Wednesday, July 02, 2014

Twit woo and a happy Wednesday to you! Yarn style.

Morning, today I am sharing a little something with you I told you about last week.  The lovely Tanya from Little things blogged shared a crocheted owl pattern and I decided to give it a go.
Thanks Tanya for sharing.
Here is my little chap.

How cute is he?  He was fun to make too.  I used cotton yarn and a couple of embellishments from my craft room.
It took a little longer than I thought to make so my hat goes off to another crocheter Rachel from Rocky loves Rosie who produces the most beautiful bunny's and mice all dressed up too.  I really don't think I'd have the takes so long!  (Spoken like a true card maker!)

This little owl has a new home and has made it's way to the lovely Elaine to share in her new craft room, you should see it.  It is fabulous dwarlings!
It arrived a little later than planned after having my interlude in hospital but I know Elaine will have had a great birthday with lots of super treats.

What are your plans today?
It appears that now my mum has gone the bare minimum will be achieved around the home over the coming weeks, having 3 male members of the house.  They just don't see things like us women do they?  A few minutes everyday saves hours later but hey ho I ain't doing any housework yet.
It is taking all my willpower to walk away and relax.

Yesterday I spent most of my day uploading the holiday photos to get prints, always a job I put off.
It takes so long to do.  I think I shall have quite a bill once I send my album for print as I have opted for vintage prints, small 4 x 4 photos a bit like the old Polaroids.  Why I hear you ask?
Well, I've had another bright idea!  Always dangerous.
The lovely Elaine bought me a smash book for one of my birthdays, I love it but I've been wracking my brain what to do in it.  I have decided to create a book on our Florida holiday, with the smaller photos it will give it a true vintage journal style.  That's the hope anyway.
Another project in the making but one I think I can start whilst banned from chores.  I shall keep you posted.

Today I am away for lunch with my BFF soon.  We don't see each other as much as we used to as she has changed jobs so it will be great to catch up on all the news.  Enjoy the rest of your Wednesday and more from me tomorrow.

Happy crafting!


cuilliesocks said...

Hi Erika, your little owl is fabulous, I love him and his googily eyes, great work.
Have a lovely lunch with your friend, hugs Kate x

marion said...

He is adorable, love this cute owl and should he need a new home, he will have a perfect owl life at my place :), lots of hugs, Marion

Hazel said...

Erika he is so cute and adorable , who wouldn't love him. Your vintage album sound like a good project to keep you from wanting to do those chores. Think it of this way the house and the chores will still be there regardless how much you ask them to help, but you could just say " ah well I will be taking a holiday on my own soon while the professionals will be in to see to the cleaning " go get a brochure for singles holidays and flick through it while they are sitting around, they just might take the hint. Either that or threaten granny will be back to sort it out.
Hazel xx

Patricia said...

Erika, he is just "so darned cute" I love him.
Your friend is very lucky to receive such a great gift. I am sure he has pride of place so others can admire him.
The house will survive, you are the important one so look after yourself.

Patricia xx

P.S. Still laughing re:- the Dog Diet

Shazza said...

loving this guy, so cute. You are a very clever girly.
Agree that the males don't see the housework the same as we do, hope it doesn't get too messy while you are laid up x

Lau W said...

Oh yes he's cuuuuuute ! Love it very much, sure that your friend will loooove this owl !
Have a nice day !