Unfortunately I just keep getting worse.

It only remains for me to wish you all the very best for the rest of today, I hope you had some sunshine too.  More from me tomorrow, I really need to show you my eldest boys cake, I know more cake, for his is fab!


Hazel said...

Eric's. Beautiful flowers and a yummy cake, good to see you have been spoilt? Now Erika you can't always find time to make cards etc, you do about 4-5 jobs in a day from dog walking, getting the family out to school and work, housework, ironing and work work!!! So what you bought a card, it's not the end of the world. Chill you will be back to doing the normal daily stuff tomorrow. Hazel x

Jo said...

Gorgeous flowers Erika & that cake looks delicious.....I've not had cake before either, will be reminding my lot next year lol!
hugs Jo x

Carol said...

Sounds like a nice relaxing day Erika. Hope you managed to make some card. Carol x

Patricia said...

Good morning Erika, love your beautiful flowers and that super cake.
May I just copy what Hazel said ...... chill ..... life is too short to worry about making "cards"
Have a good day today

Patricia xxx

Lau W said...

Oh ! You have had a yummy day !
And so lovely flowers !
Happy Mother's day !